BBC SPECIAL: How many passes are there in romance, how far are India-Israel

_99585826_img_6076.jpgIsrael has kept the drones around a factory in aerospace industries. Some half are ready and some are completely free.

India’s Armed Forces have been using these drones for years.

It is one of the largest factories in this country, which is about one and a half hours from Jerusalem, making defense goods near Tel Aviv city.

Security near the company is so tight that there can not be any collapse on the ground. Special permission to enter BBC Hindi was given.

Why did not India go with Israel?

Modi went to Israel, said,


How did Modi’s foreign policy change over Israel?
The BBC reached the middle of Israeli drones
We and our goods were thoroughly checked, after which we were sent in.

India’s Army uses a heavy weapon UAV system, which is usually used for spying from the sky.

They are also used for firing missiles. There was also a Heron drone inside the factory.

Youth Rubin, a senior company executive, says, “India is the biggest customer of their company.”

He further says, “India is not our customer but partner. We have 25 years of our relationship.”

‘Jerusalem is the capital of Israel for 3000 years’

‘Modi’s BJP and Israel’s Like-minded’
Zubair Ahmed with a senior executive of the company, Youth Rubin
Netanyahu in India
India has deep connection with Israel on the security grounds. In the past 25 years, a deal worth $ 10 billion has been done so far.

Prime Minister of Israel Benjamin Netanyahu is on a four-day tour of India on Sunday. Their biggest challenge would be to make India stronger in relation to India.

Defense is one area where it has more scope to strengthen.

Secret relationship between India and Israel?

‘India-Israel will not be so close’

Fluctuations in relationships
Recently, there has been a shock to Israel from India, which has lessened enthusiasm in relationships. India gave the first blow to Israel when it voted in favor of the Palestinians in Jerusalem on the United Nations in Jerusalem.

The second blow took place when India suddenly canceled the agreement with Israel for half a billion dollars. This agreement was linked to the defense sector.

Israel has not yet recovered from these shaking. That’s why some people in the local media are questioning why Netanyahu is going to go to India.

Some said that romance between the two countries is not a deep relationship.

‘Benn’ lives in the heart of Israel

When China said, ‘Pakistan is Israel of China’

‘Faded Romance’
According to Schlava Weil, who closely watched the Israel-India cultural relations, ‘Romance has also diminished.’

She says, “Netanyahu will have to bring back the romance that has faded between the two countries.”

Even the mutual trade between the two countries was much less in 2010 than it was today.

This trade is about five billion dollars annually, whereas the capacity is much higher than that.

Anne Bernstein, chairperson of the Israel-India Chamber of Commerce, says that there are lots of businessmen in both countries.

How does greenery bring Israel into the sand?

Modi will balance balance in Israel-Palestine

Business difficulties
According to Anand Bernstein, “Israeli traders are so used to working with Americans, they are fast, the atmosphere in India is different, they have to understand the work environment here.”

She says that it is going to change in 2018. According to them, trade between the two countries will increase very rapidly.

Israel can help India in ‘cutting edge technology’, can cooperate in information technology.

But according to experts, its traders have to understand India’s market. Good value here, but lower prices

Israeli businessmen now understand this.

‘Modi’s BJP and Israel’s Like-minded’

Israeli language professor teaching Hebrew Hebrew

Population of 80 million
After talking to some experts, it seemed that for a population of 80 lakh, more than one billion people with a population of more than India were able to deal with their potential.

The biggest challenge of Prime Minister Netanyahu will be to create a strategic depth in relations with India.

Someone has said here that ‘Israel and India need to pursue their relationship with romance

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