Sridevi: Those ‘lamhey’ that ‘Chandni’ and now this ‘separation’ ‘shock’

_100169793_sridevi.jpgWhen I was shooting air-air singing, I did not understand that I should close up Sridevi or shoot from a distance. ”

Working with Sridevi, while working in ‘Mr. India’, his tangle director Shekhar Kapur had some years ago.

“The face of his face, his eyes were so fondly that it seemed that I could show it to him that was possible only in close up but he would have missed his dance in. His dance was so awkward that it seemed that every one in the camera Capture the payment. ”

There was something like this in the different movies of Sridevi’s charisma …

Rani Sridevi gives shock, heart passes away

Sridevi: The low back queen of Hindi films?
Sridevi of ‘Shama’
The 20 year old girl of ‘shock’ who has forgotten the old life and takes seven years of innocence as a little girl, she starts living at home with Kamal Hassan.

The scene of the railway station where the memory of Sridevi, who is sitting in the train after coming back, goes forward to understanding the beggar and beats the beggar and Kamal Hassan tries to remind Sridevi on the occasion of children- In the best scenes of films

An actor who used to wax in any role like a wax – at the age of 11, in the Telugu film, he had a roll of a girl who could not see.

‘First we used to change clothes behind the bushes’

Sridevi with ‘Solvan Sawan’
Worship of ‘lamhe’
Or ‘white moonlight’ in white robes, which are unhappy with the refusal of their fiancé, but do not hesitate to start life again with anyone else, even if the effort failed.

Or the ‘lamhe’ worshiper who dared to love double people from his age, worshiped ‘lamhe’

Or, in the same film, the soft and the girl’s moody two sisters, the role of ‘Chalabaz’ Manju and Anju

In the movie ‘Mom’, who came out to take avenge of his daughter’s gangrape, the form of a mother in which she asks that if you want to choose from the wrong and very wrong, who will you choose?

Sridevi’s half century

Sridevi’s ‘separation’ ended
Full life movie names
It’s been a matter of the past year that Sridevi completed 50 years in films and at the age of 54, he has said goodbye to life.

They can be judged that they put almost whole life into films.

51 years ago, a small four-year-old girl appeared on the screen of Tamil cinema. Actually he had a small boy roll on the screen. The name was Sridevi.

While working as a child artist in Tamil-Telugu, he came to Hindi cinema when people saw him in 1975 as a child actor in ‘Julie’.

Bollywood: Sridevi’s second innings!

Did Sridevi make Himmatwala the star?
People were called ‘Thunder Thais’ …
And that is what Sridevi called the first superstar of Hindi cinema, though she acted as Lead Actor first with Rajinikanth in 1976 in Tamil film, in which Kamal Haasan had a special role.

In 1978, when Sridevi came to screen on Bhartiraja’s Hindi film ‘Solan Sawan’, hardly anyone’s eyes were on the film.

Sridevi was weighing some 75 kg and people called him ‘Thunder Thais’. Then in 1983, ‘Himmatwala’ was released.

Sridevi, with big eyes, slowed down his mouth with all his work and acting. At that time people called him ‘Lady Amitabh’.
Early life
Talk to his family if his father Ayyappan was an advocate and in the house, sister Srilata and brother Satish, at some time, their father had contested from the election of Sivakasi on Congress ticket and Sridevi also took part in the election campaign for her father.

Sridevi’s mother played a major role in her career during the initial period.

Sridevi is definitely one of those people who come to know the name while speaking to the complete actor. Comedy, Action, Dance, Drama – He was the master in every genre.

In a scene of ‘Mr. India’ where he goes to a hotel in Gate Up like Charlie Chaplin, in that scene, through his comic timing, he had all eaten up all four.
Top dancer
Even in the case of dance, he was the top, then he would have ‘air air’, ‘there should be nine nine bangles in my hands’ or ‘dream in nanon’ or the climax dance of the movie ‘Nagina’ in which he made a serpent.

In an interview he had told how the film ‘Nagina’ had to have climax singing and dance shoots and the set was available for the same day.

In the morning, he started shooting the dance, as well as breaking the set began.

An empty wall was left and in the same area, Sridevi had to dance, but after watching the song, this thing is never realized.

Although initially he had to face criticism for his voice.
When Sridevi decided to get married
Talking about personal life, in 90s, there was an upheaval in his life when he was married to Boney Kapoor, who was already married.

He had done many films with director Boney Kapoor and in 1997, he took a long break after the film ‘separation’.

But in 2012 when she returned to Hindi films in ‘English Winglish’, it did not seem that she had ever walked with the curtain.

“The man is the art, and he

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