Why are Rohingya Muslims changing religion in Delhi?

_98231196_20248385_1869432536709277_4997530831111749680_o.jpgMohammed Sultan now migrated from Myanmar to India and now John Sultan has become. Five years ago, he had come to Delhi with his family.

John Sultan living in Rohingya township of Delhi’s Uttam Nagar now considers himself a Christian and preaches the message of Jesus among friends and Facebook friends.

Not only John Sultan, nearly 120 people living in his colony are following Christianity. There is a church in the neighborhood where people pray to Jesus.

After coming to India, the names of the children born in the community have been named after them.
There are many CCTV cameras in this colony of Rohingya
Prayers do not read …
Kabir, who lives in the township, has three children. Rubina, Pharmin and Samuel Rubina (13) and Pharmin (7) were born in Myanmar and Samuel was born in India seven months ago.

A man named Hakim said that after coming to India, he had a son whom he named Peter.

On this question, Hakim told the BBC, “This name is because it is mentioned in the Bible, we do not read Namaz at all.” We pray for prayers, pray to Christ. ”

There is a church in front of their settlement. But these people do not go there. Pray in the church built inside the settlement.

Who is giving shelter to Rohingya Hindus fleeing from Myanmar?

Karim said that every Sunday a prayer meeting is held in his slum church
‘Church with slum’
John Sultan told that entry of those people in the front church is prohibited.

They told the BBC, “We have a ‘slum’ church inside the settlement, we do not go to the front church, that church belongs to Catholics, and we are Protestants, we believe in Jesus and they believe in Mother. Are. ”

Another person, Karim, who was living in the slum, said that they pray collectively in this ‘slum’ church every Sunday.

John Frortard speaks English and writes. They put their status in English on their Facebook profile. Most of their Facebook posts are associated with the attacks on Rohingyas and the propaganda of Christianity.

After Miss Turkey, now Miss Chhina Gaya Taj from Myanmar

Organizations reaching out
John Sultan has also posted a video related to conversion, in which a Hindu is the story of becoming a Christian. They also post the teachings of the Bible.

He wrote in a Facebook post, “Many people do Jesus-Jesus do not give them place in their heart. If you sit in their heart, you will get a new life.”

Many religious organizations are helping refugees living in the settlement. John Sultan is associated with such an organization.

They are getting education there. He has also given the examination of Tenth from Open Schooling. John plays football as well as studying

UN ignored Rohingya Muslims!
Rohingya’s settlement
The settlement of Rohingya, situated on a vast stretch of land, is surrounded by a wall all around. For the land, they pay millions of rupees annually in the form of rent.

Hakim said, “We have been staying here for a year and a half, the land has been rented, the rent of the first year was to be given two lakh rupees, the second year the rent was increased to Rs 20 thousand. . ”

All the families living in the house pay the joint rent. The family in which the members are, they have to pay as much rent.

Hakim explains, “The rent seems to be from the family according to the members, the children and the children are also added to the male, thus giving one person a year’s rent comes two thousand rupees.”

Myanmar: The only person who can solve the Rohingya crisis
The entire township is equipped with CCTV cameras. There is a watch tower on the main gate, which is monitored. The entry of an unknown person in the settlement is prohibited.

The women living here speak in Burmese language and are cut off from the outside world. At the same time, the men go out earning, but they do not mix much with local people.

Christmas is celebrated with great fondness in the settlement. The youth living here are planning for Christmas preparations.

John Sultan said, “We celebrate Christmas every year, in which all participate. Children also enjoy this day, party is organized in the settlement.”

Hakim, who runs a family of six people by wages, says, “Now we are not Muslims. Christianity is good, so now it is obeyed.”

Is Rohingya showing India back on the issue?

How recently Rohingya Muslims are forced to live in Delhi.
‘First used to call themselves Muslims’

There are about 40 thousand Rohingya refugees in India who have settled in different states. Nearly 16,000 of them have cards for the United Nations refugee institution, which allows them to stay in India as a refugee.

But Minister of State for Home of India Kiran Rijju said that the Rohingya present in the country will be sent back. The trial of this case is going on in the Supreme Court.

While hearing the petition of Rohingya refugees on Friday, the Supreme Court has not asked the central government to send them back to Myanmar till further hearing. The hearing has been postponed for November 21.

Work around Rohingya township of Uttam Nagar People also say that Rohingya refugees used to call themselves the Muslims first.

A woman said, “First they used to call themselves Muslims, they used to wear white hats, but they are now going to church.”

Who is Rohingya and what is the history of the kept?
Private matter
Dr. Syed Zafar Mahmood, chairman of Zakat Foundation of India, who works for Rohingya refugees, calls the change of faith as a personal matter.

He says, “If Rohingya himself has decided to change his religion, then it is his right, the constitution of our India also permits, forcibly or indulging in a change of religion, then it is completely wrong and unconstitutional . ”

He said that he also participates in the United Nations Refugee Agency meeting, in which all the organizations (who work for Rohingya refugees) also participate, but have never raised the issue of change of religion.

How big is Rohingya in Myanmar?

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