Is not the secret relationship between India and Israel?

_99410593_gettyimages-2492875.jpgAfter the then Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon’s visit to India in 2003, there was a high-level meeting between the two countries in New York in September 2014.

Then after meeting Prime Minister Modi, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu had said that the sky is now limited.

The confined confinement of Benjamin was linked to the openness of the hidden love relationship between India and Israel.

Next year also show its effect. In July 2015, India has kept itself separate from voting for the condemnation motion against Israel in the United Nations Human Rights Council.


Daniel Carmon🇮🇱

We appreciate votes by members of @UN_HRC, including #India, who did not support yet another anti Israel bashing resolution.We thank them🙏🏽

8:05 AM – 4 July 2015
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This step of India was welcomed by Israeli ambassador Daniel Carromon in India. When Modi was Chief Minister of Gujarat, he had gone to Israel in 2006 and when he met Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu as Prime Minister, he was invited to come to Israel as a nation head.

Even in India, people had started to say that in the Modi era, strategic partnership between Israel and India is going to be separated from established norms.

But in the United Nations General Assembly this month, US President Donald Trump proposed to dismiss the recognition given to Israel as Israel’s capital, then India voted against Israel.

Netanyahu: From Army Commander to Israeli Prime Minister

Why did not an Indian PM go to Israel before Modi?
Israeli PM Benjamin Netanyahu with PM Modi during the visit to Israel in July this year
Leaders like Subramaniam Swamy have also had problems in PM Modi’s party from this stand of India. Swamy said that India has made a big mistake by voting against Israel. He said that Israel is the only country on Kashmir which is openly supporting India.

India did so when the next month of January, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is coming to India in the second week of January. Does this stance of India be a shock to the warmth between the two countries?


Subramanian Swamy

@ Swamy39
India has made a huge mistake by not voting with US and Israel on US decision to choose West Jerusalem as location for its Embassy. At present UNESCO’s holy city West Jerusalem is Israel’s Hence embassy can be there

5:38 am – 22 Dec 2017
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India’s former Foreign Secretary Kanwal Sibal says, “India has not been surprised by voting against Israel. Surprised Trump has suddenly recognized Jerusalem as the capital of Israel. Trump’s decision was not shared by his colleagues as well. India has taken a decision with a thoughtful mind and it is not surprising. Now the Arab countries are also running a balance between the Palestinians and Israel. Of course, India also needs such a space. ”

Does India Love Hiding From Israel?
Regarding the relations of India and Israel, it is said that there is a secret relationship between the two countries. Kanwal Sibal says that this thing is now outdated. He said, “Both countries now have open love affair. Indian Prime Minister is going there, Israeli Prime Minister is coming here There have been many meetings between Modi and Netanyahu. There has been an increase in defense deals between the two countries. Now what is the confidentiality in it? ”
American President Donald Trump with Israeli PM Benjamin Netanyahu
In favor of dismissing the US declaration of making the capital of Jerusalem, 128 countries, including India, voted in the United Nations General Assembly.

India has also voted that it will move ahead on the basis of the principles established by its foreign policy. This step of India is very important and there are many reasons for this.

Nehru’s shadow on foreign policy
Based on Nehruvian foreign policy in which the unity of the Third World and the principles of non-violence are important, India has been openly supporting the Palestinians. India recognized Israel as a state in 1950.

In 1992, India established diplomatic relations with Israel. However, despite this, India did not show much enthusiasm about relations with Israel.
India has been avoiding frankly embracing Israel. India has had very good relations with Arab countries and this has also caused India to hesitate in moving forward with Israel. A large number of Indian Muslims work in Arab countries

Many experts believe that as India emerged as a strong character at the international level, the same way, it adopted its interests-based policies. After the end of the Cold War, the world took a new turn, and India brought itself in the middle of the international periphery. Even in the Middle East, India adopted policies according to its interests.

In terms of business, security, energy and diplomatic interests, it is very special for Middle East India. Anusa of the Ministry of Commerce of India According to the 2016-17, India’s trade with Arab countries was $ 121 billion.
It is 18.25 percent of India’s total foreign trade. At the same time, India’s trade with Israel was $ 5 billion, which is not even a part of the total trade. India’s security relationship with Israel is very deep, while the Arab countries are very important in terms of employment, foreign exchange and energy.

