Gujarat: The Trio can create difficulties for the BJP

_98368355_hardik.jpgComing close to the Gujarat assembly elections, political giants have risen sharply. All the political parties are pushing the heel in Gujarat.

The BJP has also given its full force in Gujarat. The party does not want to leave any reason which is the result of some bad consequences.

It is being said that the three young politicians who came out in the last two years, who are influenced by OBC and the Dalit communities, can create difficulties for the BJP.

Patidar leader Hardik Patel, Dalit leader Jignesh Mewani and OBC leader, Abhayesh Thakur, have become an important part of Gujarat politics.

Is Modi nervous about Gujarat elections?

‘Gujarat’s biggest road blockade’
Political analyst RK Mishra says that these leaders born in anger in youth can be a challenge for BJP and its impact is also visible on BJP.

Is Modi nervous about Gujarat elections?

Hearty patel
After the demand for Patel reservation in 2015, Hardik Patel’s name emerged rapidly. Despite the efforts of the Gujarat government to suppress this movement, this demand has not yet been calmed down.

Hardik Patel, the Convenor of Patidar Anamat movement committee, has said that he is not involved in any party.

Hardik Patel publicly blamed the BJP for not giving reservation. Amit Shah had to oppose Patidar Youth during the Gujarat Gaurav Yatra.
At the same time, Hardik Patel has also revealed the inclination towards the Congress. While congress vice-president Rahul Gandhi went to Gujarat, Hardik welcomed him by tweeting. In such a situation, worrying about the increase in BJP’s concerns is imperative.

Patidars, even though hold a vote of 12 percent, but they have the power to influence those conditions due to their economic strength.

After initially opposing this movement, BJP is now making every effort to get the votes of the Patidars. The case has been withdrawn against the Patidar leaders involved in the movement and the committee has been formed to investigate the atrocities committed against members of the movement.

However, despite this, Hardik Patel’s attitude does not seem to soften towards BJP.

Political analyst RK Mishra says in this regard that there is no question of Hardik Patel going with BJP. He has given signs of his inclination by welcoming Rahul Gandhi.

Jignesh mewani

Jignesh Mevani, convener of the National Dalit Rights Forum, considers the Gujarat government responsible for the attacks on Dalits in the state. It is natural to have an impact on the image of the BJP after the news of constant attack on Dalits.

Jigneesh is a lawyer and a social worker by profession as a young Dalit leader in Gujarat. Jignesh led the movement against the beating of the Dalits in the name of Goraksha in Una.

In the ‘Independence Cooch Movement’, Jignesh administered the oath of not taking up 20,000 Dalits and killing them. The Dalit Muslim unity was also seen in this movement.
Jignesh Mawani says, “There is no effort to stop attacks on Dalits and improve their condition in the state. BJP has an agenda of Hindutva and can not be benefited by this government. ”

In Gujarat this lotus will be difficult to blossom?

MrNavi clearly states, “This time BJP should be defeated at every price.” However, she is not clearly speaking anything about her political future.

The vote percentage of Dalits in the state is about seven percent. The total population of the state is approximately 638.8 million, in which the Dalits are close to 35 lakh 92 thousand.

In Gujarat, even if the Dalits are not represented too much, each vote is very valuable in the elections. In this case, Jignesh Mewani can get trouble for BJP.

Alappesh thakur

Raised as an OBC leader, Ameesh Thakur has been opposing giving reservation to the Patidars. At the same time, he has been advocating for alcoholism due to the loss of domestic liquor.

OBC, SC and ST Ekta Manch convener, Ameesh Thakur, have said that the condition of Gujarat is going down due to different forums. He says development is just pretense. Millions of people in Gujarat do not have employment.

OBC’s vote is 40 percent higher than Patidar and SC and ST. In such a way, this class becomes more important for the BJP.

However, due to BJP and his opinion on the issue of reservations for the Patidars, there is a possibility that Ameepesh Thakur’s tilt could go towards BJP.

RK Mishra says that the attitude of Ampeesh Thakur is not clear. But, if he goes to BJP, his support base may crack.

Ghanshyam Shah says that it is difficult to lean towards Thackeray’s BJP. Because BJP has not given the benefits to the patriarchs to OBCs.

Rahul Gandhi will be able to fight Modi in Gujarat?

The effect of big dreams show

RK Mishra points out that the story of the emergence of these three leaders begins with privatization. When PM Narendra Modi was the Chief Minister of Gujarat, he talked about Vibrant Gujarat.

There was a lot of privatization at the time. Many private educational institutions have come.

Very large summits started to happen, in which large scale investment and employment opportunities were announced. People were shown dreams of happy future.

People taught their children by giving expensive fees at the same private institute. But, when their children came to the market, they did not get a job. Even if I got a job then 5-6 thousand rupees

Gujarat election: PM Modi’s question of honor
RK Mishra explains, “Due to the difference between the government’s words and doing, the frustration and anger in the youth has been filled. Patidar is a thriving class. When their children have landed on the road then what will happen to others?

Ghanshyam Das says, “BJP will be hard to get from OBC. Jignesh, who emerged as a Dalit leader, is not clear where he will go. He has not shown any inclination towards the Congress too. ”

RK Mishra says that BJP has started to face the challenges of challenges on BJP, when BJP leaders are constantly touring Gujarat.

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