Indira’s life was saved for saving 80 bottles of blood

_98545785_95f1590d-11ea-4303-9f4a-f2da007dbe32.jpgBhubaneswar has many memories associated with Indira Gandhi and most of these memories are not pleasant.

In the same city, his father Jawaharlal Nehru was seriously ill for the first time, due to which he died in May 1964 and during the campaign of 1967 elections in this city, a stone was thrown at Indira Gandhi, which broke his nose bone. was.

On October 30, 1984, the electoral speech that Indira Gandhi gave was made by her information advisor, H.Y. Sharda Prasad, as always.

But suddenly he began to speak separately from the prepared article. His speech changed.

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‘Ali! Ali! Kill the foreman ‘

Report of Rehan Fazal

Indira Gandhi said, “I am here today, I will not stay here tomorrow, I do not care whether I stay or not. I have a long life and I am proud of the fact that I spent my whole life in the service of my people. I will continue to do this till my last breath and when I die, every single letter of my blood will be strengthening India. ”

Occasionally, destiny picks up in words and points towards the coming days.

When he returned to the Raj Bhavan after the speech, Governor Bishnhar Nath Pandey said that you mention the violent death and shook me.

Indira Gandhi replied that she was telling honest and factual things.

Not sleep overnight

Indira Gandhi with her sons Rajiv and Sanjay Gandhi
That night, when Indira came back to Delhi, she was very tired. That night he got very little sleep.

Sonia Gandhi, who was sleeping in the front room, got up and went to the bathroom to take his asthma medicine at four o’clock in the morning, then Indira was awake at that time.

Sonia Gandhi writes in her book ‘Rajeev’ that Indira also went behind her in the bathroom and she started helping him in finding the drug.

He also said that if your health worsens again, give me a voice. I’m awake

light breakfast

Peter Ustinov was making a documentary on Indira Gandhi
Indira Gandhi was ready till 7:30 in the morning. On that day they wore saffron saree, whose border was black.

On this day, his first appointment was with Peter Ustinov who was making a documentary on Indira Gandhi and was shooting for him even during the Orissa tour one day earlier.

In the afternoon, he had to meet former British Prime Minister James Kallaghan and a leader of Mizoram. In the evening, he was going to give a banquet to Britain’s Princess Ann.

On breakfast that day, they took two toast, cereals, fresh orange juice and eggs.

After breakfast, when the make-up man was putting powder and blush on his face, his doctor KP Mathur reached there. That day he used to see them.
He also called Dr. Mathur inside and started doing both things.

He also joked about the need for US President Ronald Reagan to do more make-up and black hair at the age of 80.

When Indira Gandhi gave India Shock Treatment

The truth of Indira Gandhi’s ‘Private Life’ chapter

Sudden Firing

When Indira Gandhi came out on the 9th and 10th minute, there was a pleasant sunshine.

To save them from the sun, Sapahi Narayan Singh was walking in his side beside the black umbrella. There were a few steps behind them, behind RK Dhawan and those behind Indira Gandhi’s personal servant Nathu Ram.

His personal safety officer Sub Inspector Rameshwar Dayal Meanwhile, an employee passed by a T-set in front, where Ustinov had to serve tea. Indira called him and said that the second T-set should be drawn for Ustinov.

When Indira Gandhi reached the wicket gate connecting Akbar Road, she was talking to Dhawan.

Dhawan was telling them that as per his direction, he has sent a message to President Giani Jail Singh, who went on Yemen’s tour to fly to Delhi by seven o’clock so that he was received by Indira, Britain’s Princess N. Join the banquets.

Suddenly the security guard Beant Singh picked up his revolver and fired Indira Gandhi. The bullet hit them in the stomach.

Indira picked up her right hand to save her face, but only then she had fired two more points from the point blank range. These pills penetrated into their sideways, chest and waist.

Indira Gandhi had continued to speak even on the nose break

Blindfolded at Nixon’s banquet

Shoot the shot

Congress leader RK Dhawan appears in the picture behind Indira Gandhi
At five feet from there, Satwant Singh stood with his tamson automatic carbine.

Seeing Indira Gandhi falling, she came in so much panic that she did not even shake from her place. At that time Beant had shouted to him and said, Shoot the pill.

Satwant immediately inserted all twenty five rounds of his automatic carbine inside the body of Indira Gandhi.

Twenty-two seconds had passed by Beant Singh’s first fire, and there was no response from the security forces deployed there.

