Israeli PM told Modi, ‘You are waiting for my friend’

_95624509_0dc2350d-fc72-4d02-84e2-bb4ededc71e3.jpgPrime Minister of Israel Benjamin Netanyahu tweeted Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi as a friend. Netanyahu said that the people of Israel are eagerly waiting for their historic journey.

On Tuesday, Prime Minister Narendra Modi had greeted Netanyahu on the Passover of the Jews. This festival celebrates in the memory of freedom from enslavement in Egypt.
Modi is going to draw a new streak from Israeli tour!

In response, Israeli PM tweeted, “Thank you for your good luck, my friends. The people of Israel are eagerly waiting for your historic journey. “Netanyahu’s tweet has been retweeted by the PMO.
This is the first visit of any Prime Minister since the diplomatic relations between the two countries were restored in 1992. Earlier, in New York in September 2014, the two leaders met in the United Nations General Assembly. The government has not announced the date of the Prime Minister’s visit to Israel, but the preparation of this trip is going on between the two countries.


How did Modi’s foreign policy change over Israel?
Recently, India’s National Security Adviser Ajit Doval went on a trip to Israel. The visit of Doval is being seen as an attempt to land the agreements between the two countries.
Benjamin Netanyahu with his wife
According to Bloomberg’s report, many military agreements have to be signed between the two countries. Among them, the Anti-Tank Missile and the Barak-8 Air Defense Missile Deal for the Indian Army of $ 1.5 billion is also included.

Why did I miss the Israeli military operation?
In the last three years, Israel has become the third largest partner in arms supply in India. When Modi was Chief Minister of Gujarat, he traveled to Israel in 2006.

It was expected that Modi would go to Israel after becoming PM. Although President Pranab Mukherjee has visited Israel in 2015 and he also addressed the Israeli Parliament during this period. External Affairs Minister Sushma Swaraj has gone to Israel in 2016

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