How much do you know Modi’s ‘new friend’ Netanyahu?

_96824780_fef5df6b-b47d-499a-aafc-1504219e400d.jpgIsraeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is on a six-day tour of India

Netanyahu’s life is also associated with many dramatic developments. Reaching the top of power in Israel, Netanyahu’s identity is as a strong leader.

Benjamin Netanyahu has taken power for the fourth time in Israel. He has become a long-awaited leader on Israeli power.

This clever politician had announced a sudden election in late 2014. In spite of a poor position in Opinion Poll, he managed to win the election dramatically.
Israel’s security is the first in Netanyahu’s electoral issues. In this way, he has a strict attitude towards the Palestinians.

Netanyahu’s Military Record
Benjamin ‘Bibi’ Netanyahu was born in Tel Aviv in 1949. In 1963, when his historian and Jewish activist father Benzion received a proposal for an academic post in the United States, the whole family went to America.

Why Muslims in the Eyes of Muslim Countries Proud

The map of Middle East, which changed in 6 days

Netanyahu returned to Israel at the age of 18 Here he stayed in the Army for five years. He was a Captain in an important commando unit. Netanyahu was involved in an operation at Beirut Airport in 1968. Along with this, he also fought the Middle East war in 1973.
After the Army service was over, Netanyahu again came to the United States. Here he studied Bachelor and Master from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT).

In 1976, Netanyahu’s brother Jonathan was kidnapped in Uganda in Antdeb to join an expedition to rescue an aircraft hosted. In this campaign, Jonathan had to die.

The impact of this death was deep on Netanyahu’s family. His brother’s name is included in the great celebrities of Israel. Netanyahu established a counter-terrorism institute in memory of his brother.

‘Modi’s BJP and Israel’s Like-minded’

Why Muslims in the Eyes of Muslim Countries Proud

Due to this, the attention of Israel’s ambassador to Israel and future foreign minister Moosa Arines was drawn.
In 1982, the Arenas appointed Benjamin Netanyahu to be his deputy chief of mission in Washington. Night and day Netanyahu’s public life got its wings. Netanyahu speaks perfectly English in American style.

He soon became a known face on American television. He started to speak Israel with great assertion in the West.

Later, Netanyahu was made a permanent representative of Israel in 1984 in New York.

In 1998, when he came back to Israel, he knocked on the country’s politics. He won a parliamentary election and became deputy foreign minister. Politically, Benjamin Netanyahu calls himself the right wing.

When the Likud party was defeated in the 1992 general elections, he was made the chairman of the party.
How much do you go to Israeli Prime Netanyahu?

In 1996, Israeli President Shimon Peres announced the election before the time of the assassination of Prime Minister Yitzbek Robin.

Netanyahu won the direct election and became the Prime Minister of Israel. Netanyahu became the youngest Prime Minister of Israel and is also the only person in this case that he was born in 1948 after the birth of Israel.

Netanyahu’s first term was short but it was quite dramatic. In spite of criticism of the Oslo Accords Agreement between Israel and Palestinians, Netanyahu signed an agreement in 1997, in which hebron had to give 80 percent control to the Palestinians.

Along with this, he also signed the Y River Memorandum in 1998, clearing the way for more clearance from the Western Bank.

In 1999, Netanyahu announced the election 17 months ago and faced defeat in it. He was defeated by Labor leader Ehud Barak. Former Commander Netanyahu promised a permanent peace agreement and he also spoke about returning to southern Lebanon.
Political resuscitation
After losing the election, Netanyahu resigned from the parliamentary member and Chairman of Likud Party. Netanyahu became the successor of Ariel Sharon in the Likud Party.

When Sharon became the Prime Minister in 2001, again Netanyahu returned to the government. In this government, he became the first foreign minister and later became the finance minister.

In 2005, he resigned from the Gaza Strip due to protests on the withdrawal of troops.

Netanyahu got the chance once again in 2005. Then Sharon had been in a big stroke and had to recruit in coma. The differences in the Likud party emerged and it became torn.
Netanyahu won the lead of the Likud Party and came out as a strong critic of Sharon’s successor Ehud Olmert.

Netanyahu won the election for the second time in March 2009. Netanyahu combined a right-wing, nationalist and religious parties to form a coalition. Netanyahu’s government was criticized in the international community.

This criticism was caused by not restoring peace with the Palestinians.

Netanyahu publicly accepted the concept of Palestinian state without a soldier, but he said that the Palestinians will have to accept Israel as a Jewish country.

In 2015, Netanyahu separated himself from the possibility of a country for the Palestinians. He said that the Middle East In the way Islamic extremism is moving ahead, its prospect has ended.
At the end of 2012 Netanyahu announced the election before the time and in a few weeks the parliament was dissolved. Following this, Netanyahu ordered a major action against extremists in Gaza. They ordered this after a rocket firing in Israel.

Netanyahu executed the operation in Gaza without land. The success of this eight-day operation was praised around the world. In July 2014, Netanyahu launched a major operation in Ghaza.

More than 21 hundred Palestinians died in this 50-day battle. According to UN officials in Palestine, most of these were civilians. On behalf of Israel, 67 soldiers and 6 civilians were killed.
During the conflict, Israel is getting the support of the United States. But the relations between Netanyahu and the then US President Barack Obama were not good. This was the beginning of Netanyahu’s third term.

When Netanyahu addressed the US Congress in 2015, the relationship with Obama and reached the grassroots level. Netanyahu strongly condemned the nuclear deal with Iran.

When the United States changed power, then relations between Israel and the United States were melodious. Where Modi and Netanyahu’s friendship goes, it will be known in the coming days, but for the last 25 years diplomatic relations between the two countries have definitely got momentum

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