At the same time, Saturn was firing, that the first thing Rameshwar Dayal, who was the first to follow, started running forward.

But he could reach Indira Gandhi that Satwant’s drove bullets hit his thighs and feet and he got stacked there.

The helpers of Indira Gandhi saw their corpse body and started giving orders to each other. A police officer from Akbar Road Dinesh Kumar Bhatt came out to see how this noise was going on.

Absence of ambulance

Indira Gandhi’s death was announced several hours later by the governmental media
At the same time both Beant Singh and Satwant Singh put their arms down. Beant Singh said, “Whatever we have to do, we have done it. Now whatever you do, do whatever you want.”

Only then Narayan Singh jumped forward and dragged Beant Singh on the ground. The ITBP jawans came running from the nearby guard room and they took Satwant Singh in their circle.

However, there was an ambulance all the time standing there. But that day his driver was missing from there. Inderra’s political advisor Makhanlal Fotedar, in so many shouting, urged to shout and remove the car.

Indira Gandhi was picked up from the ground by RK Dhawan and security officer Dinesh Bhatt and placed on the last seat of the white ambassador car.

Shower, fountain and driver sitting on the front seat. As soon as the car started running, Sonia Gandhi came running barefoot, screaming in her dressing gown, mother-in-law screaming.

Seeing Indira Gandhi’s condition, she sat in the same seat on the back seat of the car. He took the head of the blood covered by Indira Gandhi in his lap.

The car grew rapidly towards AIIMS. Nobody said anything during the four kilometer journey. Sonia’s gown was drenched with Indira’s blood.

Stretcher lost

The car reached AIIMS at 9.30 am. There was enough stock of Indira’s blood group O RH negative.

But no one from A Safdarjung Road had told to call AIIMS and did not tell that Indira Gandhi was being brought to the seriously injured state.

It took three minutes to open the gate of Emergency Ward and take Indira out of the car. There was not even a stretcher on it.

Somehow a wheeled stretcher was arranged. When they were released from the car, seeing Indira in this condition, the doctor posted there was nervous.

He immediately informed AIIMS senior cardiologist by phone and informed him. In the minutes there, the doctors went to Golaria, Dr. MM Kapoor and Dr. S. Balaram.
There was a lot of people outside the hospital who had been very angry
In electrocardiogram, Indira’s heart was showing minor activity but no pulse was found in the pulse.

The effigies of their eyes were spread, which was a sign that their brains had damaged.

A doctor through his mouth inserted a tube in his pneumatic tube so that oxygen could reach the lungs and the brain could be kept alive.

Indira was given 80 bottles of blood, which was five times the normal blood volume of her body.

Doctor Guleria explains, “I had just been seeing that he had gone from this world, after that we did the ECG to confirm it. Then I asked the health minister Shankaranand, who is there now what to do now? Declare dead? They did not say, then we took them to Operation Theater. ”

Just heart salute

After the assassination of Indira Gandhi, anti-Sikh riots were in Delhi
Doctors linked their body to the Heart and Lung machine, which started working to clean their blood, and due to which their blood temperature dropped from 37 degrees to 31 degrees.

It was clear that Indira had gone from this world but she was still taken to the Operation Theater located on the eighth floor of AIIMS.

Doctors saw that the bullets had squeezed the right part of their liver, at least twelve holes in their large intestine, and the small intestine also suffered a lot.

The bullet was also shot in one of their lungs and the spinal cord was also broken by the bullets. Only his heart was safe.

Planning and Duty with

Sonia Gandhi, Priyanka Gandhi and Rajiv Gandhi are seen in the last rites of Indira Gandhi
Indira Gandhi was declared dead after two hours and 23 minutes after being shot by her bodyguards.

But government propaganda did not announce it till 6 pm.

Inder Malhotra, who wrote the biography of Indira Gandhi, used to say that intelligence agencies had anticipated that such an attack on Indira Gandhi could be.

He had recommended that all Sikh security personnel be removed from their place of residence.
Indira Gandhi during the Shimla Agreement in 1972 with President Zulfikar Ali Bhutto of Pakistan
But when the file reached Indira, he wrote three words on it in a rage, “Arent We Secular?” (Are We Not Secular?) ”

After that, it was decided that two Sikh security personnel would not be put on duty near them.

On October 31 Satwant Singh pretended that his stomach was bad. Therefore, he should be deployed near toilets.

In this way, the infant and the satan were deployed together and they took revenge for Operation Bluestar from Indira Gandhi.

When JP asked Indira, how will your expenditure go?

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