Benjamin Netanyahu is surrounded by his own country in Israel

_99619153_1566ead3-b075-4b8a-b590-6732cdf28ad2.jpgIsraeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is on a six-day tour of India Netanyahu’s visit to India has happened when he has faced embarrassment due to his son.

On Monday, an audio tape of Netanyahu’s 26-year-old son Jair Netanyahu was made public.

In the audio, 26-year-old Yaar Netanyahu is demanding money from the gas tycoon Kobie Mamon’s son Ori to spend on a prostitute. In this transcript of 2015, Jair is saying, “Brow, my father has made a $ 20 billion deal for you and can not you lend me 400 shakes?”

After the audio tapes are public, Israel’s opposition leaders are demanding resignation of Prime Minister Netanyahu. At all, Netanyahu had to come out to clean up.

On behalf of the Prime Minister’s Office it has been said that they have no relation with Kobe Mimon and they have no information about the relations of their sons.

Israeli PM Netanyahu’s son apologizes on his audio tape

How much do you know Modi’s ‘new friend’ Netanyahu?

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PM clears the son’s tape
It has been said in the statement issued by the Prime Minister’s Office that “Jaire has no information about the gas deal, and if he has made any comment about it, then it is done in a joke.”

The New York Times wrote in an article that on the evening the Netanyahu’s son’s stupidity became public, that night Israeli air force attacked Syrian army bases.

The New York Times has written that the prime minister’s involvement in this kind of attack is straightforward. The New York Times said that the attack was to divert attention from Netanyahu’s son’s controversial tape being public.

Prime Minister Netanyahu has already been accused of corruption.

The New York Times cites two scholars of Israel, writing that Israel’s prime minister is one of the busiest prime ministers of the world. Despite such an obstacle, the Israeli PM is on a six-day tour of India.

How much do you know Modi’s ‘new friend’ Netanyahu?
Many charges of corruption on Benjamin
Demand for Netanyahu’s resignation in Israel is increasing rapidly. Netanyahu has given it an illogical agreement. He said that the demand for resignation is not due to any irregularity, but people have problems with their policies.

According to the report of Israeli media, Netanyahu has also been charged with taking illegal gifts. Along with that, he is also suspicious in the matter of dealing with positive news coverage from a newspaper.

Netanyahu’s closest allies are also questionable in the case of corruption in warship purchase from Germany.

Netanyahu’s opponents say that he can be disqualified from the post of PM for two reasons. Israeli media say that the person who is suspected of any crime should not be commanded by Israel.

According to the Israeli media, the country needs a full-time prime minister, a PM should not be in the process of interrogating his half-time investigators or working with the defendants’ lawyers on the strategy.
No person can be treated as guilty until the court is held guilty in Israel. No one is required to resign from his post due to the allegation in accordance with the law.

It is not that Benjamin Netanyahu is the first Prime Minister, who is accused of corruption. Against the earlier Prime Ministers, the investigation has been done in the case of corruption.

Former Prime Minister Ehud Olmert had to resign in corruption and he was jailed. Ariel Sharon, the former PM of Ariel, died during the investigation. Now to see if Netanyahu also has to resign? Of course, Netanyahu will be aware of the action taken on his predecessors.
Charges have been imposed on wife

In 1997 the police had recommended the involvement of Netanyahu in the investigation of the purchase of votes. However Netanyahu was never investigated.

Talmiz Ahmad, the Indian ambassador to the Middle East, says, “It is obvious that Netanyahu is surrounded by his own country, but it will not make any difference to his visit to India.”

But if Netanyahu’s name is included in the investigation of corruption then the case will go to court. In 1993, the Israeli Supreme Court made it mandatory for the Prime Minister that if a minister was examined in his cabinet, he would have to be removed from the Cabinet. Some people say that this should be the same with the prime minister.

Politically, Benjamin Netanyahu calls himself the right wing. When the Likud party was defeated in the 1992 general elections, he was made the chairman of the party.

The son of Benjamin Netanyahu is still in dispute, but his wife Sara Netanyahu is already in dispute. Sara Netanyahu is accused of misuse of 3,59,000 shakesel from the public exchequer. The Ministry of Justice of Israel had said this to all about Netanyahu. This case is only from September last year. Although it was also bnamin Netanyahu, he gave a nonsense.
Different allegations of corruption on Netanyahu

November 2016: Investigations have begun on the turmoil in new warships purchased from Germany. Netanyahu in this deal After the claims of the involvement of the lawyer, the investigation started.
Jun 2016: A French broker claimed that he paid millions of euros for Netanyahu in the election campaign of 2009, so that Netanyahu can win elections. Netanyahu dismissed this charge. The attorney general of Israel ordered it to be investigated.
July 2015: Netanyahu and his wife Sara are accused of conducting private work from a government contractor. However this charge was later withdrawn.
May 2013: Accused of wasting a public money for private bedroom in a single flight for $ 1 million 27 thousand dollars for personal hobbies.
In Netanyahu’s first tenure, he was accused of taking a gift illegally.

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