The dead bodies of Iraq are ours, how do we know?

_100659381_gettyimages-934975686.jpgIn 2014, 40 Indians went missing in the Mushal city of Iraq. One part of this came out and claimed that all 39 have been killed.

Then this claim was dismissed. The government had said that unless evidence of their death was found, they would be considered alive.

But a few days ago when Foreign Minister Sushma Swaraj was making a statement in Parliament, nobody had any idea that the hopes of 39 families would be broken in a moment.

External Affairs Minister VK Singh, who came to Iraq to take away the remains of these dead bodies, said that the remains of 38 Indians have reached India. There was a problem in getting a corpse DNA match.

DNA sampled identification

Sushma Swaraj had told in the Rajya Sabha that 39 out of 40 Indians missing in Iraq were killed and the ISIS is responsible for the assassination of them.


On this occasion, the External Affairs Minister said that death has been confirmed by matching the DNA samples of the families of the dead.

Sushma also told that the dead body was removed from the grave and only then the information was received. All the bodies were found in the same grave.

Lives of VK Singh’s dead bodies
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He said that DNA samples were procured from the governments of four states and then mixed with the dead bodies. There can be nothing big evidence from the DNA match.


Minister of State for External Affairs VK Singh was sent to Iraq and the responsibility of bringing the dead body to India was given. They left for Sundays and returned on Monday.

According to the Indian Express, the 39th dead body is not being brought to India because only 70% of the matches from DNA testing have been received, whereas in others case it is more than 95%.

Not allowed to see dead bodies?

Some families say that they have been instructed to open the coffin and not to see the funeral as soon as possible.

The reason for this can be understood. The body that was buried under the ground for several months, in what condition would it have been? But the body which is in such a bad condition, how was it recognized?

How should we know that the bodies found are of Indian? And how will it be ensured that the body of Bihar’s body did not reach Punjab and Bihar’s of Punjab?

What happens to DNA?

All these things are possible due to DNA. External Affairs Minister also mentioned several times that only after identifying DNA matches have been identified.

But what is this DNA? This is called deoxyribonucleic acid. DNA is made of molecules called nucleotide. Each nucleotide contains a phosphate group, a sugar group and a nitrogen base.

And how does it work to identify dead bodies and where is the best sampling from the dead body for DNA testing?

Where is the sample taken from?

DNA can be taken from blood, tissue or hair root. Samples can be taken from long bones such as Humerus or Feather if the dead body has been buried several days and it is in very bad condition.

Apart from this, teeth are also used to collect DNA samples.

Sudhir Gupta, the Forensic Chief of Delhi’s All India Institute of Medical Sciences, AIIMS, told the BBC that the DNA is considered the most scientific method in the world and requires blood relative for sampling.

And how is the dead body identified?

Samples can be taken by parents, son-daughter or grandparents, grandchildren. After this, the soft tissue or bone marrow of the carcass is mixed with this sample.

But it is said that a Sample’s 70% match is available, what does it mean?

Dr. Gupta said, “There is nothing in the participancy. There are people. If Lokiai matches to a level, then the sampling match is considered. 12-15 things are matched. And the results of all these are conveyed to the decision. ”

Body of the dead, still matching?

The body remains pressed for so many days, then how do the tissues survive? In response, he said, “Samples from bone marrow are found, they get mixed with hair.”

And till how much time the body remains in this situation, to get the tissue for the sample, he said, “As long as the tissues can be found in the dead body, DNA can be matched.”

” And how long the tissues survive, it depends on different things. In some cases year after year Specially, samples are collected from Bone Marrow.

What was DNA before?

And what can be done to match DNA, Dr. Gupta said, “blood, hair, nail, saliva, bone marrow, all these can be matched.”

How to identify the dead bodies before DNA matching, they said, “Very difficult or just say that it was almost impossible.”

“The size of the jaw or other body structures was judged, but after DNA it became very easy.

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