Social: With the patriotism earned the record of ‘Baji-2’ movie?

_100661443_fd9a38ca-b059-4d9b-8d27-daf663ff2361.jpgA year ago, Major Gogoi, who had been traveling by jeep to the Kashmiri youth Farooq Ahmed Dar, was once again ‘honored’.

Gogoi was first honored by the Army Chief General Bipin Rawat and the second one was given in Tiger Shroff’s new film ‘Baghi II’.

There is a scene in the movie ‘Baji-2’, which earns the record at the box office, in which Tiger Shroff is carrying a young man by jeep.

Just like Major Gogoi had put forward Farooq Ahmad Dar in April 2017 and jumped into Kashmir on the jeep.
Farooq Ahmad Dar
Some people are sharing it on social media by recording this part of the movie ‘Baji-2’. Some of the shareholders are expressing happiness in real life seeing this incident in Reel Life.

The voices heard in the video meet with the same debate, which was said to be the social media and news channels after Dar was jammed on the jeep. The dialogues that are in this scene are some of them.

“Human Rights is a violation of these. The vehicle was made out of human shields. What is this rule to kill human beings upon stone?
Tiger Shroff: The stone was fine till sir They should not burn the tricolor. ”

In these cinemas, pictures of this scene of film Baji-2 are shared by people on social media
Film patriotism
Some people are agreeing to share this scene of ‘Baji-2’ on social media.

Sumit sharing the film’s picture of this scene on Twitter, writes, “Maj gogoi ji hai ‘Baji-2’ has been released and it also has this scene. Do I have to say something else? ”

Arihant tweeted, “Honestly, there was no interest in seeing my ‘rebel-2’. The scene in which Major Gogoi has been honored and Indian Army. For these two reasons, this movie must be seen urgently. ”

Rishi Mishra writes, in “Baji-2″, Tiger repeated the same scene, which Major Gogoi did in Real Life. Secular and Liberal people will not sleep to see this. ”
Nisha writes, “I have heard that Major Gogoi has a scene in ‘Baji-2’, only for this one scene I will definitely be able to watch this movie. This movie proves to be a big hit, it is such a thing. ”

Twitter Handle @burnolwali was written, “Wow, wow, wow. ‘Baji-2’ and Tiger Shroff’s entry stole my heart. Do you know why this is? Because in the first scene, Tiger Shroff has appeared in Major Gogoi’s style. ”
‘Baji-2’ patriotism, the record of earning money?

On one side, such discussions are going on on social media about ‘Baghi-2’. On the other hand, ‘Baji-2’, due to which movie critics are startled, is the box office earning.

According to critics, ‘Baji-2’ is at first place in the list of the highest earners in the opening weekend and the first day of the films released in 2018.
Film critic Taran Adarsh ​​has made several tweets about the earnings of ‘Baji-2’. According to Swarna, the film is doing amazing in the whole of India.

‘Baji-2’ earned Rs 73 crores in the first three days
22 crore in overseas earnings in the first week
‘Baji-2’ earning Rs 25 crores on the first day of release
There were performances across the country for the film Padmavat. But the earning of the film’s early days was less than ‘Baji-2’. ‘Padmavat’ was released on Thursday and it was also a preview of Paid Preview a day earlier.
How many screens were released on ‘Bagi-2’
The first day’s earning of ‘Padmavat’ was only up to 19 crores. ‘Baji-2’ has been released on 3500 of India and 625 on the screen. I.e. total 4125 on the screen.

Tiger Shroff, Manoj Bajpai, Randeep Hooda, direction Patani are in the film ‘Baji-2’. Directed by Ahmed Ahmed Khan Tiger played the role of the army officer in the film.

On the social media, wearing military clothes, raised mustache and even Shaurya Bhardwaj, who called themselves the Grand Master Shifuji.

Hits of Shifuji’s videos are in millions and on some occasions, they have also seen patriotic slogans in reality programs.

Shefuji belongs to the army officially, there is no direct evidence of this. Shefuji knows most people for patrolling videos, who are doing chores

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