When Sridevi said, we used to change clothes behind the bushes

_96772785_gettyimages-681510026.jpgSridevi died in Dubai on Saturday night This news surprised the whole film world.

The reason for his death is stated as a cardiac arrest.

In his film career, Sridevi had played with roles in the rainy season, and after a break of many years, he returned to Bollywood in the movie ‘English-Winglish’ in 2012.


This film was a pompous and his performance was appreciated. After this, fans of his films are waiting patiently. This wait ended last year when his movie ‘Mom’ was released.

During the promotion of the film, he openly talked to the BBC. Read more, what did they say to the BBC in July 2017 last year?
In the movie ‘Mom’, Sridevi worked with Akshay Khanna and Nawazuddin Siddiqui
Chandni has been a hit in ‘Lagae hagi saawan …’, ‘Chalabaz’, ‘Na Jaane Kahan Hai Hai’, and ‘Mister India’, ‘Kate Naa Katte’ songs were hit and all these songs were filmed during the rainy season. .

But filming of songs in the rain did not look less like Sridevi than any torture.

In a chat with BBC, Sridevi commented on the songs of his rain, saying, “The songs of rain are torture. I can not enjoy them because most of those songs were filmed when I got sick.”

Vanity vanity van
For many decades, Sridevi, who worked in films, seemed to have liked the film industry.

According to him, many of the facilities available to today’s actresses are boasted in these facilities, Vanity Van

Sridevi said, “Vanity van is boon for today’s female actor, we did not have any such facility at our time. We used to change the clothes behind the trees / bushes or behind the bus.”

Sridevi said that because of the lack of toilet, he used to drink water even during the shoot.

At the same time, if there were 10 retakes of a scene, the producer would have come under pressure to finish the expensive reel, but today there are no problems.
Sridevi with her daughters Joy and Jahnavi
Betty Jahnwi had said on
There was speculation about Sridevi’s elder daughter Jahnavi that she will soon be taking part in the films.

However, Sridevi felt that talking about Jahnavi’s future would be a hurry.

There were also reports that Jahnavi Ranbir Kapoor loved him very much, but Sridevi said, “These news are very disturbing and these things are not worth mentioning.”

Five years after the movie ‘English Wingslish’, Sridevi appeared in ‘Maam’ in the heart of a powerful mother.

Akshay Khanna and Nawazuddin Siddiqui are also seen in this film. The film was released nationwide on July 7.

Sridevi’s daughter Jahnavi Kapoor is also going to debut in Bollywood. His first film ‘Dhadk’ will be released on July 20, 2018, in which he will see Ishaan Khattar, brother of actor Shahid Kapoor

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