Why is women regretting in sex?

_100597700_5210ccd2-92b9-4a22-acf7-11dcd3579fa5.jpgIt is called casual sex to suddenly become a physical relationship with someone. Of course it is also agreed and liked. After casual sex, girls often feel the feeling of regret and regret.

According to a recent study, if girls take initiative for sex and they enjoy it then they do not feel sorry for them.

In the previous study it was found that women have more regrets and regrets than men in ‘One Night Stand’.

The researchers talked about 547 students at the University of Nova and 216 students in the University of the United States. None of these were gay Many things became clear from all these conversations.

Girls and boys are completely different in casual sex. In this study, it was found that women found satisfaction in their partner’s ability and sex, they did not feel sorry for them.
All the people involved in this study were from Norwich University of Science and Technology (NTNU) and the University of Texas. Everyone was under 30 years of age.

The first study found that in casual sex, men have less regrets than women. It was also said that it does not mean who had initiated sex initiatives.

Professor David Buzz of the University of Texas says, “If women initiate for sex, there are two special things that come up with. First of all, if there is a positive feeling in the mind about sex, then sexuality will come out in front of sex. ”

Secondly, the woman is openly expressing her wish and there will be no guilt in her. In such a sense of regret, it is not equal to women, because there is no pressure of any kind in it.
Professor Joy P. Wockoff of Texas University says that women’s preferences in sexual matters are important. They say that the feeling of regret is an unpleasant and troubling feeling.

In this study, it has been assertively asserting that self-determination and pressure-free decision about building relationships is most important.

Best sex
According to this study, after the sex, the woman will have a rebuke or not, it depends on her partner’s sexual ability to a large extent. If sex is good then women do not regret it.
But it is not so easy to make decisions for them. They are also afraid to be pregnant in their mind. According to the study, the capacity of male partner is important for women. The sexuality of the sex partner and the ability to get more benefits at the emotional level.

Confluence of repentance
There are many reasons for sudden sexual intercourse, due to which both the conditions of regret and regrets arise. At the level of morality also makes sense of regret.

Distraction due to dirt also produces distraction from such sexual relations. People are also afraid of casual sex about sexual infections

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