How did Gandhi make Gujarat the laboratory of Hindutva?

_99117610_bjp1The point is 1991. Then in Gujarat the BJP was in search of land. At that time in Gujarat there was a joint government of the Janata Dal and the BJP.

The country’s renowned social scientist Ashish Nandy went to interview Modi. He was accompanied by Gujarat’s famous political analyst Achyut Yagnik and Shikha Trivedi.

I asked Achyut Yagnik how was that interview? He said, “Modi was not at that time a big stature. He was speaking against the Muslims in the interview. We were coming together in the car after the interview. Then Ashish Nandy suddenly stopped the car and said in anger – I am just talking to a textbook fascist.

Achyut Yagnik told that when Ashish said this, he did not take it seriously. Yagnik also acknowledges that there was no such assessment during his interview. Yagnik points out that Ashish also understands psychology well, so he was far more prudent.
Modi era in Gujarat

In the state of Mahatma Gandhi, how did the roots of the Bharatiya Janata Party become so strong? Of course, Modi has given the maximum time in Gujarat to strengthen these roots.

Modi was Chief Minister from October 2001 to May 22, 2014. Modi won with three assembly elections in the state with majority in his leadership. Modi’s name has been ruling more than half of the state of Gujarat in 22 years of rule.

If Modi’s reign is removed from Gujarat then there will be no question that how did BJP’s roots in Gujarat become so strong? Modi also recorded victory in all the 26 seats of Gujarat in the 2014 general elections.

Suresh Mehta was made Chief Minister of Gujarat in October 1995. They were CM until September 1996. I asked Suresh Mehta that Modi’s era in Gujarat is at least 70% of the Bharatiya Janata Party’s rule, how do they see it?

He said, “The entire regime has been autocratic. Whatever the Modi wave, it is like Hitlashahi. Modi’s era is the network of publicity, power at any cost and mismanagement of every department in a wrong way. ”

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‘Live in fear of fear, fear and fear’
Where will the BJP go into the era of Modi? Mehta says, “I am afraid that a Hathu rule will come and every human being will live in the shadow of fear, fear and fear.”

Mehta says that people are angry at this election, but to what extent it will go, it is still to see it now.

Mehta feels that the BJP wins the election this time, so that it will not be as Modi had earlier. Mehta says, “Modi will now come to the rescue.”

He said that voice from inside BJP is not due to fear. “Mehta said that he left the party to get out of the shadow of fear.

BJP leader Bharat Pandya dismissed these allegations by Suresh Mehta. He said that BJP’s roots have been strengthened due to evolutionary policy. Saina NC also supported Mehta’s allegations while supporting Bharata’s allegations and said that the allegations are unrestrained.
Gujarat’s ‘Gandhi Yug’

In Gujarat, BJP started spreading its foot in the seventies. Many political analysts feel that till the influence of Mahatma Gandhi in the state, the BJP remained in the limelight.

Says Gaurang Jani, professor of social science at Gujarat University: “The influence of Gandhi in Gujarat was tremendous on all sections. Gandhi was also influenced by the women of Gujarat. ”

“The textile industry of Ahmedabad was considered as Manchester at that time. It was organized by Gandhi. It’s a matter of 1920 and it will be hundred years after three years. Gandhi created the Gujarat University and its age would be hundred years. ”

“Many residential schools are built. Many women organizations were erected. That is why when the Congress came to power after independence, the Hindutva and the politics of the Sangh Parivar did not come in the way of the Gujaratis. ”

The impact of Gandhian was also in education, literature and governance system. At that time it was called Gandhi Yuga. Literature was also called Gandhi Yuga Sahitya.

Why did BJP make such a big ‘army’ in Gujarat?
Will the lotus flourish in Gujarat this time?

Entry into the Company in Gujarat

In 1960, Gujarat became a separate state. Earlier it was ruled by Bombay. From the formation of Gujarat to the coming of the Congress party, the RSS has done nothing.

