Hardik Patel’s alleged CD, which was damaged?

_98736887_c781b709-6eb9-4033-9fda-f102bf923b04.jpgThe enthusiasm of assembly elections in Gujarat is at the peak Right now a new debate has started with a video coming in front.

It is being said that Patidar leader Hardik Patel is in this video. The video shows that Hardik is in the room with a stranger girl.

Another Patidar leader Ashwin Patel has claimed that the person shown in the video with the girl is hearty Patel.

However, Hardik Patel has given a tough decision to the video. He said that women are being misused under dirty politics.

Hardik told the media in Gandhinagar, “I am not in the video. BJP is using women under dirty politics.”

Controversy after Hardik Patel’s alleged CD

Who created Hardik Patel as Patidar leader
Sex cd scandal
Professor Ghanshyam Shah, who has studied political science at Jawaharlal Nehru University, does not look forward to seeing such a video before the elections.

Professor Shah said, “The use of sex CDs in the state politics is not new.” Earlier, such a CD has been used by many leaders. ”

In the year 2005, BJP leader Sanjay Joshi was also in the grip of sex CD scandal. However, later, Madhya Pradesh Police had given them free flaw.

Shah says that more than the loss of Hardik Patel, mud is being thrown on the woman’s dignity.

In this regard, the BBC Gujarati talked to many social scientists besides BJP and Congress.

What is the meaning of coming of Hardik’s Congress?
Women in politics
Everyone says that it is wrong to deliberately raise a controversy when appearing with a woman.

Anandaben Patel, head of the Department of Social Sciences at Gujarat University, says such incidents prevent women from coming to politics.

He said that the women who want to advance themselves in public life, their trust breaks with such incidents.

In the Gujarat Congress Women’s Front Chief Sonal Patel said that the video has been humiliated to women.

He said that if that video is hearty then it is a private matter.
Sonal said that Hardik’s opponents are not getting any other case against him, then they are making video using the woman.
Now the filthy politics has begun.Don’t defame me. There will be no difference, but the women of Gujarat are being insulted.

– Hardik Patel (@HardikPatel_) November 13, 2017

Hardik Patel has accused the BJP of this video.

However, Gujarat BJP’s Deputy Chairman Jasuben Korat has dismissed these allegations. He said that such a move of any party is not acceptable.

Korat is a key BJP leader in Saurashtra region. He also questioned the timings of the video being released

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