Blog: Realizing the eyes of the three religions of Jerusalem


I am in Israel these days. I have come here for the first time. Ever since I have been listening to Jerusalem, I have come to listen and have read.

When you read well about some place and go there for the first time, a lot goes very well to know.

I thought that something similar would happen to Jerusalem. But this city is nothing else. I was not ready for what I have seen here so far. No matter how much you read about this historic city.

Like Rome, the walls of this old city, their bricks and their abuses are witness to the fact that the city has been inhabited many times and sometimes it is ruined.

‘Jerusalem is the capital of Israel for 3000 years’
Old Town of Jerusalem
The road from which Jesus passed
Here people’s blood is flowing in every century. Jesus Christ was not spared here. I passed through one of the narrow streets of Via Dales Rosa. This is the same road from where Jesus was taken to the crucifix.

Like ancient Delhi ancient Jerusalem was inhabited within the high walls and there were many doors to enter the city. There are eight doors here, all of which are still present today.

Despite these high walls and strong doors, the Christian Crusaders entered the Crusades in Europe in 1099 and entered the city in three days after killing 40,000 Muslim and Jewish citizens of the city.

What will Iran do with the friendship of Saudi and Israel?
Western Wall Plaza in the old city of Jerusalem where thousands of tourists visit every day
Pilgrims from all over the world
We also went to the place where Sultan Salahuddin Ayubi re-captured the Muslims of the city. We also see the house which was half Israel in the 1967 Arab-Israeli war and half in Jordan.

Jerusalem is the holy city of three religions of the world i.e. Jewish, Muslim and Christianity. Here are the sacred places of the three religions, whose pilgrims come from all over the world. We had read this and came here and seen this as well.

Some of the people who wore the Wall of the Western Wall in the most sacred place for Jews were crying. In the ancient cathedral of the Christians, I had never seen the way people were worshiping with reverence.

In Mosque Acca, not only devotees but also tourists from all over the world in the travelers.

Religion is dominated by this. There is a buzz of people in religious places, many of which are victims of passion. People here say that there is always passion for religion in the city.

How does greenery bring Israel into the sand?
Tight security
There are continuous shops on both sides in the inner streets. Armed armed security personnel are deployed everywhere.

If there is a separate and ancient world inside the wall then it is completely outside Jerusalem, which is modern, fully Jewish population. Yes, Israeli Arabs are more populated in Eastern Jerusalem.

Both communities are Israeli citizens, but the differences between them are very high. There is a lack of exchange, due to which people fail to understand each other.

Why Muslims in the Eyes of Muslim Countries Proud
People gathered to celebrate Christmas outside the church of Nativity in Jerusalem
Question on claim
The population of Israel is 80 million. Delhi has a little less population than two times, but it has a densely populated population. Palestinians live in West Bank and Gaza, which are not connected to each other.

Its location is like East and West Pakistan before 1971. This is an example of many divided families living in these two areas far away from each other. The people of West Bank and Gaza can not meet with each other. And people from both places can not go to each other’s territory without Permit.

According to the United Nations, Israel’s occupation is illegal on Eastern Jerusalem, but according to the Israeli government it is an integral part of it. He considers Jerusalem to be the capital of Israel forever.

Jerusalem Capital of Israel: Donald Trump

Jerusalem will not accept Israel’s capital: EU
Palestinians are throwing stones over Israel troops
Recently, US President Donald Trump has recognized Israel’s claim, which is why there is a lot of degradation in the Arab community here. The United Nations wants both of us to settle with each other so that there is peace in the region.

In order to end the ongoing feud between Israeli Arabs and Palestinian Arabs and to end the ongoing conflict between the United Nations, the United Nations has laid out two State Formulas in front of them. But nothing has resulted so far

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