BJP and Israel
In Modi’s era, India, Israel and America came so close that many people were hoping to vote in favor of Israel. Right-wing ideology in India has been sympathetic since the beginning.

In this initiative, India has not allowed non-alignment of anti-Israel propositions among non-aligned countries. In 2015, India was not present during a vote against Israel on a resolution in the UN.

During this visit to India, Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas had come and PM Modi supported the Palestinian concerns. Modi had talked about peaceful Israel with a sovereign, independent and united Palestinian state.

In Israel’s case, Modi gave a clear indication when he went on a trip to Israel in July this year. This was the first visit of any Indian Prime Minister.
In 2003, with the Deputy Prime Minister of Israel, the then Indian Deputy Prime Minister LK Advani
Friendship with Israel with Arab
However, Modi did not leave the heat in diplomatic relations with the Arab countries. Before traveling to Israel, they had toured Qatar, Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates. On the Republic Day, the Crown Prince of Abu Dhabi has also been invited as the Chief Guest.

All this happened before Modi went to Israel. By voting against Israel, India has tried to convey that it is basically still with the solution of the dual-nation theory regarding the Palestinians. When PM Modi went on tour of Israel, the Palestinian area did not go to Ramla.

Could India not oppose Trump’s announcement on Jerusalem without taking part in voting like Canada and Australia?
Says Seshadri Chari, international affairs expert and BJP leader, “India can not see its connection with the American glasses with Israel. There will be no shortage of what we have with Israel, but we can not dismiss Palestinian concern. ”

“We are a democratic country and we have our own interests. How could the United States give its decision on the decision taken by the US? ”

Subramaniam Swamy says that Israel should have voted in favor, because Israel is the only country which has supported India on Kashmir.

Seshadri Chari says, “In the UN Council, Russia has also vetoed Kashmir. Many other countries have also been with us. This decision of India is neither shocking to Israel nor for the United States. ”
Indira Gandhi on the path of her father in the case of Israel
Governments change but no foreign policy
Is there any difference between the Congress-led United Progressive Alliance government and BJP-led NDA government over policies on Israel? Chari says, “Whatever the government does, there is no difference in foreign policy, economic policy and diplomacy.”

Many experts are also looking at this verdict of India in the form that enhancing peace with Israel does not mean to be anti-Muslim. Many experts believe that India’s stand was realistic and blind Hindutva did not dominate it.

At the same time, India has also conveyed that she will not work under foreign policy and will keep her interests paramount. India is in a special position in the Middle East. India is in ties with Israel, Iran and Saudi allies

In the beginning of the Cold War, Prime Minister Jawaharlal Nehru had considered inviting Israel in the 1955 Bandung conference. However later he changed the intention. After the Cold War, the equation of the world changed and India began to increase military relations with Israel.
Rajiv Gandhi, who met Israeli Prime Minister, became the first Prime Minister of India
Yarana from Israel since 1960
It started from the early 1960’s. Israel not only provided military assistance to India in 1962, 1965 and 1971 but it was the first country to recognize Bangladesh after the war with Pakistan in 1971.

In August 1977, at the time of Morarji Desai, Israeli foreign policy was a secret visit to India. Since then, the bilateral relations between the two countries came in hot spell.

Although Indira Gandhi went on the path of her father, and the Palestinians remained persistent in their foreign policy. Indira Gandhi’s son Rajiv Gandhi meets the Israeli Prime Minister in the United Nations Annual General Meeting in 1985.

This was the first meeting of any Indian Prime Minister’s Israeli Prime Minister. It is said that at that time India was concerned about Pakistan’s nuclear program and so it is okay to leave behind the hesitation to go with Israel.
In August 1977, at the time of Morarji Desai, Israel’s Foreign Minister visited India secretly.
Economic liberalization was done in India in 1991 and at the same time formal diplomatic relations with Israel were established. Whenever the Bharatiya Janata Party is formed in the country, it is said to increase relations with Israel.

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