Is Gujarat CM missing Miss Modi?


It is 2010 when Gujarat was ready to celebrate its 50th birthday. Almost all the corporates who have been associated with Gujarat were also giving ‘cooperation’ in the big boat being held on May 1.

A renowned business group of the country plans to build a jingle from India’s most famous music composer.

The top officer of the corporate group, carrying crores of crores of jingles, came to the Chief Minister to tell him.

Narendra Modi asked before listening, “Where are the makers of jingles?” The answer came, “Sir, he can not come”.

However, the Chief Minister did not like the jingle and he told his officers, “Hey, find brother, there is a lot of talent in our Gujarat.”

After all, whose jingle was selected, it was a young man who had never heard of before.

This was the style of working for Gujarat Chief Minister Narendra Modi.

If you look at the example of Bollywood, you can say, “I stand where the line starts from there.”

Cutting Shoes and Race of Gujarat Gujarat

Notes in Gujarat!
Interlace on AnandaBen taught files

Five years after this incident, one afternoon in 2015, at the same CM office, Anandiben Patel was sitting on some files.

All of a sudden, he called an employee and taught him about twenty minutes to teach him how to cover the books so that he did not get torn and not coy. Also, he also taught to keep files clean ‘.

Before coming to politics and becoming the first woman Chief Minister of Gujarat, Anandaben was a school teacher and principal.

Four women who show ‘Real Gujarat’

… in Gujarat ‘development has gone crazy’!
Rooney was not convinced of victory
Nearly one year after the sentence, the current Chief Minister of Gujarat, Vijay Rupani, became the ‘Incharge’ of the same office.

A few days ago, he had shared with anyone, “I was not sure that I will be able to contest from Rajkot South seat, winning is the latter thing”.

Indeed, this seat belonged to BJP veteran Vajubhai Vala who was winning since 1985 and had ’emptied’ for Narendra Modi for the 2002 by-elections.

Vajubhai Vala was appointed as Karnataka governor a few months after the Modi government came to the center and Roopani got the first seat and a CM post after one and a half years.

What has changed in Gujarat CMO in three years, its layers are now looking a bit lighter.

Why did BJP make such a big ‘army’ in Gujarat?

What is the Gujarat CM over these 7 questions?


The village of Gujarat, where girls are very less compared to boys
How was the term of Modi’s term?
The rule of Narendra Modi was hovering around them, whereas in the time of Anshiben and Rupani, this disintegration has shown.

Before becoming the Prime Minister, the Chief Minister of Gujarat for 4,610 days, the height of Modi’s elevation was high in Gujarat.

People who have worked with them for a long time say, “Modi was less speaking, and at the time the target was not complete, it seemed too scary.”

In his first term, he had identified himself among the senior IAS officers who had to keep him close to him.

Only those officers were allowed to go to Gandhinagar Chief Minister’s house and ministers or MLS also used to shout ‘blunt’, while before that Keshubhai Patel’s tenure had all been regularized there. ”

During the Vidhan Sabha session of 2006, a party MLA complained to someone, “After three and a half years, personal meeting took place from Narendra Bhai.”

Some close points say, “Narendra Modi did not contest even a single election before becoming Chief Minister, perhaps because he has little hesitation in fully trusting the elected representatives.”

In Gujarat this lotus will be difficult to blossom?

Aam Aadmi Party BJP’s B team in Gujarat?
Modi’s grip on Gujarat
Perhaps this is the reason why Prime Minister Modi has still maintained the Chief Minister Modi on the Gujarat Government and the administration, through ‘his favorite bureaucrats’.

K. Kailashnathan is the officer who was posted in 2013 after retirement, a special post was appointed on ‘Chief Principal Secretary’.

This post of Kailashanathan is also continuing in the post of Anandiben Patel and Vijay Rupani, they are also called KK.

According to a person familiar to him, “KK is equally powerful in Gujarat as BJP president Amit Shah.”

There are also many officers whom Modi has called directly in Delhi and have been appointed in big posts. For example, Revenue Secretary Hasmukh Aadhiya, his Additional Principal Secretary PK Mishra and Chief Relations Officer of PMO JM Thakkar are some similar names. . His personal secretary IAS officer Rajiv Topono has also been brought from Gujarat cadre.

