Indira and Firoz’s relationships were engulfed

_98750491_gettyimages-73961148.jpgThe lines of relationships between Indira Gandhi and her husband Firoz Gandhi were quite entangled. But Indira wrote in a letter after the death of Feroze that whenever she felt the need for Firoz, she looked standing with him.

The tension started between the two when Indira left her home in Lucknow and took her father to Anand Bhawan in the father’s house.

It was probably not a coincidence, but this year, in 1955, Feroze started anti corruption campaign within the Congress Party. Indira Gandhi was the party’s working committee and the Central Election Committee member this year.

‘He was the leader who was named Indira Gandhi’


Rayon Fazal’s interpretation on Feroz Gandhi
In those days the Congress was dominated by the Congress. The opposition parties were not only small but also very weak. For this reason there was a sort of emptiness in the newly created Indian Republic.

Although the Feroz was close to the ruling party’s family, he became the informal leader of the opposition and the first whistleblower of this young country.

He carefully exposed corrupt people, many people had to go to jail, the insurance industry was nationalized and the finance minister had to resign.

You have not forgotten the Feroz Gandhi?

When Feroze called Indira a fascist
Firoz’s father-in-law Jawaharlal Nehru was not happy with him and Indira Gandhi never even praised Feroze’s important work in Parliament.

Feroz was the first person to recognize his wife’s authoritative tendency.

When Indira Gandhi was the President of Congress in 1959, she ensured that the first Communist government elected in Kerala was overturned and replaced by President’s Rule.

On the breakfast table at Anand Bhawan, Feroze called Indira a fascist for this. At that time Nehru was also present there. After this he gave an indication of emergency in a speech.

Feroz Gandhi was a great supporter of freedom of expression. At that time, nothing could be said within the Parliament, but if a journalist wrote or wrote anything about it then he could be punished.

Firoz presented a private bill to end this difficult. These bills were later made law which was known as Firoz Gandhi Press Law. The story of this law is very interesting.

Fifteen years after Feroze Gandhi’s death, Indira announced the Emergency and threw her husband’s press law in a waste bin in a manner.

Later, the Janata government re-enacted this law and today we can see the complete proceedings of the Indian parliament through two television channels. With this, Feroz Gandhi’s efforts have always been immortalized.

The ‘secret life’ of Indian politicians

Indira Gandhi: Patriot, but ‘dictator’

Political views were different

Indira Gandhi with her sons Rajiv and Sanjay Gandhi
Firoz and Indira used to cross-examine almost everything. The opinions of the two were different on the upbringing of the children. They also had different ideas about politics.

Mary Shelvankar, who was close to Indira, had told me, “Indira and I used to discuss almost everything, this discussion was a friendly level. I think every person should have the freedom to talk to them but they are Mother India. He was quite inspired by the image, he wanted full power in his hand, he was against the federal structure of India, and he thought that India is now fully developed to become a federal nation. Is not. ”

He said, “The views of Firoz were different from this.” During the 1950s, I met Feroze only two or three times in Delhi and I could not ever come near him because I thought that Indira did not want it. With my discussions, I understand that Feroze was a supporter of the federal structure of India and against the centralization of power. ”

It is natural that Indira Gandhi succeeded in abolishing the democratic heritage of Firoz Gandhi.

When JP asked Indira, how will your expenditure go?

When Bhupesh had said … ‘then the life of Indira Gandhi’s son does not go away’

That thing which was common in both

Indira Gandhi with her father Jawaharlal Nehru
But at least one important thing that was common in both of them. That was the love of both towards gardening.

In a letter written to her father in Ahmednagar Fort Jail, Indira praised Feroz’s hard work for horticulture. On 22 November 1943, in the letter written by Anand Bhawan, he said, “I am just coming from the garden, for a few months before, it was a grass-plowed forest but now the grass of the garden has been cut. The little seeds have been planted in the rows which look very beautiful, all this has been possible due to Firoz.If they do not take the responsibility of the garden then I do not know what I would do.I know so much that I know something Neither Could In. ”

Rumors also spread about Feroze Gandhi’s infidelity and some people started talking about their relationship with Indira Gandhi. But looking at the need for Firoz and Indira for the development of India, these gossips were never relevant.

They were completely tied to each other and were stuck in a plus-minus relationship.

It seems that the reaction that Feroz had given in Kerala’s case was like a warning to Indira. He resigned from the post of party president before his time was over.

Indira’s life saved To save 80 bottles of blood

1984: When ‘big tree fell and hill land …’ in Delhi
Firoz and Indira went to Kashmir for a month’s holidays with their two sons.

According to Rajiv Gandhi, whatever differences were there between his parents, he was forgotten during this time. Only then did Feroz Gandhi die due to a heart attack.

(Bertrale Falch, who lives in Sweden, has written a book on Feroze Gandhi, the only biography written on him so far.)

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