After all, when did the union’s politics get place in this politics? Gaurang Jani says, “There are riots at regular intervals in Gujarat so far? One happened in 1969. Then there was the Congress government and Hitendra Desai was the chief minister. ”

“The second riot happened in 1985, the third happened in 1992 and then in 2002. Secondly, there were two anti-reservation agitations. One in 1981 and the other in 1985. ”

Meanwhile, the Navnirman movement started. In this 20-year-old youngsters performed extremely well Even the Navnirman movement of 1974, the Sangh Parivar had tried to give a communal color at two places in Ahmedabad, but then success was not achieved. ”
After all, what has happened to the people’s ideology in the ideology of Gandhiji?

Gaurang Jani says that Gandhi’s ideology was followed by the Congress initially, but the upper caste mindset of Gujarat which was influenced by Gandhi, since 1960 Came in front

In Gujarat, Brahmins are only one percent and they are not landlords. In other states Brahmins are in the form of landowners. The second effect in Gujarat was of Jains and it is still today.

Says Jaani, “In those days Jainas were not different from Hindu identity. The thinking of the aristocrats in Gujarat has been developed in the influence of one fifth of the Brahmins and Jains.

“Jain Gujarat is not even a decimal five percent, but economically powerful and even today. The entire textile industry of Ahmedabad was in his hands. In today’s date, the literacy rate of Jains is 97%. But their education is not a part of the knowledge tradition. ”

“In Gujarat, the knowledge tradition after Gandhi is completely lost. We can say that Gujarat is very poor in this case. ”

It is interesting that Swaminarayan Sampraday spread the foot along with Jainism in Gujarat. Many people believe that there is no Brahmin culture in Gujarat but Jain culture is dominating.
Patel’s influence
Swaminarayan sect regards Vaishnava sect When the Swaminarayan sect expanded its influence in Gujarat, the Jains did not come to the rescue.

Professor Jani says that Swaminarayan sect started working closely with backward castes in Saurashtra. Patel was also not a part of the Brahmin tradition.

Achyut Yagnik of the Center for Knowledge and Action says that the number of Patel in the system of recruitment is also in Shudras. Yagnik says that in this way Patidar also came in the camp of Swaminarayan.

There is a saying in Patel that Patel does not have any Patel. Meaning Patel walks his mind. In the 19th century, Patidar joined the Swaminarayan sect and he got separated from the Brahmin tradition.

What impact did this have on Gujarat politics? Professor Jani says, “Swaminarayan sect is of the opinion that do not look at women. Do not allow women to come to the temple. ”

“The interesting thing with Gujarat is that the non-Gujarati saints have been successful here. The only Saint of Gujarat was Gandhi who failed today. The relation of Swaminarayan and Patidars became so strong that only the whole community came in the hands of the Patidars. For the BJP, the Swaminarayan sect became a shield to oust Gandhi. ”
Hearty patel
High caste united against reservation
When reservation started for Scheduled Caste and Scheduled Tribe in Gujarat, upper castes felt that it was not good. People thought that Congress supports reservation.

Jani says that in 1981, the RSS started raising the foot against higher castes against reservation. Jani says, “At that time, from Atal Bihari Vajpayee to Modi, see the statement, then they were addressing the upper castes.”

“Patel did not even have reservations and he also got the initiative of the RSS. Congressman Chimanbhai Patel was considered to be a very corrupt chief and the Congress did not face the issue of reservations. As the Congress left the legacy of Gandhi, the BJP was dominated. ”

After this Ramajnambhoomi movement started and the Congress could not handle it properly. Then there was a 2002 riots and polarization of the majority community started.
Professor Jani says that after the 2002 riots there was no seminar in the university; neither the Swaminarayan sect of 2002 riots in Gujarat opposed nor did people like Murari Bapu.

Interestingly, the BJP’s backbone, which has always been the backbone of the election, is now busy with a large number of Hardik Patel and they are coming to power. The way to get rid of someone’s feet and how to crush it often happens in this pattern

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