Indira Gandhi split her crispy lady

160508143919_indira_gandhi_pic_6_640x360_getty_nocreditIn 1966, when Indira Gandhi became the Prime Minister of India, she was only 48 years old. His health was very good.

There was no disease of them, so they did not have any doctor for themselves in the first three months of the beginning. But one day when he was returning from a tour, his plane got caught in Air Turbulence due to which some people traveling with him fell from their seats.

Some of them were hurt and the blood started coming out. The slightest treatment of those people could not be done as there was no doctor on the Prime Minister’s ship. It was then decided that the Prime Minister should be his own private doctor who should always be with him.

Dr. P. Mathur of Doctor points out that Indira Gandhi’s secretary NK Seshan called up Col. RD Aiyar, Superintendent of Safdarjung Hospital and asked for a capable doctor for Indira Gandhi. The question is, what should be done in a good doctor.

The first thing is that he should be a good doctor. Secondly, he should not have the habit of opening his mouth or smearing; and the third is that he should be respected. Dr. Mathur was found to be true to these three criteria and he was made Indira Gandhi’s personal doctor.
PK Mathur, Indira Gandhi’s personal physician, at BBC Studios.
After that, the process started by Dr. Mathur to meet Indira Gandhi, then she remained alive for life. During this, he got an opportunity to see closely the Indira Gandhi’s human side.

Listen to Indira Gandhi, how was her doctor’s eye
Dr. K P Mathur, a personal physician of Indira Gandhi for 18 years, has told many things related to his life in his book ‘The Unseen Indira Gandhi Through Her Fascist’s Eyes’ recently published.

Dr. Mathur explains, “Two servants in Indira Gandhi’s house were the oldest, who had been with him since the days of Anand Bhawan. Indira Gandhi used to talk to him from Allahabadi in Awadh in Awadh. Among them, Ram Kumari used to call him Bhaiyaji, not saying ‘Madam’ or ‘sister-in-law’. Perhaps she was subsisting that the first child born in the family, if she was a girl, was used like a boy. ”

When Sonia Gandhi married Rajiv Gandhi, Indira Gandhi instructed that Hindi should always be spoken in the house so that Sonia from Italy learned this language as soon as possible.

Mathur recalls that during the various tours in India, Indira Gandhi always used to sit next to the driver in the car’s next seat so that more and more people could see him. At night he used to burn a battery torch in his lap so that his light kept on his face and people could easily see him.

Indira Gandhi never took bed t Nehru also did not demand Bed T. His day started with a very simple breakfast. Two slices of beryl, in which the name butter was used, a boiled egg, seasonal fruit in which most apples were used and milk made in milk. The food of the day was completely vegetarian. Snuff food was sometimes made at night.

After Rajiv’s marriage, Sonia sometimes made occasional continental food which Indira Gandhi liked very much. Dr. Mathur explains, “I loved the crispy lady of Indiraji’s kitchen. When I was present in his house, he used to call me at the dinner table. Once the plate had a little crispy scam in the plate. When I expressed my desire to eat it, Indiraji asked me to bring the cook and the lady’s finger. After a while, he said with a gesture that the lady’s beard had died.

“Indira Gandhi immediately put the crispy lady of pre-meal on her plate in a plate with a spoon. I said a lot that I would eat some other day but he did not believe me. I made a lot of effort, then he put a spoonful of fine powder on his plate. I was overwhelmed by his complacency. You came out of my mouth and made me your own loner. ”

Once an interesting incident happened on Ladakh’s visit. But to avoid high altitude disease, Dr. Mathur fed a bullet of lasiks to all the people in Indira Gandhi’s helicopter before landing in Leh. One effect of this tablet is that the person eating the food quickly comes to urination.
Mathur points out that for Indira Gandhi, the air force had arranged to go to the toilet only in the helicopter. But as soon as the helicopter landed and opened the door, all the people riding in it ran out of their pants and searched for some corner.

They did not follow the protocol that the prime minister first descends on the helicopter’s land. Indira Gandhi did not understand why this is happening?

When Dr. Mathur told him the real reason, he was very laughing and the doctor said to Mathur, “You have deliberately misled this to disturb people.”

Indira Gandhi used to play cards sometimes after lunch on the day. His favorite game was Kali Mem, which did not come to Dr. Mathur. One day he played an acting game with his staff. Several pieces were inserted in a jar. The person who was present in that chit would have to act accordingly.

