Blog: Modi on issues in Gujarat elections

_99252299_a0b322d3-da9f-41ae-8bce-0632700f6ea0.jpgGujarat’s results are clearly showing ‘Narendra Bahubali’ winning the election. This election did not contest the BJP, the country’s Prime Minister Narendra Modi fought, stopped the Parliament of the country and fought live peacefully.

Modi’s political style of working out in Gujarat did not leave any stone unturned, issues will never again be talked about, ‘Jai Jeeta Wahi Sikandar’.

BJP had won 115 seats in the elections held in Gujarat in 2012, now that in Gujarat, BJP does not have a single leader for the post of chief minister, winning nearly 100 seats will not be called bad performance, especially in Gujarat. But then, while this is the sixth winner of this party.

The loss of living continuously in the government, i.e. Anti incumbency itself is a big factor, but in Gujarat, Modi succeeded in cutting it, he fought like a Chief Minister wins the election, he realizes that his inclusion in the state is still Not less has happened.

Big issues that got air
The people heard this story and believed that their defeat is the defeat of Gujarat, Gujaratis and Hindus, whereas the victory of Congress will be the victory of Pakistanis and those who hate Gujarat.

What did the Pakistani say on the results of Gujarat?
It was such a narrative which got enormous on four or five major issues, especially in the last few days when the junkies like ‘lowly man’, ‘Pakistani intrigue’ and ‘chief minister Ahmed Mian Patel’ resonate.

There were two social movements in which the ability to ‘cut Hindutva’ was being seen by analysts, the first Patidar movement and the other by OBC Golcandi, led by the minority Thakore. In spite of being involved in these two movements, and in the Congress of Alpesh Thackeray’s Congress, Modi took the BJP aside.

The main electoral strength of these two was that Patel and the BJP were angry with the BJP, but after the upset of their anger, Modi’s Emotional election campaign was dominated, Rahul Gandhi’s promise to give reservation to Patel also did not work.

History of Gujarat’s 57 Years of Politics

Notebank and GST were two such issues from which the Congress had a lot of hope, they thought that the ‘Gabbar Singh Tax’ slogan would be working, in the big city of Surat in Gujarat where there are 16 seats in the assembly, there is a large scale against GST There were also demonstrations, but it seems that in the business city like Surat, people’s anger has been prevented from turning Modi into Congressional vote.
Vanish from election campaign
The 2014 Lok Sabha election, the Gujarat model, which was fighting development in the name of development, disappeared entirely by the Modi campaign, instead Pakistan started hearing it, Congress raised the question of development but it did not seem to have affected .

Another big issue on which Rahul Gandhi paid special attention was to give the farmers the right price for cotton and peanuts. Rahul Gandhi continued to raise the issue of farmers’ interest in rural rallies and raised them with a loud voice. Perhaps it was the impact of the Congress that in the rural areas, the performance of the BJP has been better than the BJP but it is inadequate for the urbanized state like Gujarat.

What is the truth of Modi’s ‘Gujarat model’?

Modi speaks wrongly or erroneously in Gujarat

In the case of Darshan in the temple, Rahul Gandhi gave a tough fight to Modi, but it also proved that the real claim on Hindutva was of Modi only.
Rahul Gandhi in Gujarat election and temple!

Overall, Congress has achieved 20 more seats against 2012, which will boost its courage, but as a party, its own base has hardly increased; these three young leaders – Hardik Patel, Ameesh Thakore and Jignesh Mewani – Is the earning of

It is only a matter of consolation for the Congress that its new president, Rahul Gandhi has won the right to be the leader of the Opposition in the house of Rahul Gandhi, now it may not be possible to hear that the Leader of Opposition in the elections of 2019, Arvind Kejriwal Or Mamta Banerjee will do it.
This election has shown that in the assembly elections of Rajasthan, Madhya Pradesh, Chhattisgarh and Karnataka next year, the same propaganda will be seen in Gujarat, the issues will arise and Modi will be dominated because the BJP has to save power in the remaining states except Karnataka. .

Rahul Gandhi will have to think about how he will be able to cut the politics of polarization.

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