Who is Rohingya and what is the history of the kept?

_97857825_gettyimages-849263382.jpgSince the violent riots on Rohingya Muslims, Myanmar’s presidency has remained in the headlines.

Speaking for the first time on violence, Myanmar’s leader, Ang Sang Sui has said on Tuesday that he wants to talk to Rohingya Muslims, so that they know why they are leaving Myanmar.

While the international community described the army’s cruel attitude as the reason for the escape.

This is not the first violence associated with the Rohingya community in Myanmar. Read the full history of what is the restraint and Rohingya controversy in 300 words …
About the Restraint
Restraint is a province on the border of Bangladesh on the northwestern side of Myanmar, which is spread over 36 thousand 762 square kilometers. Sitave is its capital.

According to the Myanmar Government’s 2014 Census Report, the total population of the holdings is about 21 lakh, of which 20 million are Buddhists. There are around 29 thousand Muslims living here. According to the report, a population of about 10 lakhs of the state was not included in the census.

In this report, the population of this 10 lakh was originally considered to be a religion of Islam.

View: ‘How Rohingya became a threat to India after 20 years’

The population not included in the census is considered as Rohingya Muslims. It is said that they are mainly illegal Bangladeshi expatriates.

The government has refused to give them citizenship. Although they are living in Myanmar for generations.

General said, Rohiniya responsible for the crisis

Since when?
Communal violence continues in the Hainan province in 2012. A large number of people have been killed in this violence and millions of people have been displaced.

A large number of Rohingya Muslims are still living in shabby camps. Rohingya Muslims have to face discrimination and abuse on a widespread scale.

Rohingya with no document in lakhs is living in Bangladesh. He left Myanmar decades ago

Most Rohingya Muslims are in Myanmar: Suu Kyi

Why refresh violence?

On August 25, Rohingya extremists attacked Myanmar and killed 12 security personnel by attacking the police post.

After this attack, the army launched a brutal campaign and the migration of Rohingya Muslims from Myanmar has continued since then. It is alleged that the army burnt their villages and attacked civilians in order to disperse Rohingya Muslims from there.

Since the violence started last month, about 3,79,000 Rohingya refugees have already crossed the border and have taken shelter in Bangladesh.
Aung San Suu Kyi, leader of Myanmar, defended the atrocities committed on Rohingya Muslims by defaming them against acts of extremism. Suu Kyi did not participate in the United Nations General Assembly also.

One question that is emerging in front of everyone is that ‘Aung San Suu Kyi is so powerful within your country?’

Meanwhile, constant pressure on Ang Sang Sui is increasing.

UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres has said that Rohingya Muslims are facing ‘humanitarian disaster’ in Myanmar.

Guterres said that the alleged attacks of security forces on the houses of Rohingya villagers can not be accepted in any way. They have appealed to stop military action from Myanmar.

The Myanmar army has denied the charge of targeting the common people and said that he is fighting extremists.
Antonio Guterres
UN refugee agency says that the help of Rohingya refugees living in temporary camps in Bangladesh is inadequate.

Antonio Guterres has appealed for help from the international community.

They said, “The number of Rohingya refugees coming from Bangladesh last week was 1,25,000. Now the number has tripled.”

He said, “Many of them are living in temporary camps or with people helping. But women and children are reaching in hungry and undernourished condition.

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