BBC SPECIAL: Moses to meet Modi is coming to India from Israel

_99582573_img_5989.jpgRemember the 2008 extremist attack in Mumbai? In this attack, a two-year-old Jewish child was Moses Yatim. The gunmen had killed his parents in front of his eyes.

That two-year-old crying child who appeared in the horror of that heart, Moses Holtzburg, has now become a full-grown child of 11 years.

I went to meet him in his house in Apolla, the city of Israel. He went to his school. Anyway, his grandfather did not want him to come in front of the media people because he had been taking years out of the shock.

When Moses said, ‘Dear Mr. Modi, I love you’

Modi went to Israel, said,

Before the attack, her father Ghabi and mother were working for seven years at Chabad House, a Jewish center in Mumbai. Moses was born in that house. In a way, he is a child of Mumbai.

Role of nanny

Jewish boy who came from Israel to meet Modi
The attackers gave the life of Baby Moses. At that time, Naini had played a key role in saving her.

After that attack, he is returning to the same house for the first time on Monday. He will be part of the delegation that comes with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. She will also accompany her as Sandra and grandparents.

Moses is the child of a religious Jewish family and is being raised in the same environment. Her father was a Rabai, a priest. Her maternal grandfather is also a Rabai.

Nana Rebecca Rosenberg took me to Moses’s room, where the picture of his parents was painted on the wall above his bed. They said, “Moses Boy watches this photo before sleeping on the night and says he sleeps as a good night.

Of course he feels a lot about his parents’ lack. He was briefly told about his death. Now he knows all the details.

Moses’s life revolves around three people. Nana-Nani and Nanny Sandra Samuel Sandra is living in Goa, but now she lives in Jerusalem.

Between father’s corpse
Sandra saved Moses’ life by playing on his own life in the attack. Moses was crying between two dead bodies of his mother and father.

Sandra was hiding in Bessement because the gunmen were still firing inside the building. Upon listening to the child’s crying, Sandra came out of the basement and picked up the child from there and hid in the other corner of the house.

Moses’s maternal grandfather says if Sandra had not seen the courage, then his granddaughter would not be alive today. He says, “Sandra is part of our family.”

The Israel government has allowed Sandra to stay there. Next week Sandra and Moses will be in the same house once again and on Wednesday, Netanyahu will be welcomed there.

Sandra did not talk to us by saying that she was forbidden to talk to the media. But Rosenberg says that the journey of Mumbai to Sandra and Moses will be a passionate journey.

According to Moses’ maternal uncle, Moses is excited about the journey of Mumbai.

Modi had said – I love you
We tried very hard to meet Moses but his grandmother advised that we could not meet him. His maternal uncle took us to Moses’s room.

There were photos of his own when he was two years old. His recent photographs were also. And his father’s childhood pictures were also on the walls. The interesting thing was that in those photographs, his father looked exactly like today’s Moses. But the most important picture was his father’s picture of his parents and he sees them every day.

India’s Prime Minister Narendra Modi had come back to Israel in the middle of the year. Then he met Moses Moses’s maternal grandfather says, “Moses Boy told Indian Prime Minister I Love you.”

After meeting with Moses, the Prime Minister invited her and her family, including Sandra, to come to India.
Today Moses has come out of the tragedy with his parents. Her maternal grandfather says that she is full of joy and self-confidence. But when he was brought to Mumbai from Mumbai, his condition was not well.

Recalling those days, he says, “Nine years ago, when Afuma came back home, she used to cry all day long, she used to say that I want a mother, where is my father, where is my mom?”

He used to stick to Sandra every time. Gradually he started talking with the grandmother and grandmother.

For Rabie Rosenberg, this was something like the needle of time has gone back. First they raised Moses’s father, but then he was a young man. And now they are raising Moses but now they are no longer young. Perhaps that’s why he said in jokingly, “My upbringing has brought me back.”

Sandra now comes once in a week and travels with Moses all day. If there is a delay in coming, then Moses gets excited as per Nana.

She explains, “Moses calls and calls you Sandra where you are, why is it late, do not you? Why do not you come soon?”

Moses’s father and grandfather were both rebai. Why will Moses also be reba?

On this question, Mousse’s maternal grandfather says, “He is still small, when he is 20-22 years old, he may become a rabai like his father and go to the cheating house of Mumbai and serve the people.

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