What is the ultimate root of the Rohingya Muslim crisis?

_98381157_paulabronsteingettyimages6.jpgMyanmar’s minority Rohingya Muslims are on the move. Knowledgeable Rohingya, which started in August this year, is also facing crisis as the world’s fastest growing crisis.

Rohingyas of Myanmar are crossing the sea or running away from their home on foot.

The way is not easy. But leaving the fear of death, they are traveling on the palm. They are accused of being disturbed by the army’s attacks.

Since August, more than five lakh Rohingya have fled Bangladesh from Myanmar’s Rhine province and have gone to Bangladesh.

Rohingya crisis worsens Cox’s market ‘Shakl’

60 Rohingyas killed in boat mishap
The United Nations has described Army’s action as an ideal example of ‘Genocide Genocide’ in the Restraint.

An attempt to eradicate, eradicate the people of a particular community or race from the country is called ‘racial massacre’. It is said that what Hitler did with the Jews is an example.

But Myanmar’s army does not believe that. They say that they are just acting against militants. The common people are not being targeted.

UN summons top officials from Myanmar
Who are you
Rohingyas are one of the minority communities of Myanmar. By the beginning of this year, their number was about ten million.

The Rohingya population in Myanmar is the highest. Most of them are kept in the province.

They have their own language, their culture. Rohingya describes himself as a descendant of traders from Arabia and some other groups. They say that they are living there for generations.

But Buddhist majority Myanmar government does not consider Rohingya as its citizen.

Myanmar has not given citizenship to Rohingyas and they were not even included in the census conducted in 2014. The government tells them illegal immigrants from Bangladesh.

UN summons top officials from Myanmar

How big is Rohingya in Myanmar?
List Wanted for Rohingya (those who do not want to adopt) and most persecuted have also been used.

Number of Rohingya in Myanmar and the rest of the country
Even before the current crisis, thousands of Rohingya have been fleeing from Myanmar to avoid the so-called attacks and security of communal violence in the last few years.

Since 1970, Rohingya has settled in many Asian countries. Their actual population is said more than the official number.
Why are running Rohingya
The recent exodus began when on August 25, Rohingya’s ARSA (Arakan Rohingya Salvation Army) rebels allegedly attacked more than 30 police outposts of Myanmar.

Myanmar crisis: did Rohingya hit Hindus?

Rohingya refugees who fled from Myanmar in Cox’s Bazar district of Bangladesh told that the security forces burnt their villages in retaliation and attacked the common people and started killing them. According to the refugees, the army also had the support of the people of the local Buddhist community.
Amnesty International says Myanmar’s army killed hundreds of Rohingyas and made women and girls victims of sexual violence.

Although the government claims that their “cleaning campaign” has ended on September 5. But the BBC’s reporters saw evidence of the fact that the operation of the army continued to go on after that.
Amnesty International released satellite photos of villages of Rohingya Muslims in Myanmar’s Rhein Province, from which the villages are seen to be systematically lit.
An analysis of satellite images of Human Rights Watch revealed that at least 288 villages have been burnt or burnt in Myanmar since August 2017.

There are many such areas in these photographs that have been transformed into the villagers’ village wrecks, but the neighboring village of another community was not even handled.

Myanmar crisis: did Rohingya hit Hindus?

Rohingya Muslim struggle: fake pictures, ghee in fire
Mass devastation in Maungdaw area
According to Human Rights Watch, the biggest loss occurred between August 25 and September 25 in the town of Mongdow.

According to Aung San Suu Kyi, leader of Myanmar, the campaign of the security forces had ended on September 5, many villages in this town were destroyed after September 5.

‘Satellite pictures to burn Rohingya Muslim villages’

How big is this crisis
The United Nations believes that the Rohingya crisis is “the fastest growing refugee crisis in the world”.

According to the United Nations Refugee Agency, 3,07,500 Rohingya Muslims were living in refugee camps or in temporary slums before August.
Most Rohingya reaching Bangladesh, including women, men and children, have reached there without any resources.

They took shelter here, in difficult circumstances, they camped wherever they could. They have no help, drinking less water, food or medical facilities are less accessible.

Of the 5,37,000 refugees that came after August, 58 percent were children. About 60 percent of the adults are women.

‘Last chance near Suu Kyi on Rohingya crisis’
Where Rohingya is staying in Bangladesh
Bangladesh’s largest refugee camp is in Kutapalong, but the number of people coming here is increasing and the place is limited, so the camps have also been made in nearby areas like Baluchali.

After August, the number of people living in Kutaplong refugee camp has increased from 13,901 to 20,000. Whereas the number of temporary arrangements in the nearby areas has increased from 99,495 to 3,11,225.

Ground Report: Rohingya Muslims “Do not Know Pain”
Help drafts
According to UNICEF, 7,20,000 children need help on humanitarian grounds.
The United Nations needs more than 28 billion rupees for the next 6 months of relief work.
Cholera needs more than 9,00,000 vaccines.
The army of Bangladesh needs to build more than 10 thousand toilets for 250,000 people.
Five times in the air, 500 tons of help has been provided.

The measure of the government of Myanmar has been widely criticized, but no restrictions have been imposed against them.

What are the rest of the country
The United Nations Security Council has appealed to prevent violence in Myanmar but has not imposed any restrictions.
The United States has requested Myanmar to “respect the law”, stop violence and stop migration of ordinary citizens of all communities.
China believes that the international community should help Myanmar so that “it can develop and bring stability”

Bangladesh is planning to build a refugee camp in Cox’s Bazar and wants to stop the refugees from going to the surrounding areas.
Myanmar appealed to homeless people to go to the camps built in it, but also cleared that Myanmar would not allow people who went to Bangladesh to come back.
The UK Disasters Emergency Committee has called for donations to refugees and their host communities. Prime Minister Theresa said that the ongoing military action in the Restraint should stop. The UK has also banned the training program being run for Myanmar army

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