Gungi doll ‘How did Indira Gandhi become Iron Lady?

_98813040_indira-gandhi-100-years.jpgPrior to Indira Gandhi, I had seen Feroz Gandhi closely. Because my uncle Syed Wasi Naqvi’s Rae Bareli assembly seat was only in the constituency of Feroz. Uncle’s house was the election headquarters.

In the middle of the feudal Awadh, there was great respect for the Nehru family, so he did not make unreasonable comment.

But in Dabhi Zuban, the origin of turquoise was heard among the people, mostly during Krishna’s campaign where he stayed in a cold room without window. I remember that once Indira Gandhi was still there.

How can the daughter of the country’s largest Brahmin family marry a ‘Bania’? ‘Bundi’ is a straight bania name, it ends its talk.

When Indira Gandhi gave India Shock Treatment

‘When people used to say that Indira would leave the country’
Feroz Jahangir “Gold”
Feroz’s real name was Feroz Jahangir, “Kundi”, which was much more Parsi than Tasty Dancer dish.

With the help of Indira Gandhi, it was made Gandhi by making slight changes in the house and the Congress network promoted it as a Nehru-Gandhi family. With this, the family started representing Jawaharlal Nehru and Mahatma Gandhi’s unmatched mail.

After the sudden demise of Prime Minister Lal Bahadur Shastri in Tashkent in 1966, Indira Gandhi became the Prime Minister by defeating the party’s Conservative party candidate Morarji Desai.

The first general election he led to the party was a setback: Congress lost elections in eight states. The number of force decreased in the Parliament, from which the doctor Ram Manohar Lohia got an opportunity to take a look at them.

When Indira continued to speak even when the nose breaks

When Castro took Indira from the chest
Ram Manohar Lohia
“Gungi Doll”
Socialist leader Ram Manohar Lohia called Indira several times in the Parliament as “Gungi Doll”.

Former Indian Civil Service (ICS) officer and Forward Block leader HV Kamath had given special exemption to Raja Dinesh Singh as Deputy Minister from Junior MP and then in the form of Minister of State.

“Clearly, this promotion was for his hidden talent, which was known only to the Prime Minister.”

There was also a screaming whisper on them. In fact, there was anger at the presence of athletic monk, Dhirendra Brahmachari in the central hall of the Prime Minister’s house.

But this arrangement in which Brahmin and feudalism were so strong that it had the capacity to gossip on it.

What was the secret of Indira’s longevity?

‘I used to sit in every heart. He was a heartwarming figure ‘
Dismissal of EMS government
The fact that she was Nehru’s daughter, was the biggest reason behind becoming Congress President in 1959. Surely, in the right wing of the party, some opposition came against them. In order to pacify this group, he chose Kerala’s power two and a half years ago, overthrowing the first communist government, and reversing President’s rule there, it was ironic that Indira himself was elected the party’s president the same year.

He dismissed the government of the famous Communist leader and former Chief Minister EMS Namboodiripad. Approaching President’s rule was a violation of law and order.

Inclined towards right-wing ideology, in 1969, Indira balanced the privatization of Congress, nationalization of banks and privy purses of Raja Maharajas.

However, London-based Times journalist Peter Hedgelhurst calls them “leaning towards selfishness.”

In pictures: The special moment of Indira Gandhi’s life

If I was Indira Gandhi then I would have been in Congress.
Atal Bihari Vajpayee
When Vajpayee called Indira “Durga”
Indira’s Chief Secretary PN Hashkar was undoubtedly a leftist, but his cabinet minister and adviser Mohan Kumaramangalam, who insisted on staying with the Communist Party of India.

The Communist Party of India general secretary Shripad Dange used to call it a policy of unity and struggle, that is, struggle against united Congress-supported policies and its anti-people policies.

The tilt towards the left was at its peak when Indira Gandhi intervened in the formation of Bangladesh with the help of the Soviet Union. His fame was at its peak. Even Atal Bihari Vajpayee even called him “Durga”.

