The most serious case of sexually transmitted disease

_100615378_f40ba950-3d3b-4c4d-aab1-53012b766eefA British male sex affair has become the victim of the most serious case of super gonorrhea (gonorrhea).

This man has a regular partner in Britain but during the South-East Asia tour, he had sex with a woman, so that he got the disease.

Public Health England says that this is the first case that can not be cured with antibiotics.

The health workers are now looking for some other potential sex partner of this man to prevent the infection from spreading this disease.

This man has had this infection this year.

Antibiotic treatment given so far has failed to cure the disease.

Dr. Gwenda Hughes, who is associated with Public Health England, says, “This is the first case in which antibiotics are commonly used to prove futility.”

The World Health Organization and the European Center for Disease Control believe that this is the first case of its kind in the world.

What are the signs of gonorrhea
Gonorrhea bemery spreads through a bacteria
This disease is caused by a bacteria called nisseria gonorrhea.

These infections spread through unsuspecting sexual intercourse, oral sex and unnatural sex.

People who have these infections do not show symptoms of men in genetic men, more than three-fourths of females, and one in ten heterosexual men.

Its symptoms include the removal of dark green matter from sexual organs, pain during urination, and bleeding between men in menstrual periods.

If this infection is not treated then it can make infertility, swelling and burning sensation in the sexual organ and during pregnancy this disease can also reach the child.

Do not make a superbug …

An analysis of this very serious case of men in gonorrhea has shown that an antibiotic can work on it.

Men are currently undergoing treatment and will be able to know next month whether the treatment was successful or not.

No such case has been revealed so far. The victim’s female sex partner also does not have this disease. However the health department is under investigation.

Dr. Hughes says, “We are looking at this matter seriously so that the infection can be effectively treated and prevented from spreading to more people.”

The doctors were warning for a long time that such serious cases could also come out. The fear is being expressed that the infection may become superbug and antibiotics are not effective at all.

Dr. Olwen Williams, president of the British Association of Sexual Health and HIV, says, “This issue of gonorrhea proves to be anti-biotic is a matter of concern.

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