Attitude- ‘The warmth of strengthening the campaign of Judeo-Hindu Nation’

_99592439_gettyimages-904692674.jpgIsraeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu arrived in India on Sunday on his first visit.

During his visit several issues will be discussed between Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu and Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi.

Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi, while keeping the protocol away, went to the airport and requested Netanyahu. Both leaders embraced warmth.

Even when Modi went to Israel, there was such a warm-up between the two leaders.

BBC correspondent Sandeep Soni spoke to senior journalist Sayeed Naqvi and asked, who looks at this warmth from India and Israel?

Both India and Israel take advantage of it emotionally. If I openly tell you what is behind this warmth, then it is related to internal politics here. There is not much difference to them there. They can tell that in the world that one who has a Hindu-dominated democracy in the world, how much of ours is in us.

They are Jews, you are Hindu. These aspects are both looking to highlight more.

In this way, there is a campaign for the creation of the Jews and the Hindu Nation on it, thereby strengthening it. It will run or not, I do not know. What is the effort, I am making that statement.
What was the reason that no Prime Minister of India had gone to Israel before Prime Minister Narendra Modi?
After becoming the Prime Minister, Narendra Modi went to some 20-25 countries but did not go to any Muslim country. But gradually the reality came to light, and then began to move. Now Oman will go to Egypt then go to Egypt.

Perhaps their Hindutva ideology has been the reason for this. (Maybe they believe) As Israel is a Jewish country which is surrounded by Muslim countries, we are a victim of Muslim extremism, by strengthening our relationships by making it a Point. This ideology has been running for a long time.

It’s a matter of seventy-decade that our friend was Manohar Sombi. One day we were in Israel and they said that we would have to build relationships with Israel.

Then the alleged Muslim leaders of the Congress Party would say that its Muslim vote will make a difference.

Talked to my Rajiv (Gandhi) I said that Muslims need a job, they need bread. There is no relationship with Israel or Salman Rushdie issue. In the end, when the relationship was open, there was no response.

One of the issues was that we used to cooperate with the foreign policy issues of America, Israel and India. Now the world is shattered. The unipolar world is no longer there. There is no super power in the West Asia anymore.

So our options are open too. For instance, Nitin Gadkari is talking to Iran’s roadways minister. The case of Chabahar is going on. Although relations between Israel and Iran are not good.

There is no harm in our relationships with these good things.

It has no effect on our second bilateral relations and it appears that it is not so.

Five key points of Modi speech in Israel
How have the relations of India and Israel evolved?
When Israel was formed then our attitude was more on Palestinian issues and if you remember those passports that were present in our days, three countries were in it.

It would have been difficult to find out. Not Waleed for Republic of South Africa, Southern Rudasia and Israel

Even there was a campaign against Israel. That was the second time. After that gradually our relationships open.

First of all, these people came to Ahmedabad and Gujarat. All the chief ministers of Congress governments went to the CM. In this the younger brothers are very forward-looking

Trip was engaged in making the desert green with irrigation. It was their start-up scheme. In those days there was cooperative system inside Israel. There was a big socialist system.

But after the collapse of the Soviet Union in 1990, globalization and capitalism got encouraged, many countries, including Israel, India, changed economic policy.

Earlier, there was a trend here, either friendship with them or friendship with them.

But in the era of Rajiv Gandhi, the decision was made to relate to Israel, which PV Narasimha Rao accomplished. After that diplomatic mission of Israel was opened in Delhi and a diplomat also went to India.

Then India came closer to America. It is a consensus among people that perhaps in the times of BJP, the relations of both India and Israel have increased.

Indeed, these relationships are most likely to grow in Manmohan Singh’s time.

Why israel pinch in the Eyes of Muslim Countries

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