Is the brand cracked in Modi crack?

_99232585_gettyimages-689961136Some people sitting in a cafe in Ahmedabad were gossiping. I went in between them and asked a little later, Whose name is mentioned in his mind when he speaks the Hindu heart, then everyone said in a voice, Narendra Modi?

That’s because Modi is a brand. Recognition of a strong brand is its recall value i.e. if we say nirma, then we immediately add it to the washing powder.

Brand Modi began to be started since 2002. After becoming the Prime Minister, his development became the image of a man. He toured the globe and tried to improve the image of India. Gradually, brand Modi became associated with his supporters as brand India.

But the people present in the cafe said that now the name of the Chief Minister Yogi Aditya Nath of Uttar Pradesh can also be linked to the Hindu cardinal monk.

Cartoon: ‘Brand India’ Food ‘Brand Ambassador’!

Hitler, Mussolini were also powerful brands: Rahul Gandhi


Many people are now openly protesting against them.
Openly criticized
So, is the brand Modi becoming weak in Gujarat? There are many signs of this.

There was a time when criticizing Narendra Modi in Gujarat was not easy. reason? His tremendous popularity and, in the hearts of most Gujaratis, his great respect.

As the Chief Minister, he used to talk to them. But today it does not look like There are many examples.

Whatever the outcome of Gujarat’s assembly elections, now people are beginning to openly criticize Modi. 24-year-old Hardik Patel, who is in his opposition, also mocks Modi in his meetings and imitates them by having fun.
In the last three elections, a Congress leader did not dare to visit Modi’s city, Vadnagar during the election campaign.

This time Rahul Gandhi drew a huge gathering there, that is, he dared to hit Modi’s house. Contrary to the last three assembly elections this time, Rahul Gandhi seems to be full of faith, but the Prime Minister looks emotionally unstable and uncontrollable.

This time Modi has organized such meetings that the question arises that they are not getting excess exposure too much?

Once, similar things were being said about Shahrukh Khan. He was advertising for many products. Every time there were some selling on TV.

Then I asked them if they are not getting excessive exposure. His answer was, “Shahrukh Khan is a brand. Shahrukh Khan sells.”

If this same question is asked by Narendra Modi today, his answer may be different from the reply of Shahrukh Khan.

Modi’s magic barkarar
Sufi Anwar Sheikh has been tracking Prime Minister Modi’s political career since that time when he did not become a brand.

He says, “Modi means a brand, Modi means trade, Modi Means make in India, this was such a whole brand. But I have to say sadly that now Modi Means has become a joke.”

According to senior journalist Devinder Patel, a Gujarati newspaper message, the brand has weakened but still the brand is quite powerful.
“Even today, the magic of Narendra Modi is preserved on the people of Gujarat, it is not as if that was the case before.”

He says that even today, Modi has two things that no other leader has.

“Narendra Modi is the representative of Gujarat, he has been at the whole of the country, he has become the Prime Minister after going to Gujarat.” The second Bharatiya Janata Party has no alternative other than Narendra Modi, even today, in Hindustan people, he is a Hindu heart emperor. . ”
‘No brand was faded’

As a result of the criticism of the BJP’s election candidates in Gujarat, it was said that they were hoping to win the confidence of Modi’s meetings in their constituency. When I asked the same question from BJP MLA and Bhushan Bhat, he said that as a legislator, he has already been associated with his people.

According to him, “His candidature from Narendrabhai Modi’s speech will be even stronger.”

But do they believe that brand Modi looks faded? They said, “No. There is no brand fade, due to their work Modi Jee has started giving the medium through the medium of the middle class and the poor.”

He further said, “Modiji was a brand even before, even today there are a brand.”

Ahmedabad’s SK Modi was at one time very close to Narendra Modi. What do they think

According to him, “the whole truth is nothing, the whole untruth is nothing.” So if anyone is a perspective that their brand is faded, then this is not a lie and their brand is firmly not even lies.

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