There are also officers who had to pass through Modi’s ‘Agni Pariksha’.

Gujarat elections to be held in Alappuzha

Has Gujarat become a vegetarian in BJP rule?


How many numbers of Gujarat government?
Modi gives Zero Marks
One of the key secretaries of the important department who went ahead and became ‘Modi’s favorite too’ was giving a daily presenting presentation.

In the presentation, he told those things which his department had done ‘excellent’.

After listening to everything, Chief Minister said, “You did a great job but according to me, I will give you Zero Marks.”

He further said, “Unless people will know about this good work, what mileage will my government get, where is its publicity?”

This was Modi’s method. According to a senior officer, ”

There was also a slight respiration on the go as the pressure was very high “.

‘Muslims of Gujarat changed after riots’

‘Gujarat’s biggest road blockade’


Gujarat: The villagers changed themselves here.
What happened at the time of Anshaben?
Things changed as soon as Nimanben’s command was held. Those who know them closely, their opinion is good or bad, it is a kind of way.

Zaidar believes that after Modi, Anandben was the only leader who should have been commanded and Modi had chosen him.

He had also handled the important ministry like Education and Revenue. In the secretariat of Anshanben, the visits of ministers and party leaders to the secretariat had also increased.

But his ‘problem was his mood because he was angry in the moment and became normal in the second moment’.

During his tenure, a campaign was started for girls to increase their schooling, which was named ‘Kanya Kelavani Yojana’.

A large officer associated with this plan went on vacation for some reason at this time.

On his return, Chief Minister Anandiben Patel called him and two senior secretaries and ‘kept screaming for 40 minutes on the methods of the government officers without asking any questions.’

When Aneeshvan went silent, after three-four minutes of silence, the officer asked, “Madam meeting is over? We go to the people?”

The answer was found, “Yes-yes definitely go.”

Like the UP-Bihar in Gujarat elections, the caste is important?

Why is BJP turning Yogi into Gujarat?
Gujarat Chief Minister Vijay Rupani
Why Chhinni Anshaben Chair?
Where there were no direct or major allegations of corruption in the three working days of Modi, it started growing in Anandben Sarkar, ‘whose feedback directly reached Delhi by Modi.’

The rumors were also reaching the public, whose disadvantage was visible to the BJP BJP.

On the other hand, the seed of the Patel agitation was also sown. The story of Vijay Roopani started from here.

Roopani was not only supported by BJP chief Amit Shah but also of RSS.

Even today, the general opinion about the rape is that they are good men and it is not difficult to reach them.

Informer at Gandhinagar explains, “Roopani is the most common, and every aspect of Modi-Shah is the stone racket for them. A few months ago, a strong message came from the High Command that they are showing less in public programs. At the time of going to the office, there was a small religious ceremony, which contained only 100 hundred and a half hundred people. ”

A person who has recently spoken with Vijay Rupani, said, “The problem is that the common man still understands the BJP workers and the chief minister less.”

How is the situation of Muslims in Gujarat?

Why do Modi often go to Gujarat?


Fariadi Muslims who came to the Bharatiya Janata Party’s MLA and help around
Who is better in Modi, Anandiben, Roopani?
It is also heard from the common people of Gujarat that “three are of different kind.” There are also speculations in the media about who was actually better.

Modi started his distances from the media in the beginning of his term of office. The main reason was that in 2002 after the Godhra carnage, the government and the leadership of the national-international media slander.

Perhaps this was the reason that since 2003-04, Modi had started using top PR and brand management agencies.

He had become so cautious about his image that the camera used to do the same thing as the angle of the angle during the shoots. He used to promote publicity photographs and slogans, and not knowing how many photographs would have been recovered. ”

“It was a model of Andhra Pradesh and Chandrababu Naidu, in relation to increasing their brand image, they adopted this model of doing corporate business from the corporate world,” an expert said.

Analysts say that Modi has benefited more from the party than the party and that is why in the 2017 elections, Modi had to come down to seek his vote.

Regarding the politics of the state and the trends of the voters, the effect of these three people will be directly affecting the different types of governance….


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