How many Ahmed with Ahmed Patel, how many Patel?

_99134777_img_2527Ahmed Patel either lives in Delhi or in his village Piramal. Piramal is not a remote village where you will have to eat hichkola to go.

Bharuch traveled from Ahmedabad for nearly three hours and from Piramal to Piramal for one hour. After going to their village, it does not seem that this is a village. If you have an image of a farm and a barn about the village in your mind then despair will be handy.

None of the people I talked to in his village did not complain about Ahmed Patel. Ahmad is brother on everybody’s tongue Whether he is a Hindu or a Muslim The town near his village is Ankleshwar. 26 families of Parsis live in Ankleshwar and it is believed that the Parsi family also traditionally live with the Congress.
Piramal Gram Panchayat
‘Ahmed bhai all leader’
Bharuch is said to be the birthplace of Indira Gandhi’s husband, Feroz Gandhi. However, there is no such opinion about it.

In Bharuch, former Principal of MK College of Commerce, Boman Kovin, is Parsi, and he lives with Ankleshwar now with his wife. He says that Feroz Gandhi was born in Bombay (earlier Bombay) and his maternal grandfather was in Bharuch.

Boman Kovin is happy that his three daughters married Parsi boys. They were expressing concern over the fact that in last thirty years in Gujarat, many Parsi girls married Muslim boys.

However, he is happy with Ahmed Patel and says that Ahmed Bhai is not a leader of any democracy but he is the leader of all.

Boman also said that in 2002 riots, he had kept three Muslim families in his house and called the Fire Brigade.

According to Bowman, when the fire brigade found that the houses which were set on fire were of the Muslims, they went back.

Why is Ahmed Patel important for Rahul Gandhi in the dream of Gujarat?

Why are the Ahmed Patel Gandhi family so special?

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2002 did not openly oppose the riots
One thing is often done in many circles that when Ahmedabad riots took place in 2002, the way Ahmed Patel should have come openly against him, he did not come.

Harish Joshi, senior journalist of Bharuch, says, “When you reach a level, no one wants to live with the identity of a democracy. Although he had condemned the riots and also released the statement. ”

Harish Joshi says that personal commitment to Ahmed Patel is more connected.

Joshi says, “Ahmed Patel’s identity is good for a strategist in Congress, but his strategy has failed in Gujarat. If they define their strategy then they will find that Gujarat did not get any benefit from it. Whether he can reach his strategy to the party worker or not, the big question is that. ”

Joshi says, “If you look after 2002 then you will know how BJP has worked under organizational tactics, but Ahmed Patel’s strategy has failed.”
Ahmed Patel, whose leader is Gujarat, Congress or Muslim?
The BJP had put an emphasis on Ahmed Patel to stop going to the Rajya Sabha this time, but here Ahmed Patel’s strategy on the BJP got enormous.

Harish Joshi says that here BJP was not personally privy to Ahmed Patel, rather it was part of the strategy to overthrow the Congress.

Is Ahmed Patel a big leader of Gujarat or a big leader of Muslims or Congress? A senior journalist from Ahmedabad, Darshan Desai says that he is the leader of the formidable strategy and that such people are needed in every party.

Darshan Desai says that Ahmed Patel has been a major contributor to running the UPA-one and UPA-2 government for 10 years. Desai says that after withdrawing support from the CPI to the UPA, Ahmed Patel played the biggest role in saving the government.
Why did Ahmed Patel’s strategy in Gujarat fail?
The question arises that Ahmed Patel is such a big strategist, why in Gujarat has he lost his policy in the last 22 years?

Says Darshan Desai, “In Gujarat, nobody’s strategy works. That too when there is communal polarization and your name is Ahmed Patel. ”

“As far as the role of Ahmed Patel during the riots is concerned, I believe that the Congress should not have done anything as a conspiracy.”

Do Muslims of Gujarat regard Ahmed Patel as their leader?

Darshan Desai says, “No, Muslims do not see Ahmed Patel as his leader. On the other hand, Ahmed Patel does not consider himself a Muslim leader. ”

“His strongest thing is that he keeps himself out of popularity. Ahmed Patel also helps his opponents, yet they do not want to take credit. This is his personal strong side. ”

Darshan Desai says that if Ahmed Patel will openly address the Muslims, then the land of communal politics in Gujarat will be more fertile. Because of this fear they do not appear openly.

‘Ahmed Patel is a leader surrounded by loyalists’
In Ahmedabad, CPM Central Committee member Arun Mehta assesses Ahmed Patel in another way. Arun Mehta said, “Ahmed Patel has nothing to do with the land. They think it is enough to get personal help to the people. If I comment in a line, then it will be that Ahmed Patel is a leader surrounded by loyalists. ”

Mehta said, ”

There are three groups in the Congress now. Ahmed Patel never kept the Congress together in Gujarat. Now he is promoting Shakti Singh Gohil faction. Simultaneously, there is a group of Gujarat Pradesh President Bharat Singh Solanki and the third group belongs to Siddharth Patel. ”

Bharuch used to be a Congress stronghold in the 80’s. Ahmed Patel has been the Lok Sabha MP three times from here. In the meantime Patel was knocked in 1984 as the Joint Secretary of Congress in Delhi. Soon he got promotion in the party and was made the parliamentary secretary of the then Prime Minister Rajiv Gandhi.
Gandhi family confidant
In 1986, Ahmed Patel was appointed as the president of the Gujarat Congress. In 1988, became the secretary of the Jawahar Bhawan Trust run by Gandhi-Nehru family. This Trust provides funds for social programs.

Gradually, Ahmed Patel made his place in the closest corner of Gandhi Khanadan. As much as the confidante of Rajiv Gandhi, Sonia Gandhi belongs to that date.

On 21st August, 1949, Ahmed Patel was born as the son of Mohammed Ishaq Patel and Havaben Patel. When I talked to some elderly people of Piramal, he told that Ahmed Patel was humble and disciplined since his childhood.

Mahesh Bhai Mehta of Piramal village said, “When Ahmed Bhai leaves home, do not forget to take all the movement. We all wait to know when Ahmed Bhai will come from Delhi. ”

Bharuch Congress spokesman Naju Bhai explains that Ahmed Patel does not forget to read Namaz. He said that he does not leave any stone unturned to donate and repair in his village temples.

I asked Professor Gaurang Jani, a social science professor at Gujarat University, why do Muslims put Gujarat title in Gujarat? On this, Jani said, “Patel is not a caste indicative title. This indicates the position. The head of the village is called Patel and Ahmed Patel is also the same. There is no issue of any Hindu being a Muslim here. ”
The tragedy with Amhad Patel is that they can not give back the lost ground of Congress to Gujarat. In his own locality Bharuch, Congress is losing the last four Lok Sabha elections.

In the 2012 assembly elections, Congress did not win any single seat in five seats. This is when Ahmed Patel gets ticket for candidates of his choice

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