Why every hour just repeats the alarm?

_100579873_1167e472-028d-481c-9a8c-755435982808Every morning when the alarm rings, you close it and think that just ‘ten minutes’. You probably do not know that they are nine minutes but nine minutes.

But why nine minutes? To know the answer, we have to go to the last time, when the snooze button was invented. With the help of the Snooze button, we can extend the alarm for a while. This button was invented in the 50’s.

When the button was invented, the clock’s gear cycle was 10 minutes.

Why nine minutes?
The first made of General Electric was the ‘Snooze’ button in 1956, but it was popularized in 1959.
But due to the addition of the gear for the snooze button, due to the failure of the other pills, the experts advised that the snooze gear cycle should be more than 10 minutes or less.

Finally, the makers decided to do it for nine minutes.

Although it is not clear why experts decided to keep it for nine minutes. Some experts argue that after 10 minutes, you go into deep sleep, in such a situation if the alarm does not ring again, you probably will not get up.

It is also said to be a psychological aspect. It is said that people who use the alarm clock feel that they will take some time and even sleep by snooing it and their punctuality will not break. That is, they will get up in their work for a few minutes.

You wake up after the alarm sounds and press the button to push it forward. Engineers who make alarms believe that people do not know the difference between a few moments in sleep. So they feel that they are pushing the alarm for 10 minutes, while that is nine minutes.


Use of Snooze Button
It was easy to extend the alarm by 9 minutes instead of 10 minutes in digital clock, because count can be done in a single number.

Later on when the smartphone came, then the engineers who made snooze applications kept their bicycle for 9 minutes. The reason for keeping it for nine minutes was that the deadline had become standard, if they wanted, they could have changed it.

Most people often turn off the alarm when they are playing and then get used to sleeping again. But according to experts, the snooze button works to open sleep. He does not give more time to sleep, but rather to awaken the person.
We repeatedly reset our gold cycle by pressing the snooze button. This leads to confusion, and there is also a problem of not sleeping.

When we move the alarm for the second and third time, it feels tired many times instead of sleeping.

So experts believe that you should put an alarm only when you really want to get up

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