Indira’s return to prime minister was the ride on elephant ride

_98809804_indira-gandhi-getty-4Who was Indira Nehru Gandhi? Iron Lady of India? Or ‘Queen of India’ as some of London’s newspapers used to write about him? Or the name ‘Amma’, in whose name millions of South Indians used to call them?

Was Indira the ‘that woman’ or ‘she was a woman’ by whom the Pakistani dictator Yahiya Khan had called her or was she a female version of Hitler or Mussolini, as her opponents used to say about her? Making an opinion about Indira Gandhi is still very difficult.

When Indira Gandhi gave India Shock Treatment

‘When people used to say that Indira would leave the country’
Azamgarh by-election
It is said that the character of any person is identified in the opposite circumstances. It was at such a time, on May 7, 1978, when Indira Gandhi won the election of the Azamgarh Lok Sabha constituency by itself only on its own election. This was the time when Indira Gandhi’s political obituary was written.

Congress candidate and senior party leader Mohsina Qaidwai, in that election, points out, “The manner in which Indira Gandhi had worked in my election, she was not just of any ordinary person. There was a small place in Azamgarh where we had to spend a couple of hours. It was afternoon time. There was no water in the small place like Azamgarh, neither any restaurant nor any other facilities. ”

Indira Gandhi gave shelter to Sheikh Hasina in Delhi

Ramnath Goenka took iron from Indira Gandhi
He further said, “I had booked two rooms in a PWD guest house a week ago, for two hours. When I reached Indiraji one afternoon, the locks were closed in all the rooms and there an old watchman sitting there He started saying, ‘The room is not open, the minister is staying here.’ I said, Baba, you know, who has come? For whom I am opening the room? He started saying, ‘Is there a voice?’ I said Indira Gandhi has come. ”

Qidwai further said, “What should I tell you?” He listened to what he had touched, immediately standing up and said that my job or not, he immediately opened both the rooms for Indiraji, that was for the poor Indira Gandhi. We were staying there in the inn, in a place where today’s minor Congress worker can not even stay. Sometimes I stopped the car and I used to run water from the hand pump and Indira Gandhi used to water my mouth. They went ahead with a few sprinkles. ”

When Indira continued to speak even when the nose breaks

When Castro took Indira from the chest
Indira Gandhi with Son Sanjay
Beaded on the elephant
Even more than ten months ago, when 11 Dalits were killed in a village in Bihar, Indira Gandhi did not care about the flood waters, but climbed to the back of the elephant and reached there.

The former Chief Minister of Bihar, who accompanied him in that trip, explains Jagannath Mishra, “Indira Gandhi was also with Saroj Kharpade, Pratibha Singh and Kedar Pandey. They said that there can not be a carriage there. Indira said, we will go there, even if we have to walk overnight to get there. First he went on the jeep, he got stuck in the mud. Then they resorted to the tractor. After a while, he also responded. There was flood water filled there. Then an elephant was brought to them. ”

He said, “When Indira came to Belchi, the darkness came and she talked to the victims and laid them on her feet. That is where the political withdrawal of Indira Gandhi started.”

More interesting descriptions of this trip are noted by the famous journalist Janardan Thakur in his book ‘All the Prime Minister’s Men’.

Thakur writes, “When flood water started, Indira Gandhi started walking up to her sari shindhs .. But then Babu Sahib sent her elephants for her. Kedar Pandey asked him, ‘How will you climb on the elephant?’ Indira said, ‘I will go up. I have already sat on the elephant. ”

The next moment he was riding on the elephant’s back. But Pratibha Singh was afraid to climb the elephant. He also climbed with great difficulty and sat tightly with Indira’s back. As soon as elephants started walking, Congress workers present there shouted, Indira Gandhi ji! Indira Bellchi arrived after walking for three hours on the back of the elephant. ‘

What was the secret of Indira’s longevity?

‘I used to sit in every heart. He was a heartwarming figure ‘
Rehan Fazal talking to senior journalist Sagarika Ghosh
Chikmagalur win
Recall one more by-election. Chikmagalur, 1978, when Indira Gandhi reached the Parliament by defeating former Karnataka Chief Minister Virendra Patil, among the massive opposition of Janata Party.

Indira Gandhi’s biographer Sagarika Ghosh explains, ‘Chikmangalur had a slogan famous,’ A lioness hundred langur, Chikmangalur Chikmangalur. ‘ The Janata Party gave its full strength to defeat Indira Gandhi. In this entire bye election, Indira Gandhi campaigned for 18 hours daily and only kept on groundnut and fruit. ”

Sagarika Ghosh further said, “Whenever he reached some place in the night, he would have broken the torch between his legs and turned his face towards his face so that people could see his face, his stamina was so much that he was alive at that time. Even the Indian politician could walk faster. ‘

If I was Indira Gandhi then I would have been in Congress.
Indira Gandhi with French President Charles de Gaulle
Firstly De Gaulle was tested by Indira
Indira Gandh

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