When Yashpal Kapoor, a colleague of Indira Gandhi pulled a chit, wrote on it that Sampra was written on it. He acted while playing the bean of the sack; Arab Sheik, who came out in a doctor’s Math chit. He did not see any towel lying there on his head Tried to make wrappers like Arab Headgear.
Indira Gandhi enjoying boating at Lakshadweep.
They then wrapped a sheet around him and made Arab gowns. All the people, including Indira Gandhi, were laughing at this laughing. Mathur says, “He pointed to me and said that after retiring, I will open a theater company and you will be the main actor in that role.”

In 1971, when India-Pakistan war started, Indira Gandhi was giving a speech on the field of Kolkata. Mathur says, “When we returned to Delhi at twelve o’clock in the night, I told them that I would like to stay at your house tonight. But he did not listen to me and stressed that I would go to my house because my house would be disturbed. I then told Indira Gandhi’s servant Nathuram that you should inform me of Indiraji not to stay at the Prime Minister’s house. ”

Mathur further says, “I spent the night there and went home early in the morning. When I returned to the Prime Minister’s residence at eight o’clock in the morning, did I see that Indira Gandhi is laying a cover over her room diwan with her own hands? He smiled asking me what night did I sleep? They did not know that I spent that night at their house, fearing that the Prime Minister would not need any medicine. ”

Mathur explains that in 1974, on the day that India conducted its nuclear test, he reached the Prime Minister’s residence to see them. “When I reached there, Nathu Ram said, go straight. He is in his room. When I knocked on the door, they said, come. But after seeing me he got disturbed. I greeted them but they did not respond. They did not say for me to sit down. ”

Image Copyrights K P MATHUR
“I tried to talk some lightly to them. But they did not pay any attention to me. I noticed one thing. Their gaze was going on the telephone repeatedly as if they were waiting for a phone. There was a notebook on which the Gayatri Mantra was written by hand. In a while I got bothered. I said that I will come again another day to check you. She immediately agreed for it. He himself went ahead and opened the door to go out. ”

“I felt like they are wishing that I should move from there immediately. Later, when it came to the news that India had done its first nuclear test in Pokhran, then I realized that why she was troubled by seeing me in her house because at the same time she was waiting for the phone that was coming for the nuclear test. And she did not want anybody to know her voice. ”

When Indira Gandhi lost the election in 1977, she had no house to live anywhere else. Anand Bhawan had already dedicated that nation to its ancestral house. One of his colleagues, Mohammad Yunus, vacated his house only for 12, the Willington Crescent, but also gave him his cook.
At the same time, former Chief Minister of Haryana Bhagwat Dayal Sharma was seriously ill and was admitted to AIIMS. He expressed his desire to meet Indira Gandhi

Mathur recalls, “At that time Indira Gandhi did not have any car. One of their acquaintances used to send a car for their use. Indira Gandhi came out of her house after receiving the message of Bhagwat Dayal Sharma. I also got behind them. Until then, his friend’s car had not reached. My car was standing in the corner. They asked me if we can move AIIMS through this car.

“I brought the car to the porch while driving. I used to have a small Fiat car. I opened the back door of the car to sit for him. When I came to the driving seat, he asked, “Do not you have a driver?”
Indira Gandhi on a monument to a politician in Romania.
“When I said that I run my own car, then he said I can not treat you as a driver. By saying this, he descended from the back seat and sat next to me in front of my seat. I went to AIIMS, where he asked his movements with Bhagwat Dayal Sharma.

“Then he came to know that the famous Shire Firak Gorakhpuri is also recruited in the same hospital. He went to see them too. It was a matter of great pride for me that the former Prime Minister of India had gone to AIIMS without any tam Zamam and security sitting next to me in the front seat of Aden Doctor’s small fiat like me.

The last meeting of Dr. K. Mathur’s Indira Gandhi was done a few minutes before his death. Mathur recalls, “I had reached his house at 8 o’clock in the morning to see him as usual. I thought he was going to be frustrated. So I gave them some tablets. At that time, Kanta Bharati, a make-up person from Doordarshan, had come to make her makeup, because after some time she had to give an interview to the famous professional actor Peter Ustinov.
“He was just getting ready, so I told him to talk about something that I read in Time Magazine that America’s President Ronald Reagan does not make makeup before the TV interview. Indira ji said that this thing is not right. I have heard that earphones have earphones in their ears while giving interviews in which their colleagues keep on telling the question about which question they have to answer.

Doctor Mathur is on his way to meet Indira Gandhi


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