Sridevi’s old dream fulfilled after death

_100840884_gettyimages-57265263When Sridevi received the award for best film actress for the film ‘Mom’, her dream was fulfilled, which she used to watch over the years. The sad thing is that these years old dreams have been fulfilled after their death.

Sridevi gave one spectacular film to each of the different roles of child actor in his nearly 50-year career from child artist to ‘Mom’. But he got the award for Best Film Actress for his 300th and final film ‘Mom’. While there were many such occasions in his film life, including Sridevi, we also felt that Sridevi would get national award this time. But this could not happen and when the awards were announced, the award went to another actress’s place instead of Sridevi.

But now when Sridevi does not live in this world, after 48 days of her demise, she will be given the satisfaction of her self-esteem with Sridevi’s soul after receiving the National Award for Best Film Actor, that today she got the honor which she got years ago Should have gone. However this will be the first time when an actress will get the National Award for Best Actress posthumously.

The artist wants the National Film Award for the sake of the artist, even if it does not make any major changes in his life. This award recognizes the artist with special recognition and recognition by putting a government stamp on good acting.

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In the year 1991, I had talked about the national award from Sridevi. He was then shooting a film in Jaipur. I asked him that you have got such popularity and success but you have not got the National Award for Best Actress yet, do you regret this? Sridevi had replied on this, “I also want to get the national award, it is the dream of every artist, I have this dream, I do not even get it. , All human desires can not be fulfilled. ”

Sridevi started his career as a child artist in South Indian films in 1967. But when he came to Hindi films in 1978 as a heroine film ‘Sixteen Savan’, he did not get success. But when his film ‘Shadma’ and ‘Himmatwala’ came in 1983, he became a star of Hindi films too.

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Where ‘Himmatwala’ had been a commercial success, ‘Shadma’ showed that she is a superb actress.

I went to an international film festival to think of ‘Shadma’ thinking that there is actor like Kamal Haasan. But when I went out of the movie, Sridevi’s wonderful acting came along with me. It was felt that Sridevi would get the National Award this time. But the National Award for Best Actress of 1983, without meeting Sridevi in ​​that year, got Shabana Azmi for the film Khandhar.

In the same year, when Sridevi’s film ‘Mr. India’ came in 1987, it was also felt that this time the National Award would take the ‘air air girl’. But in that year too, it did not meet Sridevi and went to actress Archana for Tamil film ‘Vidhu’. But when Sridevi’s two not-so-good films came in 1989, ‘Chandni’ and ‘Chalabaz’, there was a wave that this time this unmatched actress would surely win the national award. But even then all assumptions remained unbearable and that year the award went to the account of Bengali actress Sri Lankan Mukherjee.

Another such opportunity came when in 1991, another memorable film of ‘Sridevi’, ‘Lamhe’ was screened. But even then, Sage Devi did not take the hand of the actress Moloya Goswami. In 1997, when the movie ‘separation’ came, then it seemed that Sridevi’s Armaan Pabra would be. But for that year also, this award went jointly to two actresses Indrani Halder and Rituparno Sengupta for Bengali film ‘Dahan’.

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During this, Sridevi gets the Filmfare Best Actress award for ‘Chalabaz’ and ‘Lammhe’. For the South films, he also got some other awards, including Filmfare. In the year 2013, the government gave Sridevi a Padmashree. But even then he did not meet the national award for many people.

When we talked to Sridevi’s husband Bonnie Kapoor, he said, “Happy Mr. Sridevi got a State Award of the Government of Kerala for the film ‘Kombata’ as a child actor in the year 1970, For the first time. ”
For the movie ‘Mom’, Sridevi has received the Best Actress Award, her main producer is Boney Kapoor. The film was released on July 7, 2017 in Hindi, Tamil, Telugu and Malayalam, which is a total of four languages. In this movie, Sridevi plays the character of a school teacher who plays a long battle to get justice for rape with his step daughter. Sridevi’s strong acting acting shocks in the film.

It is a game of destiny, or a coincidence that the famous actress like Zee Sridevi dreams of winning any national-international award. But

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