Sridevi, Thank you for hugging the last time: Kamal Haasan

_100173246_f86ef04e-8dac-462c-a320-e2c06f4179ab.jpgAll his fans and co-stars are in shock with Sridevi’s sudden demise. The South Film Industry superstar Kamal Haasan released a video and paid tribute to him.

In the video, Kamal Haasan’s eyes are full of tears and his voice is stupid.


Kamal Haasan has made 27 films with Sridevi. He said, “Sridevi was a shining talent and this talent was not given to him by luck, he deserved it. He had worked for it since childhood.”
He further said, “I am also a child artist. I know them from teenage. At that time he was working with my mentor Mr. Balchandra. Guruji used to give me the responsibility of working with them and improving their work.


Kamal Haasan thinks that Sridevi was not as talented at the beginning but he developed it by learning to work every day.

He said, “The sooner he climbed the steps of success, he put me in astonishment, he worked hard in every step, we both used to love each other but our ways were different.”

Sridevi with her husband Bonnie Kapoor
Kamal Haasan shared the memories of his last visit to Sridevi.


He said, “He embraced me and I am thankful for this. Now the sound of the shock movie is echoing in my ears.”

Kamal Haasan said that he is very sad for the daughters of Sridevi and for his husband Bonnie Kapoor.

He said, “His family loves him very much, he used to love his daughters a lot, I used to mock him for this thing too. I will miss these innocent things.

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