How does greenery bring Israel into the sand?

_96801202_israelirrigation_1.jpgApart from weapons and radar technology, Israel is also known for its irrigation technology in the world.

He has shown to the world how desert can be green.

During the visit of Prime Minister Narendra Modi to Israel, the agreement between the two countries is also expected in the field of agriculture and irrigation.

Every drop of water can be learned from Israel.

They make the sea water suitable for drinking. Recycling waste water and using it again.

About half of the water used for irrigation in Israel is recycled.

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1. They planted trees that could absorb nitrogen from the air and could reach the ground. With this, the productivity of the land remained unmanaged and this system is sustainable for a long time.

2. Drip Irrigation Technology of Israel. The idea behind this was that if some drops of water are given to crops for long periods, then it can be effective. These water should either be transported to the surface of the ground or around its root.

Pipes and tubes are used to give water to the lower part of the plant. The purpose of drip irrigation is to minimize wastage of water and maximum use.

For the first time, Israeli engineer Shimsa Blas developed these irrigation techniques by making plastics clearance plants in large and long pipes.

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3. In contrast to the conventional cutting tree in developing countries, Israel uses sunlight as far as possible to meet its energy needs.

4. They are focusing on crops which can be sifted with salt water or poor quality water. They are using it from olive groves to argon trees.

5. They are focusing on tree plants that can be grown in desert areas. They are promoting Aquaculture for money and protein in the desert areas, which require salt water.

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