How to make Israel a little smaller than Manipur, ‘Superpowers’?

_99603728_gettyimages-905070324Before World War I, Palestine was a district of the Ottoman Empire. In the First World War, the Ottoman Empire suffered defeat by Britain and its allies.

After World War I, Palestine came under the control of Britain. But the problem became more complicated after this. Arabs lived in this area and Jews wanted to stay.

Thousands of years ago, Jews have had historical and religious relations with this area. They believe that they have the right to live in the Palestinian area. In the beginning of the twentieth century thousands of Jews started to come to this area before becoming Israel.

In Europe and Russia, Jews were subjected to severe torture due to being Jewish. After the Nazi persecution of the Nazis in World War II, a large number of Jews came to this area.

Secret relationship between India and Israel?

The making of Israel
Even the Jews were oppressed in the Arab world. After World War II, Britain decided that the United Nations decides what to do now on the Palestinian territories.

The United Nations suggested to split Palestine into two countries. For one billion and the other Jews. The Arabians did not accept the United Nations plan, but the Jewish leaders accepted Israel’s proposal and declared Israel. The US President gave Israel the same validity at the same time.
The war started with the announcement of Israel. After months of war, Israel and Arab neighbors agreed to stop the war. In the future, Israel was recognized internationally as a country.

Israel is located on the eastern end of the eastern Mediterranean. Its southern end is up to the Red Sea. It seems from Egypt in the west and from Jordan in the east. Lebanon is in its north and Syria in the north-east.
Shaktawar Israel
So far, Palestine is not a country, but Palestinians want a different country by joining the West Coast and Gazapatti. Both Israelis and Palestinians want to make Jerusalem a capital

More recently, US President Donald Trump had recognized Jerusalem as the capital of Israel, but in most of the world, the United Nations General Assembly dismissed it.

Israel was built in 1948. Israel in 69 years of age is smaller than Manipur of India. The population is also around 85 lakhs.

Even in the case of mineral wealth, Israel does not have any standing in front of India. Despite this, Israel is one of the world’s countries, whose technical and military capabilities are illustrated in the world.

Yakov Katz, former editor of the Jerusalem Post, has written a book called ‘The Weapon Wizards: How Israel Becomes a High-Tech Military Supporter’.
Israel has no power in terms of technology
Yavkov Katz has written, “Just two years after the formation of Israel, in 1950 the country’s first business delegation was sent to Southern America. Israel was troubled for business partner. Israel did not have such natural resources on which they could shape their economy. Then there was neither oil nor mineral wealth. ”

Yavkov has written, “The delegation did several meetings, but all made fun of me. Israeli were trying to sell orange, kerosene stoves and fake teeth. In countries such as Argentina, production of oranges was already very high and there was no shortage of electricity, hence there was no need for kerosene. It is difficult to imagine what Israel did first export. Israel is a hi-tech supporter in today’s date and it is quite ahead in terms of selling modern weaponry around the world. Every year, he sells nearly 6.5 billion dollars of weapons. ”
Yavkov has written, “By 1985 Israel was the largest drone exporting country in the world. His drone was occupied by the 60 percent global market. For example, in 2010, five Nato countries used to fly the Israeli drones in Afghanistan. After all, the country which has not been 70 years old, how did he prepare the world’s most modern army? The answer lies in its national structure. The first thing, despite being a small country, Israel spends on its 4.5 percent research on GDP. ”

It is said about Israel that he prepares a civilian army in his country. It is important for every citizen to serve in the army. The West’s country treats Israel as the safest country in the Middle East as a hideout.
The then Prime Minister Atal Bihari Vajpayee with the then Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon who came to India in 2003
Yavkov has written, “In 2000, Israeli airforce got the first operational Arrow missile battery. With this operational system, Israel was the first country in the world to have the ability to destroy the enemy’s missile on the way. Israel’s Arrow’s Idea was amazing in its own right. In the case of Israel area there is a very small country with the lack of empty ground. It is very effective compared to ballistic missiles. ”

Israel released the first spy satellite in space in 1989. Along with this, Israel joined the group of eight countries that have the ability to independently launch satellite. Initially it was said that Israel hardly got involved in this club.

Military power
In today’s date, Israel has run out of satellite launch. Now he has eight detective satellites in space It is said that there is no response to Israel

Israel is also known worldwide for its Mercava tank. It was included in the IDF i.e. Israeli Defense Force in 1979. It has been fully developed in the house. IDF is about 1,600 Merkawa tanks. Israeli Airforce has the F-15I Thunder Fighter Aircraft

In the Middle East, the F-15I is considered to be a fatal fighter plane. It has the ability to hit the air in the air Israel’s Jericho III atomic resistance The Jericho I ballistic missile was included in the Israeli army in the 1970s. It was replaced by Jericho II and now Jericho III.
Nuclear power is Israel?

The economy of Israel, Hong Kong and South Korea are considered to be the most stable throughout the world. This is a zero inflation rate and a huge reduction in unemployment. The total GDP of Israel is $ 318.7 billion and the economy of its economy is around four percent.

Israel does not officially call itself a nuclear power-rich country, but it is said that it had acquired nuclear weapons in the 70’s. According to a recent report, the Washington-based Institute Arms Control Association, Israel has a total of 80 nuclear weapons.

Now the question arises whether India is giving more importance to Israel than its power or needs India? Kamar Agha, a former Middle-East case expert, says that India’s friendship with Israel is reciprocal. He said that both countries have their own needs

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is on a six-day visit to India A six-day visit for any President keeps a lot of significance.
America’s road to Israel …
Kamar Agha says, “In the ’90s, India established diplomatic relations with Israel, the whole world has changed. The Soviet Union was broken, the process of globalization started. Politics of ideology went to the Legislature and started on the basis of politics. economic activities

Kamar Agha says, “If you come closer with Israel, then the ease of the western countries becomes easier.” After the collapse of the Soviet Union, India also turned to the United States. India follows this path. One is his ability to fight terrorism and the strong lobby of the Jews in other western countries. Of course, India needs both things.
‘India raised the advantage of the Jewish lobby’
According to Kamar Aga, India has taken advantage of the Jewish lobby in the west.

He said, “The Indian Janata Party has been a fan of Israel since the times of Jan Sang.” When Morarji Desai became the prime minister in 1977 and the Atal Bihari Vajpayee Foreign Minister, at the same time with the Israeli Foreign Minister a secret visit to India. When Atal Bihari became the Prime Minister, then Israel Prime Minister Ariel Sharon visited India. Now when Modi is there, things are in front. ”

Kamar Agha says, “He has a technology and we do not have it.” We need techology We have cheap laborers, they know how to run the computer and they also come in English, Israel needs such workers.If both countries make something together, Then Israel will have a huge market like India. ”
What do the figures say?
Former Foreign Secretary Kanwal Sibal says that India’s foreign policy still works Kamar Agha also says, India can not ignore the love of the Arab countries.

It can also be understood by the Ministry of Commerce’s figures. In terms of business, security, energy and diplomatic interests, it is very special for Middle East India. According to the Ministry of Commerce of India, India’s trade with Arab countries is $ 121 billion in 2016-17.

It is 18.25 percent of India’s total foreign trade.

At the same time, India’s trade with Israel is $ 5 billion, which is also a part of the total trade. India’s security relations with Israel is very deep, while the Arab countries are very important in terms of employment, foreign exchange and energy.

Netanyahu: From Army Commander to Israeli Prime Minister

Why did not you get to Israel before?

Kashmir is showing Israel the path to India?

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