‘He was the leader who was named Indira Gandhi’

_98549638_gettyimages-3163110.jpgThe anger and resentment of the people on the streets after the assassination of former Prime Minister Indira Gandhi on October 31, 1984, is an eye-witness to her November month.

In October 1984, Indira Gandhi was passing through a very bad phase of her political career. The long-running tension between Sikhs and Hindus had reached the peak. Indira Gandhi had to send troops there because of the intrusion of extremists in the Golden Temple, which is considered to be extremely sacred of Sikhs.

Hundreds of people were killed. Due to the sending of army to the Golden Temple, there was tremendous resentment and anger against Indira Gandhi in the whole of India. They started receiving threats of killing them.

But the first woman Prime Minister of India stood up frontless in front of these threats.
Brave and secular women
Indira Gandhi was getting threats of killing her life. But she was such a fearless woman that she never cared about it.

I stayed with Indira Gandhi since 1962 till her last breath. He was rich in versatility. Full of passion His country and people had love in their hearts. They were completely secular with ideas

Due to its secular thinking, Indira Gandhi strongly opposed any discrimination between the majority Hindus and minority Muslims, Sikhs. Even after receiving the threat of death, even after the party’s say, they refused to change their personal Sikh bodyguards.

After the Golden Temple incident, the party decided that all Sikhs should be separated from their security arrangements. When he heard this he became very angry. According to their order, those Sikh security personnel who were removed were called back. She was a very brave woman.
That morning of october
On the morning of October 31. Indira Gandhi’s day of death This day also started like any other day. He was in his home in Delhi

The preparations for an interview with Indira Gandhi in the lawn with British actor Peter Ustinov were. Peter was making a documentary on Indira Gandhi.

Beant Singh was the bodyguard of Indira Gandhi. When Indira was going to meet Peter, Beant attacked them on the way.

Peter Ustinov had said, “We were at a distance of fifty yards.” At the beginning, there were three voices of bullets, an Indian cameraman with me, the cameraman said, “It looks like someone is leaving the firecracker again.” When the machine gun sound came, then it was understandable, these were not crackers. ”

“He came in and started firing from his revolver. Before we could understand something he had done his job.”
Indira did not
Indira jumped in the blood on the ground. There was an ambience of all around. I searched ambulance, but there was no ambulance. Then we floated a security car. Meanwhile Sonia Gandhi had come to hear the bullets. We went out for AIIMS in the funeral.

Doctors started treating them. AIIMS director said that Indira Gandhi’s condition is very fragile.

Indira stayed on Operation Tables for the next five hours. They were given more than 80 units of blood. But doctors told that his life was probably only when he first got shot.
As news of Indira Gandhi’s death spread, there was a stir in the political corridors of India.

I was diverging between AIIMS, airport and the Prime Minister’s house. On one hand, Indira’s son Rajiv Gandhi was returning from Kolkata, on the other hand, the then President Giani Zail Singh was coming back from abroad after hearing news.

Rajiv Gandhi had taken the place of Indira Gandhi the next morning. People were badly upset about the news of Indira’s death. They were not sure. Grief was taking the form of anger and resentment. It was a big storm.

In the next few days, anti-Sikh riots started spreading across the country.

Strong figure
The homes of the Sikhs were being burnt. If someone was going in a car, then people would peep in and see who was sitting inside. Somewhere she is not a Sikh. It was a very dangerous time for the Sikhs.

Indira Gandhi was felicitated on November 3, 1984. After the murder, about three thousand Sikhs were killed in the riots.

Indira’s prestige got stained due to religious violence in the Golden Temple complex for some people, allowing for military action and after her death.

But for some people he was a strong figure Avoiding Agreements And having strong faith allegiance in our country India.
“I wish they did not work, I used to work with them, they would have been more strong than today’s political system.”

I continued to work with Rajiv Gandhi. But Rajiv Gandhi was murdered in 1991.

(Based on conversation with RK Dhawan)

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