Gujarat elections: who finally voted for Patel?


In all exit polls, which gave an indication of the consequences of the Gujarat assembly elections, the BJP was shown going on to win or win big.

Opening EVM on Monday evening, it was an indication that the path to victory for the BJP is not very easy.

The BJP, which is ruling Gujarat for 22 years, is looking forward to the Congress, but the Congress, led by Rahul Gandhi, is looking forward to victory in this defeat.

Rahul and Trinity
Overall lead in seats

For the first time, he contested the entire election on the basis of Rahul Gandhi and his new comrades (Hardik Patel, Jignesh Mewani and Alappesh Thakor) and kept his regional leaders away.

It was speculated that the Patel community, which is extremely worried about the issue of reservation on the issue of reservation, will turn the game back. Hardik was constantly targeting the BJP and was gathering a lot in every rally.

Picture of Gujarat and Himachal Elections so far

What did the Pakistani say on the results of Gujarat?

It is a must to stand that if the farmers, businessmen, Patel community were also angry with the BJP, how did the BJP still succeed in overcoming the Congress?

Cartoons: Winners of Sea Plane

Patel’s vote is divided?

Who voted after the Patel? Did Hardik, Patel’s leaders succeed in taking Congress’s account? Did Patel’s votes get divided? The exact answer to these questions will be known after clearing all the data, but what are the initial trends saying?

Senior journalist and political analyst Shivam Vij, in conversation with BBC Hindi, clarified that when he was roaming in Gujarat, it was clear that the BJP would be able to save the government, but his seats would be less. And this is what happened.

He said, “Actually, many sections of Gujarat had to give this message to the BJP that they should be taken care of. The Congress was not winning, and in the public, he did not even send the message that he is capable of making changes. He did not put any face in front of the Chief Minister as well. And it was also a loss. ”

Some advantages of Congress?

There was so much rush in Hardik Patel’s rallies, why did not they change in the vote? In response, he said, “BJP’s vote has fallen on Patel-dominated seats and the Congress has increased slightly.”

“In Saurashtra and Kutch, you will see that Patel’s vote has benefited the Congress. But in cities like Surat and Ahmedabad, this does not happen. In spite of resentment among the farmers’ issues, GST, notebooks and Patel, the BJP is winning in urban areas. ”

He said, “When I was walking in Gujarat, 8 out of 10 Patel was talking about BJP’s victory. And Patel votes did not go to the Congress in urban areas. It was the popularity of Hardik but the Congress did not. ”

Where did the Dalit go?

“The Dalits were already with the Congress, in such a situation there was no special change on that front. And talk about other leaders like Jignesh Mawni, his popularity outside his area was not much. ”

The BJP can get relief from the fact that it looks like saving the government but it is also good news to increase its vote share.

Vij said, “But these results are also a concern for him because important messages for Narendra Modi and Amit Shah are hidden in it. He had set a target of more than 150 seats. According to the Lok Sabha elections held in 2014, the BJP would have won 162 seats. ”

Where is the charisma three years ago?

“It is clear that the BJP has not been able to repeat the 2014 performance in Gujarat. Actually Gujarat cities have saved the BJP as always. In areas like Saurashtra, the farmers were angry, there are no jobs and the earnings from farming are declining, the BJP has got a challenge.

But before the second round of polling, Modi turned the trend of election campaign which helped the BJP.

On the other hand, what are the implications of Hardik Patel’s emergence as Patel’s biggest leader in these elections?

What did hearty say?
Image copywrite images
He said, “Whatever was ours was not for us but for the public. Opposition parties should be united against EVM hacks. If an ATM can be hacked, then EVM can not be hacked. ”

Hardik said, “The fight will continue on the issue of unemployment. We are ready to go to jail. Inside Gujarat, EVM has been won by tampering. ”

“Voting was against BJP in Patidar areas. Those who say that Hardik’s movement did not come, tell me that this is not my only fight

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