Approach: Indira’s ‘forgery’ is a lesson for today’s politics?

_98846227_gettyimages-51951935.jpgIn 1975, Allahabad High Court had prevented Mrs. Indira Gandhi from contesting elections for six years under a petition.

The court against Indira Gandhi had declared the decision in the wrong way to win elections. Mrs. Gandhi was given 14 days time to appeal to the Supreme Court.

Instead of resigning from the post, Indira Gandhi declared an emergency and took the reins of power directly into her own hands.

Opposition members were taken into custody from the Parliament without any court proceedings. More than a million people were put in jail.

Indira Gandhi had made the law itself.

Indira’s return to prime minister was the ride on elephant ride
Sanjay Gandhi, Indira Gandhi and Rajiv Gandhi
Made the mind of resignation?
Initially Indira Gandhi had decided to step down, but Jagjivan Ram strongly opposed it. They thought that if they would go among the people and once they apologize then they would return to power with the majority.

People were so angry because in the state of emergency there was oppression. The way Indira Gandhi was doing, she came out as a dictator.

Although Indira Gandhi’s son Sanjay Gandhi and the Defense Minister were running the Bansi Lal Government as a private manor. He did not tolerate criticism at all.

Indira Gandhi normally used to show that she is naive and unaware of what is happening.

The circumstances were so bad that the blank warrant was being used to arrest the people.

‘When I was angry with Indira Gandhi’

When Indira Gandhi gave India Shock Treatment
Jawaharlal Nehru and Indira Gandhi with John F. Kennedy
spirit of Vengeance
In Indira Gandhi, all the boundaries of retaliation were broken.

Opponents were being raided in homes and business establishments. They were also leaders of political parties.

Even movies that did not have any harm to them were also banned. A tyrant ruler was portrayed in the film ‘Ghami’, he was banned.

If I tell today’s generation about the emergency, then I will repeat that fact that internal vigilance is necessary to protect freedom. When India has been 70 years free, this alert is more important in today’s date.
No one was afraid that a prime minister will suspend the constitution rather than resignation because of the high court’s decision against him.

Former Prime Minister Lal Bahadur Shastri often used to say that ‘sit light, not tight’ mean no more obsession with the chair. This is the reason that after leaving a major rail accident in Ariyalur in Tamil Nadu, he had left the railway minister’s chair.

He did this while taking the moral responsibility of the train accident.

This kind of example is rarely seen in today’s date. Even now, India is seen in countries of the world where the value remains. Modesty is no answer. What Gandhi said should understand the country. He had said- Asymmetry pushes people into despair.

Some unseen pictures of Indira Gandhi

‘When people used to say that Indira would leave the country’
Freedom for the rich?
There is no point in going into the days of freedom struggle. Everyone fought to get rid of the British I hope the poverty of the country will be removed from this point of view. If that does not happen, then it means that freedom was only for the affluent people.

If there was only one person’s rule a few decades ago, then it was Indira Gandhi and today’s date is Narendra Modi. Most newspapers and TV channels have also adopted the way to agree with Modi. If it is not serious about its own path, then it will have to face Mrs Gandhi’s era.

Narendra Modi’s ‘single’ rule is a threat to the future. In the BJP government, it is only a matter of discussions with the cabinet minister or the cabinet jointly on the paper.

All political parties should make voice against any emergency situation like before. Such vigilance can only stop the emergency.

Indira and Firoz’s relationships were engulfed

When Bhupesh had said … ‘then the life of Indira Gandhi’s son does not go away’
Arun Jaitley liberal leader?
In this government there are also people like Arun Jaitley, who feel the autonomy of the Emergency. Arun Jaitley had to eat the prison during the emergency. Given the way Jaitley feels, it seems that the RSS can not take them off.

I think the emergency can not be imposed again in the country because the Janata Party government amended the Constitution.

Now the situation can be created which states that the emergency can be implemented without any legal approval. However, it will not be possible to reinforce the situation.

People will come down to the streets to protest and will not be easy for any rule like emergency.

The basic thing is that what is important in our Institution. It is not easy to reuse the forces used in the previous Emergency.

Our Institutions are still strong today and they are resistant to freedom of expression

Will come out as In recent days there are such examples which make hope.

Janata Jhami in front of which Indira Gandhi did not even
Indira Gandhi with British PM Thatcher
The Congress Party has not apologized so far
After the war, Germany had apologized for Hitler’s atrocities. Even Germany had a damages for it. No such apologies can be made for such atrocities, but people generally feel that the children will realize that their ancestors tried to improve the mistake.

Former Prime Minister Manmohan Singh visited the Golden Temple and he apologized for the Blue Star operation. In this operation Indian soldiers attacked the temple and killed the Sikh fighters. In this, Janaril Singh Bhindrawale was also involved. No country can allow the creation of a separate country within itself.

Emergency was not less than any crime, but the Congress party never apologized for it. In particular, a word of regret was not said to Nehru-Gandhi family. Non-Congress parties issued a statement in protest or protested, but the Congress party remained silent on the Emergency.

The decision that was heavy on Indira Gandhi … – BBC Hindi
Those who died of sterilization … – BBC Hindi

Nobody dared to speak
How did the emergency give a knock? Indira Gandhi could not bear the Allahabad High Court’s decision. Where they should respect the judiciary’s decision, they crushed their rights. Indira Gandhi had ordered that the court could not evaluate the decisions of the government.

Over one lakh people were detained during the Emergency. Then Attorney General Neiren Dey argued in the court that the right to live can also be revoked. There was such an atmosphere of fear that no lawyer in Delhi had the courage to speak.

VM Tharakunde from Soli Sorabjee from Mumbai and Delhi has argued in court against the illegal arrests. In favor of my petition both of them had argued in the court and I was released from prison three months later

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