This pleasant laughter with the communists made cries in India and the world system, especially at the time when it was not easy for the West to improve relations with other countries.

In the face of this dangerous change, the socialist, American Congress, or the Congress in the Congress or the Sangh Parivar (the BJP of the BJP), all opposed to the undefined corruption of Indira, were deeply rooted in the Gandhian ideology under the pre-socialist leader Jai Prakash Narayan, It was known as the Bihar movement.

‘Indira had already had the suspicion of killing Sheikh Mujib’

Indira and Firoz’s relationships were engulfed
Jai Prakash Narayan
Pressure of JP movement
Indira Gandhi came under tremendous pressure because of the JP movement. During the agitation, JP had called me to stay at the house located at the well well. Because of this, Indira Gandhi invited me through an old friend of the Nehru family, Muhammad Yunus, who knew me too.

His interrogation was mostly on political issues, Does Jayaprakash Nandan Misra rely on? Is Dinesh Singh really close to JP? Both of these leaders tried to send messages between JP and Indira Gandhi.

As Nehru represented the splendor of India among the world’s nations, Indira Gandhi showed strength. But with the rise of the JP movement, he was also apparently upset.

‘He was the leader who was named Indira Gandhi’

‘Bansi Lal’ wanted to make Indira ‘President for Life’
The first interview after the Emergency
When the Allahabad High Court dismissed his membership because of a small election deficiency, he became uncomfortable.

It was his younger son who declared Emergency on June 25, 1975. He also removed Indira Gandhi’s Chief Officer PN Haksar and Media Incharge Sharda Prasad.

Younus Bhai (Mohammed Yunus) was also close to Sanjay with Indira and he made himself a special representative. Due to the scope of his work, he got an opportunity to take an interest in the media.

They gave me a job that gave me an opportunity to see Mrs Gandhi’s side which I do not think anyone else has seen. I met him in connection with the Sunday Times London interview I was his stringer in India.

It was very sensational because it was his first interview since declaring Indira Gandhi’s Emergency.

Mrs Gandhi remained silent They did not answer any of my questions. He kept looking at the face with no gesture on the wall, and kept on doing something without looking at a paper.

Indira’s life was saved for saving 80 bottles of blood

When Bhupesh had said … ‘then the life of Indira Gandhi’s son does not go away’
Iron Lady
But this was not the only define image of Mrs. Gandhi. There are others like Bangladesh war time, who gave them status as Iron Lady. But his secular image was not neat, especially when he came in communal colors in the elections of 1982.

The background of the communal voice received in the election campaign of Congress in Jammu is the Khalistan movement in Punjab. However, this trend continued even after the assassination of Indira Gandhi in 1984. Rajiv Gandhi had an unprecedented victory over 404 out of 514 seats in Parliament due to the wave of sympathy. This is what we think, as we think. But according to senior party leaders, this was a minor integration against minority communalism.

In this sentence there can be Sikhs in the circle of questions but the Hindu unity was adopted by the party as a form of which it was used equally against all the minorities.

‘Who said that Indira was the Iron Lady, the real is Sushma’

Janata Jhami in front of which Indira Gandhi did not even
Rahul Gandhi
Muslim appeasement versus Hindu solidarity
And then few people were surprised when in 1989, Rajiv Gandhi started his election campaign with Ayodhya with the promise of Ram State. In violation of the Allahabad High Court’s prohibition, he agreed to the temple of Ram temple at exactly the same place where the Vishwa Hindu Parishad demanded it.

This trends are still happening today. Congress vice-president Rahul Gandhi has started the Gujarat elections and visited the temple. Generally, going to the temples of leaders in a Hindu country is generally not unnatural.

But when the election season arrives, the temple goes to ensure that the BJP does not blame the Congress as a Muslim appeasement party.

In the 60 years of Congress rule, how Muslims have been appeased, it became clear in the 2005 Sachar Committee report. Then why fear the blame for this appeasement?

Now in the liberal circles, this song is common, there is no difference between the Congress and the BJP in reality. Indira Gandhi can not escape the responsibility of the loud sound of this song

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