Sridevi’s report of death of Sridevi in the social media landed angry

_100197385_11.jpgBollywood star Sridevi died in Dubai on Saturday, and since then Indian media has remembered this beautiful actress of millions of spectators in their own way.

But as the time went on, different kinds of warp was woven in the media about Sridevi’s death. Special shows were run on the alleged causes of Sridevi’s death in several news channels.

Many people have expressed their anger over the social media on such a sensational report about Sridevi’s death.

A Dubai police report on Monday said that Sridevi’s death was caused by ‘accidental drowning’ in the bathtub.

Some news channels showed their special show by putting a ‘set of bathtub’, then some went one step further and showed ‘Sridevi floating in the tub’.

Another TV channel put ‘Bonnie Kapoor’ next to the tub.

Many senior journalists and people criticized such ‘sensational reporting’ with ‘News of the death’ hashtag.
Editor-in-chief of Madhu Trehan, Senior Journalist and Newslondher also does not believe in this kind of sensational report.

He said, “What has been going on in the Indian media for two days is not journalism, journalism is on the facts, here the entire coverage is being speculated.” Nobody knows the whole thing.Media Sridevi’s Face Lift and Diet is talking on the pill. Journalists should keep their respect. ”

Senior journalist and columnist of the Indian Express, Shubra Gupta’s opinion is not even different from him.

Shubra says, “Suppose that after a sudden death of a celebrity, there is a curiosity to know about them, but what is going on in the present can be an attempt to exploit the curiosity of the audience. Most TV channels have the right to privacy and dignity They should ask these people if they were told such things about a woman in her family.
When asked if it could be a reason for Sridevi to be a woman? Shubra says, “Of course, this is not the first time when this is happening, even at the time of Princess Diana’s death, the media had flung her private life, who was with her in the last time, what was she doing, Everything was written on it.Sridevi was an actor, talk about his work, tell the facts related to death, but what do you mean by someone’s last 15 minutes? What is the need to know so much?

The media is also issuing speculation that they got the shares of alcohol in Sridevi’s blood.

Shubra tells Gulus, “2018 is going on.” Even if we are surprised at the drinking of a woman’s alcohol, then we should think that we are trying to go back for 100 years, assuming that everything is dangerous to everything. But whether a woman or a man drinks alcohol or not, this is his personal matter. What media wants to prove by such things. ”
Are the viewers responsible for some extent?

Madhu Trehan says “If we are consigning the garbage, we will get garbage.” If they continue to meet TRP by showing these channels, they will feel that people want to see it. Why do not people vote by changing the channel so that we do not like it?

Senior journalist Rajdeep Sardesai wrote on Twitter: “This is not the first time when Indian news channels, without any real information, forensic experts, doctors and detectives are sitting, nor do we allow people to live peacefully or die.”
Barkha Dutt has also launched a hashtag in the name of news death. He writes on Twitter, “The answer to the sneerish hashtag in the news of the death of Sridevi can only be given by this hashtag #NewsKiMaut. Leave the bathtub, to remove the dirt of this way, then drain pipe. I am also a part of this industry, but there is contentment that I am not doing anchoring on TV in this environment. ”
Veer Sanghvi wrote, “What is the difference between Indian TV channels and vultures at somebody’s death? There are some things that make the vultures even shy, but our TV channels do not come …
But did this criticism make any difference to TV news channels? What do they think about this? Asked on this, till today’s managing editor Sudari Prasad said, “Suppose it comes to the news that Sridevi died after drowning in the bathtub, would not you have the curiosity to see how the bathtub is, how can anyone drown in it Many of our viewers are from rural areas, they do not know what the bathtub is, what’s the problem in it? ”

He said that those who do not understand the televisions are questioning it. Sudari Prasad said that the coverage of television is going to be as much as any big news should be.

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