Sridevi: ‘Bollywood’s new moon day, the moonlight of Hindi cinema went away’

_100170103_gettyimages-57265263.jpg‘Shadma’, ‘Nagina’, ‘Chandni’, ‘Mr. India’, ‘Lamhe’, ‘Ladla’ …

These are some names of Sridevi’s 50-year film career which will always be fresh in the hearts of their loved ones.

She was not said to be the first female superstar of Bollywood. They are not less than any shock for not only Bollywood but also their fans.

Reactions on Twitter give an idea of ​​how popular they were.

Anupam Kher, who has worked with Sridevi in ​​films such as ‘Chandni’ and ‘Lamhe’, has written, “It is difficult to believe, I am distracted … am I seeing a scary dream, Sridevi did not? She is one of the most talented and beautiful actresses of all time, Queen of Indian Cinema, a friend, worked with her in many films, and many memories … ”

BBC correspondent Yogita Limaye has written, “Shortly before the debate began, Sridevi was one of those Guinness actresses who were cast for a lead role in films.”
London’s Mayor Sadiq Khan, while recollecting his last meeting with Sridevi, has written, “Recently I met the Bollywood icon Sridevi at the time of the visit to India. The talent actress, performer and producer like him had a lot of news of death Sad. ”
Pakistani actress Mahira Khan, who has been working in ‘Raise’, has written, “It is a matter of being bigger and alive in the era of Sridevi. Thank you for your cinema and your magic, you will always be alive in our memories.”

Twitter seems sad to her death.
On the death of Sridevi, a Twitter user Sandeep Hotta has written, “Five decades of unimaginable beauty, God give peace to his soul.”

Image Copyright @ AshishRanjanM12 @ ASHISHRANJANM12
Ashish Ranjan Mishra tweeted, “Today is the Bollywood’s new moon, Hindi movie’s moonlight went away.

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