What did the Pakistani say, when Salman Khan went to jail?

_100726118_capture.jpgBollywood actor Salman Khan was sentenced to five years in prison for black deer. Some people are telling it the victory of law while Salman’s seekers are very disappointed with this punishment.

They say that this sentence is too much. Along with India as well as in Pakistan, there is a lot of discussion on Salman Khan and his sentence. Some people are telling it right and something is wrong.

But the biggest and disputed statement was given by Pakistan’s Foreign Minister Khwaja Asif. He said, “Such discrimination with Salman Khan is happening because they come from the minority community.”
In addition to the leaders, Pakistani celebrities are also coming out in support of Salman. Mawra Hussein wrote on Twitter: “In a world where there are no human rights, a very good person is being punished because of an animal killed several years ago.”

He wrote, “You can call me good and bad but this is going wrong … Remember that humanity is left because of this kind of person.”
Pakistan’s famed fast bowler Shoaib Akhtar also expressed his sorrow over the punishment of Salman Khan. He wrote, “Salman Khan is feeling very bad after being punished for five years.”

“But the law will do its work and we must honor the Honorable Court’s decision of India. But in spite of this, I feel that the punishment is a bit too hard and my dad is with his family-fans. Hopefully they will be out soon. ”
The common Pakistani are also keeping open opinion on Salman’s punishment.

Ehtesham Ul Haq wrote, “Salman Khan is a very wonderful person. I had met him a few months ago in London and had said that you have so many fans in Pakistan. Why do not you go to Pakistan and meet him? He had promised that he would go to Pakistan soon but now he will not know when it will happen. ”

Hassan Owais has written, “I am from Pakistan and now what else can I do, just pray.” Inspector brother will get bail. ”
There are some other people who, like Khwaja Asif, are adding Salman’s punishment to his religion.

Irshad wrote, “All non-Muslims are safe in Pakistan but in India there is no Muslim family. My crime is not that I hit the deer but it is that I am a Muslim superstar

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