Gujarat CM Vijay Rupani said these 7 questions?

_98680017__98595066_gettyimages-861974780.jpgPolitical giants have risen to the assembly elections in Gujarat beginning on December 9, 2017.

From Prime Minister Modi to Congress vice-president Rahul Gandhi, he has organized his rallies at the Tamaat places in Gujarat.

Gujarat Chief Minister Vijay Rupani has given his answer on the seven main questions related to the election that the BBC talks with.

What is the Congress looking at the power of power in Gujarat?

Gujarat election: PM Modi’s question of honor
Question 1. You are Gujarat CM but center of power is in Delhi.

Answer: There is a BJP government in Gujarat and center, in such a case, if the central government is guiding us then what is wrong in it.

Question 2. What would you like to say about the development in Gujarat on ‘social development’ on social media?

Answer: Congress’s paid social media army This kind of social trend is running against us. People make fun of the ghats on the streets but the caves are because we made roads. Congress did not make roads, no one would make fun of them.

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Question 3. Rahul Gandhi has given figures with unemployment, what do you have to say to them?

Answer: Rahul Gandhi has given wrong statistics which are not authentic. Gujarat has been number one in the last 14 years in terms of jobs. Over the last year, 84% jobs were created and 72 thousand people were given jobs.

Question 4. Why is the BJP opposing from Patidar community?

Answer: Patidar community is not against BJP. All four demands of the Patidars have been accepted. We can not make more than 50 percent reservation.

Why are the newborn in the hospital of Gujarat?

Before the elections, the Gujarat government has announced a split
Question 5. If Patidar is with BJP, why are so many people in Hardik Patel’s rally?

Answer: These are not patials. These are Congress rallies. There are also Congress representatives on the forums. Along with this, if someone is rallying in rallies, it does not mean that they can win the elections.

Question 6. You have come out of student politics How does this look like young politicians like Hardik, Jignesh and Alpesh?

Answer: I am not happy at all. We have grown up while doing ethical politics and are still doing it. But separating people in the name of caste is not good politics. These are the puppets of Congress. These people are weakening the country by distributing us in the name of caste. Such a leadership deceives people. The Congress is in the illusion that this trio will win her election.
Question 7. Why do not you communicate with Dalits?

Answer: Do Jigans really represent Dalits? Una case has passed a year and a half. How many Dalits came and protested against this issue? BJP has won the election in the Samadhiyala of Una after this incident.

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