Who are Pinky Lalwani, who are supposed to marry Mala?

_100615677_38807fa5-72c8-40ad-8bbb-a87358408b49.jpgIndustrialist Vijay Mallya is once again in the spotlight. Mallya is going to marry his girlfriend Pinki Lalwani soon after hearing news in the media.

Mallya, who is running a fugitive by taking money from Indian banks, is currently living in London. They have loan of Rs 9,000 crore to Indian banks.

If Mallya and Pinky get married then it will be Mallya’s third marriage.

Mallya’s first marriage was with the Airhostess Sameera Tyabji, but later both of them got divorced. Siddharth, Sameera and Vijay are the sons of Mallya.

After this Mallya married Rekha. Mallya has two daughters from this marriage. After some time the line also separated from Mallya. Although both of them have not been legally divorced.
Who are Pinky Lalwani?
Pinky Kingfisher Airlines had airhostesses. In 2011, he met Vijay Mallya. Pinky is quite small compared to the 62-year-old Mala.

Pinki has often been seen in London Court with Mallya. Apart from this, Pinky has been seen spending time with Mallya’s family on several occasions.

According to the news of NDTV, Pinky has lived with her in the Hertfordshire Mansion with Mallya for the past three years. Both have celebrated their anniversary a week ago.
While there are reports of marriage of Vijay Mallya and Pinki Lalwani on almost every media website.

No official announcement has been made on behalf of Mallya, who has been active on Twitter. But the discussion of the marriage of Vijay Mallya and Pinki Lalwani on social media has begun.

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