This woman did not even know and she was born baby

_100565973_1.jpgWill you believe that a woman is pregnant and she gets her address after admission in the labor room?

It is difficult to be sure but recently this kind of case surprised people. But can this happen?

We talked to the doctors to know the truth about this. It is difficult to become a mother for the first time anyway.

But how would you think when a woman is pregnant and she only knows about this when she is edited for delivery in the labor room.

The doctor should tell him that the pain that he is suffering is not a normal abdominal pain but a ‘labor pen’.

At the beginning of this week, 21-year-old Sherlock Thompson, who lives in Newcastle, England, suddenly came to the headlines.
Baby was not a bump …
The reason for the headlines was their ‘surprise’ delivery. Before going to the labor room, there was no indication that they were pregnant.

Her stomach was completely flat while baby bump started to appear from the third month of pregnancy.

According to a news story published in the Daily Mail, in December 2015, Sherlock’s sleep was opened late in December 2015. He had severe pain in his stomach and was bleeding.

He took a taxi for the Northambria Specialist Emergency Care Hospital, where he told the nurses that he is a nine month pregnant.

And the pain that is happening to them is a labor pen. Two hours later, Molly was in her lap, she is now a healthy child of two years.
Period cycle
Delivery doctor Vanessa Mackay says there are many reasons for which sometimes women do not know that they are pregnant.

Some people think that how can they be pregnant even when they have something like Periods every month.

But few people know that bleeding often happens even during pregnancy.

Besides, if your period cycle is not normal before being pregnant, you may also be pregnant.

According to Doctor McKay, “Weight before pregnancy also plays a major role in it.” If you are very thin-lean then the baby born may be too thin and small, besides, if someone is healthy and Even if he is weaker, it will be difficult to recognize his pregnancy. ”

“Apart from this, it also depends on the strength of the stomach muscles. The first time pregnancy takes a long time to see the baby’s bumps because the stomach muscles are stretching for the first time. Strong muscles can sometimes be used until the last time of pregnancy Do not allow the bump to emerge. ”

If you remember the Instagram star Sarah Stage, then you will not have much trouble believing.
Sarah shared many photos of her pregnancy, but in most of her pictures she had a flat flat.

According to Doctor McKay, although such cases are very rare, despite the mother being pregnant, it did not come to know that she is pregnant. According to a study, one case is about seven and a half thousand cases, when a mother does not know about pregnancy.

However, sometimes it may cause sentimentality too. Many times it happens that some people know that they are pregnant but they are afraid to accept it.

They think that by doing this they will be able to ignore the problem of clock-watch pregnancy.

However, it is not right to do so in any way. Admitted to the Labor Room suddenly, as much as shocking for that person, the same for his friends and other family members.

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