‘Baba’ friendship with Narendra Modi and Morari Bapu


At Patanjali Yogpeeth, I am repeating that thing on the banks of the Ganges. I had said it earlier in Ahmedabad earlier too. I had said that our Chief Minister Narendra Modi is not only running Gujarat but he is doing rituals. ”

Morari Bapu had said this in 2013, saying, “There was a Ram Katha in the Sabarmati Ashram, I was speaking with Manas and adding Mahatma Gandhi, Narendra Bhai had also come in one day and spoke as a source. Then I said to the occasion that I am a Baba, I can leave anything, then this man sat sitting in the chair and said that I am also Baba, so today both Baba is sitting together, who is preparing to become Baba And is it a decision, to the nation. ”

Later, Narendra Modi had made BJP its candidate. A local journalist told an interesting phrase about the manas who were talking about the Mahatma story in Morari Bapu Sabarmati Ashram.

He said, “Morari came on the saying of Bapu narrative – He said that his Modi is not attached to the power. He bowed down on the seat he sat and he throwing pillows said that Modi would throw power away Can. ”

Senior journalist Prakash Shah says, “It is the art of Narendra Modi’s art that he has links with Morari Bapu, Asaram Bapu and Swaminarayan, the most powerful religious organization in Gujarat. If you look indirectly, these three organizations are mutual rivals , But Modi has had a very warm relationship with the three. ”

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Prakash Shah says that friendship with Morari Bapu’s Modi is important in terms of electoral benefits. They say that every appeal of Morari Bapu works.

After the 2002 riots, Morari Bapu took out a peace march. Prakash Shah says that this was nothing other than tokenism. Urvish also admits that Morari Bapu has never criticized Modi.

Gaurang Jani, professor of social science at Gujarat University, says that the relationship between BJP and Modi has always been good with Morari Bapu.

According to him, “Morari Bapu has always worked as a shield for Modi. When the 2002 riots took place, nobody criticized Modi, and from Swaminarayan to Morari Bapu.”

Senior journalist Urvish says that the relationship between Modi and Morari Bapu has never been worse. Urvish mentions a mass movement in Mahuwa. Then BJP MLA Kanubhai Kadasriya was leading the movement against Nirma plant. They have their platform nearby.

Urvish says, “Morari Bapu remained silent for a long time. One day, he called Drona Bhai Patel and Kanubhai, owner of Nirma Plant, that they could settle, but nothing happened.”

Urvish says that where Murari Bapu should have stood with the people, he did not take the risk of annoying the owner of Nirma.

Morari Bapu has also been involved in Shilapujan with the Vishva Hindu Parishad in the Ramjanmabhoomi movement in the 80’s. Anand Patwardhan, who made the documentary ‘Ram’s name’, discussed on Babri demolition two years ago, went to the platform of Morari Bapu.

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He said, “I also saw my film there, it was good that he allowed me, as far as his friendship and relations are concerned, it only reveals the contradictions of his life. But I believe that a person is born communal We do not need to increase the dialogue with such people instead of reducing them. ”

Mourari Bapu often says that they do the work of the bridge. According to the media report, Morari Bapu had tried to reconcile the Ambani brothers, but they did not succeed here.

Although there are many people who consider Morari Bapu as secular and liberal Ramkathavachak. Senior journalist Gautam Thakkar says that Moraray Bapu is a secular saint and his Modi or BJP is due to the inclination towards the ideology of Hinduism.

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He said that Morarhi speaks of goodwill inside Bapu narrative. Talk to Ramayana also. Though Thakkar believes that the appeal of Bapu is beneficial in the elections.

Says Prakash Shah: “Morari Bapu tries to remain neutral, but things look clean, he has a long standing friendship with Modi, whenever he comes in public, he always comes to the party.”

Morari Bapu has also been active in supporting Ram Setu. People believe in Modi’s friendship with Modi as a very smart relationship.

A senior journalist said that there is a saying in Gujarati that ‘who can be killed with jaggery should not be poisoned by poisoning.’ He said that ‘there is a similarity between religion and politics in Gujarat’.

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