Israel: The Story of Women’s Detective of Mosad trapped in the trap of love

_99583891_9fcea8b4-d93c-4079-a43d-bba80299b53a.jpgIn 1986, news reports from around the world came to the fore that Israel is pushing its nuclear program forward and its nuclear outcrops are bigger than many countries in the world.

The name of the person who told the world about Israel’s secret nuclear program was Murdecai Vanunu. To capture Vanuunu, Israel launched a secret campaign and sent a woman detective to trap her in a love trap, to take them out of London to another country.

Vanuunu was later abducted and prosecuted in Israel. Even today, Vanunu is waiting for the world to roam like a free person.

Tell you the story of Mardekhai Vanunu and how a detective named ‘Cindy’ helped Israel to capture them.
This picture of the Dimono nuclear plant in the Negev is September 2002. This plant was founded in 1950 with the help of France, which at that time used to sell arms to this Jewish state.
Were technicians, made whistleblowers
Vanuunu used to work as a technoicon at the Damon Atomic Plant located in the Negev Desert near Beersheba, Israel from 1976 to 1985, where he used to make plutonium for making nuclear bombs.

According to ‘Nuclear Weapons and Nonproliferation: A Reference Handbook’, he studied philosophy from Ben Gurion University. After this, he started joining groups who sympathized with the Palestinians.

30 year old Vaunuunu came to the radar of early security officers and he was finally shown the road outside the job in 1985.

But before leaving the job, he took about 60 secret pictures of the Dimona Atomic Plant, Hydrogen and Neutron Bombs. And with his reel, he left the country. He reached Australia and adopted Christianity in Sydney.

After this he contacted Peter Hoonam, the London-based Sunday Times journalist, and shared these secret pictures.

The article that surprised the world

On Sunday, October 5, 1986, based on information received from Vanuunu, an article appeared in the Sunday Times – ‘Revealed: The Secrets of Israel’s Nuclear Arsenal’. This one article created such earthquake in the world.

According to ‘Nuclear Weapons and Nonproliferation: A Reference Handbook’, the American Intelligence Agency CIA had estimated that Israel had only 10-15 nuclear weapons. But according to Vanuunu, Israel had underground plutonium separation facility and had approximately 150-200 nuclear weapons.
In 2008, The Sunday Times published an article once again on October 5, 1986 on its website.
The New York Times’s book ‘Political Censorship’ wrote on 20th Century events that Vanuunu later alleged that because of his disclosure, then the then Prime Minister of Israel, Simeon Perez, could not tell American President Ronald Reagan to lie that he had no nuclear weapon Are not there.

Vanuenu reached London to give full information to the Sunday Times. But before the 1986 article could be printed, a conspiracy was hatched to get him out of Britain somehow. The conspiracy Israeli spy agency Mosad did.

According to the book ‘Political Censorship’, Mosad sent him a lady detective to bring him from Italy to London in some way. His attempt was to force Vanuunu not to be coerced in the UK and he himself left the UK so that there is no dispute.
In this picture taken in 2004, Peter is seen with Hanum Vanuunu
Mohand’s ‘Cindy’ trapped in the trap of Vanu
Peter Hoonam writes in his book ‘The Woman from Mossad’ that one day (24 September 1986) in London, Vanunu saw a beautiful girl on a road, who was looking lost. Vanunu gave him a coffee ban, and he got agitated. During the conversation, the girl said that her name is ‘Cindy’ and she is an American beautician.

In the first meeting, the two got so entangled that they were planning to move together. Peter Hoonam writes that Vanunu had told that ‘Cindy’ did not want to know the address of his house but Vanunu had told him that he was staying with the fake name of George Forsty in room number 105 of The Mountbatten Hotel.

After this there was talk on the story with the Sunday Times, On the other hand, Venu’s meeting with Cindy was increasing. Even Vanuunu was planning to go out of the UK for some time and finally on 30 September he went to Rome along with ‘Cindy’.
In Israel, when Vanuunu was being taken to appear in the court, Vanunu sent a message in his hand that he was abducted in Rome, the message he had shown to the media persons from within the van
Vanuunu disappeared from Britain, arrives in Israel
According to Peter Hunam, about three weeks after Vanuunu disappeared from Britain, Newsweek reported that Vanunu is in Israel and there he was taken in a 15-day custody.

According to Newsweek, Vanuunu had agreed to sit in a yacht and go to the sea in Italy, ‘a female friend of his’. After leaving Italy and any other country out of the maritime border, agents of Mosad were arrested and handed over to Israel.

In Los Angeles in December 1986, the Los Angeles Times reported to the news agency of East Germany that Vanunu was kidnapped from Rome on September 30.

Peter Hoonam Writes that Vanunu was not ready to accept that his friend ‘Cindy’ was a Mosad Agent. The Sunday Times printed a story about the identity of ‘Cindy’ in 1987 after a year but on this too, Vanuunu refused to believe.

However later he believed that ‘Cindy’ was a Mosad agent and he was framed.
Israeli model Bar Rafalei played the agent of Mosad in Kidon film
What was the real identity of ‘Cindy’?
According to Peter Hoonam ‘Cindy”s real name is Sheryl Hanin Benotov.

In the year 2004, the St Petersburg Times wrote that Sheryl Hannan Benotov joined the Israeli army in 1978. Later, he joined Mossad and started working with the embassies of Israel.

It is said that Peter Hoonam found Sheryl in the city of Netanya, Israel where he was living with his husband. He denied the news of his ‘Cindy’ and left from there. But Peter had captured some of his photographs in the camera. After this incident, Sheryl had not been seen for many years.

Gordon Thomas writes in his book ‘Gideon’s Spice: Mosad’s Secret Warriors’ that Sheryl was seen in Orlando in 1997. He did not deny his role in the abduction of Vanuunu on the question of a journalist of the Times, here.
Peter Hunam
Punishment of freedom and freedom for Vanuunu

Mordecai Vanunu was sentenced to 18 years in Israel in 1988, from which he spent 13 years in jail In 2004, he was released from prison but many restrictions were imposed on him.

But his cooperation in making a nuclear free world was also highly appreciated. The campaign was launched internationally to save them.

According to an expedition run for the independence of Vanunu, Vanunu lived in St. George’s Cathedral after being released from prison on April 21. There the Episcopal Bishop of Jerusalem gave him shelter. On November 11, 2004, nearly 30 Israeli security forces detained him. Later that night they left them.

But Israel imposed a ban on them, which is still applicable after 32 years. Last year, Norway offered to give shelter to Vanunu to stay in Oslo. Vanunu’s wife lives in Oslo.
In this photo taken in 2004, you are seen going out of the prison, Mardekhai Vanunu
Israel’s nuclear program
Israel made nuclear power plant in Negev with the help of France in the year 1950. The whole world believed that this is a factory of clothing, agriculture is a specialty or a research center.
Simon Pérez
In 1958, U-2 spy aircraft had feared that Israel was moving ahead on nuclear program. Finally, in 1960, the then Principal Minister David Ben-Gurion said about Demona, that it was a nuclear research center that was built under ‘peaceful objectives’.

Many officials from the United States visited Israel to find out how far Israel is moving on the nuclear program. But they did not get the exact picture of what is happening here.
A CIA report released in 1968 said that Israel has started making nuclear weapons. Later, Vanuunu’s disclosures jolted many countries including the United States.

Simeon Perez started Israel’s secret nuclear program. Benaimin Netanyahu said in an important meeting of Cabinet for his key role in the year 2016 that the name of the nuclear plant will be changed to Simon Pérez.

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