Why did India and China stay at Rohingya Muslims?

_97835640_gettyimages-842523916.jpgThe dochelle crisis does not take much time now, when the two countries had a fierce battle. But both countries have come together on the issue of Rohingya in Myanmar. Despite the international pressure, the two countries have expressed sympathy with Myanmar.

On August 25, the Arakan Rohingya Salvation Army (ARSA) targeted 30 police outposts in Myanmar’s Rhein Province. It killed at least 10 police officers, a soldier and an immigration officer.

After this attack, the Myanmar government declared the ARSA a terrorist organization. Myanmar did this under sub-section 5 and section 6 of such anti-terror law.

After this the government of that was conducting a ‘clearance operation’. It is being said that due to this operation nearly three lakh Rohingya Muslims had to be displaced.

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On September 10, ARSA announced a ceasefire for one month. Although the government of Myanmar dismissed this ceasefire. On this ceasefire, Myanmar’s Director of the State Counselor tweeted, “We do not have a policy of dialogue with people of terrorists.”

On September 11, United Nations Human Rights Commissioner Z Rad Al-Hussein condemned Myanmar on the Rohingya crisis. In his statement he had said, “In Myanmar there are situations like this, seeing them, it seems that this is an ethnic massacre on the lines of precedent in a textbook. I urge the Myanmar government to stop the brutal military action that is currently taking place. ”

Despite the United Nations’s strong criticism, China remains with Myanmar. On September 12, a regular press conference from China’s Foreign Ministry was asked about China’s stand on the Rohingya crisis.
On this, Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman Geng Shuang had said, “China strongly condemns the violent attack in Myanmar’s Rakhine province. We support Myanmar’s efforts under which it is restoring peace and stability in the restraint. We hope that soon life will be brought back to the shelf. ”

At the same time, Geng emphasized that the international community should support Myanmar. Like China, India also stood with Myanmar on this issue. Recently, Prime Minister Narendra Modi went on the Myanmar era.

PM Modi had said that India stood with its concerns. Modi had said, “In the protected areas, innocent people have died in the attack against extremist violence and especially security forces.” Earlier on September 5, Union Home Minister K. R. Rijiju had said that Rohingya Muslims would be sent back from India. .
Why both India and China are with Myanmar on the issue of Rohingya? In support of India’s stand in the case of Rohingya Muslims, former Foreign Secretary Kanwal Sibal had told the BBC that Myanmar is strategically important for India.

Sibal says Myanmar is the gateway to South East Asia for India. They say that China’s influence in Myanmar has already increased so that India can not delay further. Sibal says there are cultural relations between India and Myanmar due to the cause of the Buddhists.

Many analysts believe that the interests of both India and China are linked to Myanmar. Sibal says that the relationship of Myanmar and China went deeper in the 90s and India was lagging behind. What are the interests of the two countries in Myanmar? Is India with her on the Rohingya issue to counter China in Myanmar?
The discussion of India’s stand on Rohingya is also getting better in Bangladesh. Rohingya Muslim crisis is the biggest impact on Bangladesh. Senior Bangladeshi journalist and researcher Afsan Chowdhury has mentioned this in the interaction with the Dhaka Tribune that the interests of China and India are related to Myanmar.

Chaudhary said, “India wants to increase strategic and trade relations in Myanmar. When you have a good military relationship with a country, it means that your trade relationship will also be good. Both China and India want this in Myanmar. India wants the Myanmar army to work against Naga rebels. ”

Chaudhary says, “India is providing arms and financial help to the Myanmar army. India wants the Naga rebels to be dealt with Myanmar’s help. On the other hand, China is helping Myanmar so that it can end the Shaan and Cachenes problem. Shan and Cachines have a lot of influence in China. India is trying to spread foot in Myanmar while China has passed

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