Two Indian players sent to India from CWG

_100817307_aaaaa_thodi_badu_split_getty_reuters.jpgTwo Indian players have been sent to India for violating no-needle policy in Commonwealth Games in Australia.

Commonwealth Games Federation canceled the recognition of Rakesh Babu, who runs Triple Jump and Twenty-kilometer runner Irfan Littlei, he was asked to return to India from the first flight.

These needles were found in the apartments located in the play village of these players.

This is a violation of No-needle policy for the second time in Indian Commonwealth Games.

A cleaning worker found a syringe in a cup of these players in the room. And an Australian anti-doping officer got a syringe in Rakesh Babu’s bag too.

Sports President Luis Martin said that these two players kept ‘weak and avoidable questions’ during the hearing of the case.

Luis Martin said, “When we say that we will strictly follow the Needle Policy, then these players are now dismissed and sent back.”

Earlier, there was a sari in an unhealthy boxer’s room. In that case he was acquitted because the Indian doctor had the favor that Boxer was ill and he had been vaccinated for vitamin

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