Ten unknowable things about Sridevi

_100170670_sridevi_1.jpgJust at the age of four, she had come on the big screen.

Six years later, in 1975, he first appeared in the Bollywood film ‘Julie’.

The sequence continued and, slowly, he got down from the big screen and settled in the hearts of the fans.

At the age of 54, the film actress Sridevi died on Saturday from Cardiac Arrest in Dubai.

In the film industry where it is said that the career of actresses is not long, Sridevi worked for 50 years for the cinema.
Sridevi with Jayalalitha in the Tamil film ‘Adar Parashakti’
Certain things about Sridevi
In the year 1969, I MA Thirumugam’s ‘Thuniwan’ was the first film of Sridevi. In it Sridevi worked as a child artiste.
Sridevi’s real name was Amma Youngar Ayyappan. Sridevi name was decided on the screen for him.
Sridevi’s pair with Anil Kapoor and Jitendra is extremely successful. With Jitendra, Sridevi worked in 16 films, with 13 successes and three flops.

‘Shama’ was released in 1983. Sridevi was very much appreciated for the role of ‘Shama’. ‘Shadma’ was a remake of Tamil film ‘Moondram Pirai’.
Sridevi is one of the few selected actresses who have worked with both Dharmendra and her son Sunny Deol.
Her pair was successful with Rajesh Khanna in Nawa Kadam (1984), Makassad (1984), Masterji (1985) and Nazarana (1987).

Sridevi with Yash Chopra
Sridevi received uncountable fame from Chandni in 1989. He was named among Yash Chopra’s favorite heroines. In ‘Lamhe’, Yash Chopra cast him once again.
In ‘Khuda Witness’ (1992), he appeared in double role with Amitabh Bachchan. Earlier, it had played double role in ‘Chalabaz’ (1989). It is said that ‘Goddess Witness’ was held in Kabul for ten weeks. In it Sridevi played the role of a Pathan girl.

Sridevi and Anil Kapoor on the set of Mr. India
Mr. India (1987) was probably India’s first science fiction superhero film. Salim-Javed’s screenplay was directed by Shekhar Kapur
It is said that in the beginning of the career, Sridevi did not dubbing her own films in many films

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