What happened to Kapil Sharma when Salman Khan went to jail?

_100732160_8f7fef73-452f-4d6a-a36a-72c578d68c1b.jpgBollywood star Salman Khan, convicted in the case of black deer case, could not get bail on Friday.

This will be heard tomorrow at the Sessions Court of Jodhpur. That is, it is so certain that Salman will have to spend his day in prison.

The film industry will be the worst hit by Salman Khan’s jail because he is betting on the industry’s millions of rupees.

Meanwhile, TV’s famous comedian Kapil Sharma did something like that on social media that became wild.
He made several tweets after one o’clock in the evening, which was praised by Salman Khan and the media was targeted.

He also used several abusive tweets while tweeting. Kapil Sharma wrote on Twitter, ” *** **** Here the system … brother poor people … if I hanged the members make it the prime minister fake news … ** lousy. ”

He also wrote, ” I have a lot to do Maharaja type people watched that show large Fkhr we hunt the lions … I got to go to them. Salman does help a lot of people … good people … do not tell me that they have done so or not … but his good side so look … cheap system … give me good work . ”

” And the media’s requests … not this negative news to sell your newspaper Customize … they’re good people and they will come out soon. So big scandals … then you have to spread negative news take much not said anything … … ***** paid media. ”

“According to the sources of this story … why do not you tell ******* who are your sources.”

All these tweets were deleted from tweet only after some time.

However, the last year was not less controversial of Kapil Sharma. His fight with co-actor Sunil Grover and the news of his confrontation with Colors Channel were a lot of talk.

Apart from this, the case of charging Rs 5 lakh for BMC and demanding questions directly on Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s good day was also a shadow in the news.
Kapil has often been accused of having too many stars waiting for the set too. Currently, Kapil is hosting a show called ‘Family Time With Kapil Sharma’. The show airs on Sony Entertainment Television

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