Blog: Modi did not change, Rahul changed and changed all this

_99209278_gettyimages-492450263.jpgThe political style of leaving no stone unturned has made the elections to Universities and Municipal Corporations important, it is then a matter of their home state Gujarat.

The 2014 slogan of the Lok Sabha election was ‘Abe Bar, Modi Sarkar’ and not the BJP government, he also contested Modi by placing his entire political career on the stake. There was no change in Modi’s aggressive way of campaigning in that election, but new developments such as se-plane have been added to it.

If you recall the Bihar assembly elections in 2015, Modi had fought such as he wanted himself to become the Chief Minister of Bihar, by making hundreds of rallies, he used to fight with “DNA”, “Cow” and “Diwali in Pakistan” with full aggression. Were tossed.

Modi’s sternness is not his nervousness

Once in Gujarat elections, it was established firmly that BJP is not anywhere, Modi is Modi. The angry people who were angry with the ban on gossip and GST were teased with BJP, but they did not like to break the ties with their eldest leader after Mahatma Gandhi and Patel. Modi saw his defeat as a defeat of Gujarat, as a defeat of Gujaratis.

In the Gujarat elections, he habitually sacrificed his entire strength, some people mistaken for Modi’s warlike attitude to be seen as a sign of panic, but if you look carefully, you will find that Modi is a warrior fighting like a Roman gladiator. Do not worry about it, what if you lose? They fight to win and are ready to do anything for them.

The winter session of Parliament was deferred and full-time duty of Teesek ministers was imposed. Modi himself gave such a speech and so loudly that his throat sat, but nothing new in this.

Rahul Gandhi’s style is new this time

In March this year, in the UP assembly elections held in collaboration with Akhilesh Yadav of Samajwadi Party, the symptoms of Rahul Gandhi’s political prominence were showing. Whether or not the Congress succeeds in the Gujarat elections, but as senior journalist Vinod Sharma has written, “Rahul Gandhi has now become a leader who has been listening to his talk”.

Until a few months ago, no one was prepared to believe that Rahul can stand against Modi and that too in Gujarat? Rahul is now in the mood, this is the most important thing in the Gujarat elections. Rahul has managed to bring the Gujarat model and development claims into suspicion.

Regardless of the outcome of Gujarat, Rahul Gandhi, after entering the PM’s house and challenging him, Rahul Gandhi has acquired the place of the opposition warrior. Those days were not there when Nitish Kumar or Kejriwal was expected that they would take charge of the unified opposition because Rahul would not be able to. Rahul has changed this assumption.

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Berham Modi and Soft Rahul

Rahul has presented a calm, balanced and gentle image against Modi’s furious, tone-filled speeches, he has managed to create a contrast by not trying to match Modi in his style.

In the election campaign of BJP, Indira Gandhi, Jawaharlal Nehru and Sonia Gandhi were scurried heavily, ‘Was Somnath Temple built by his maternal grandfather?’ From taking a handkerchief to Indira Gandhi’s nose in Morbi, Modi showed complete ruthlessness in attacking, but in lieu of counter-attack, Rahul talked of farmers, youth and problems instead.

The matter of registering names in the register of heirs of Somnath temple was the only case when Rahul Gandhi’s team reacted and their photos were released. This was the only occasion when Narendra Modi was able to drag Narendra Modi into the field of Hindutva.

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Heartfelt factor
One thing was clear in this election that under the leadership of Modi the BJP has managed to create an atmosphere that no name of the Muslims is prepared to take up the name. Rahul Gandhi did not mention the Muslims of Gujarat in any speech, nor did they go to the areas where Muslims who were pushed to the margins sit.

Rahul Gandhi may have emerged in Gujarat elections but Modi did not sleep, but Hardik Patel did it. Hardik Patel Patel, as a leader of the Anmata movement, went to prison after being seditious, had become a hero, but he would have made such impact on the election, nobody thought it.

A young man whose age is not so much that he can contest elections himself, the mobilization of more people than Modi in his public meetings and many times during his election meetings is another new thing seen in this election.

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Ethnic identity
Women After Voting in Limbdi, Gujarat
Another important thing related to this – it seemed that Modi’s politics of Hindutva took away the land of politics of ethnic identity.

After the UP elections, the theory was assumed that Modi has opened up the Hindutva on the caste, but in the Gujarat elections, the trio of Ameesh Thakore, Jignesh Mewani and Hardik Patel got into the confrontation and came down in such a way that the BJP started scolding That ‘politics of racism is happening’

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Politicians of today have not believed since 1989, that the Kandal Kati Mandal can do the same.

There has been a change from Gujarat in the time of the continuous strengthening of the Kendal, that is, the politics of social justice is still alive.

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